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Thanks to BradyBunch88 on the Operation Sports Forums for his great FIFA beginners guide. If you want to cheat ahead in this series, you can see the full document at the link. Throughout the rest of this week, we'll be posting tidbits from the guide to help newer FIFA players along. Today, we're looking at the financial aspects of career mode!

Transfers and Loans - The best way to loan or transfer a player is to put them up for sale before the transfer window is open.

Financial Difficulty - Don't shoot yourself in the foot here. When you set the difficulty higher, it actually just doesn't give you the full amount of money you make from selling a player. You can sell a player for 10 Million, and you only will get 8 Million to use with the club taking 2 Million. It's best to set this to lenient rather than moderate or strict if you want to have the full funds available to you.

Financial Takeover - This is your friend and its one way to improve your club. Think about it, how many small clubs are being taken over by billionaires? This kind of thing happens in the real world quite often, and if you happen to gain promotion into the Premiere League (or you are working with a club at that level), you will need decent players to survive. This option can be found in your EA Sports Catalogue.

Finances - Here you can choose how much transfer money you want in relation to how much in wages you want to pay. It doesn't really matter what you put unless you don't have a lot of money, but you can push this to its absolute limit! If you keep the wage/transfer balance around 50/50 you really can't go wrong. The golden rule is that you need money to offer new contracts, so you need to adjust your settings accordingly.

What are some of the approaches you take to managing your clubs finances in FIFA 15?

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# 1 iker30 @ 12/16/14 10:09 AM
So you recommend to use the financial takeover? Where is all the fun then?
# 2 snyder5man @ 12/16/14 11:47 AM
I'm glad you are doing an official thread on this. There is a lot good info in this thread:http://www.operationsports.com/forum...ers-guide.html
# 3 BradyBunch88 @ 12/16/14 03:01 PM
Shoutout to MMChrisS for doing a series on my document. This is awesome!

And I just want to say thanks for all the kind words. All I wanted to do was to make all the resources and tips I've picked up over the years available to everyone!
# 4 Gdbraden @ 12/16/14 04:02 PM
I try and keep my finances set on 70/30. It seems to be a good breakdown for buying up quality players.
# 5 RUFFNREADY @ 12/17/14 10:37 AM
Great Guide! As it has helped my club: Burnley reel off 7 straight wins!

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