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It is hard to believe that it's been 10 years since the likes of Ben Wallace and Rip Hamilton won an NBA Championship for the Detroit Pistons. Motor City haa gone downhill ever since and have somehow resulted in having the NBA's most under-achieving team. It isn't as if they haven't tried; moves to get Brandon Jennings and Joel Anthony were supposed to provide balance and depth. Yet, here they sit, in last place in the Central division. Here are three moves you can make in your NBA 2K15 association to restore their former glory:

1. Get Rid of Josh Smith: Look, it's not as if the Pistons probably haven't tried. Smith is both the highest paid player on the Pistons (by a long shot) and one of the least efficient. Even if you can't get anything for him, it's worth trying to unload him on a contender with a lot of room in the budget.

2. Embrace the Tank: No one wants to be called a quitter, but the Pistons aren't making the playoffs this year. Instead, focus on the years to come. If you can be open to dealing one of your bigs in Drummond or Monroe, all the better.

3. Turn Monroe into a Star: If you don't follow my previous advice to get a haul for Monroe, then do everything you can to turn him into a star. He's already one of the best at his position, but the Pistons really need him to be even better than that. Regardless of who is around him, Monroe will always be the Piston's most important piece.

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# 1 Vni @ 12/15/14 02:58 PM
Pistons is one of my favorite team to play with in 2K.
# 2 Semipro91 @ 12/15/14 03:57 PM
I disagree with making Monroe a star. I say focus on Drummond, Drummond is 3 years younger and if you just focus on his post game he will be a legitimate star in 2-3 years. His rebound and athleticism are already through the roof.
# 3 Guapo516 @ 12/15/14 08:57 PM
This is all I do. I take bad teams and gut them. Turn em into competitors within a year. My rule if you older than 23 you gotta go! Of course their are exceptions to every rule. I don't have you as a restricted freeagent? Gone!
# 4 pietasterp @ 01/07/15 11:04 PM
This might happen IRL....
# 5 BluFu @ 01/07/15 11:18 PM
Originally Posted by pietasterp
This might happen IRL....
just get rid of josh smith and boom, never lose again

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