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With The Golf Club rolling out feature update two, which includes the new Handicap system, there are also a few other important additions to the game on top of that. In the second feature update, there will also be two new official 72 par courses added to the game.

Flin Flon Golf Club, built using the Boreal Theme, and Great Tottington Golf Club, built using the brand new Countryside Theme, are included in feature update number two. Be sure to check out our new screenshots of both courses.

Feature update two of The Golf Club should arrive by Christmas.

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# 1 TheBleedingRed21 @ 12/16/14 05:48 PM
So excited. Multiple placement will be so awesome.

I live out in the country and play where there are farm animals lol. Very excited for the countryside theme.
# 2 TheBleedingRed21 @ 12/17/14 04:51 PM
Originally Posted by Nwo4Life75
Does anybody know if EA sports is going to put out PGA golf game still. I haven't heard anything about it in awhile.
2015 but if you are putting this aside for that.. You will be disappointed IMO.
# 3 GrandMaster B @ 12/18/14 10:54 AM
The Golf Club game is phenomenal and has really improved since launch and will continue to improve, but I am looking forward to what EA has in store for their golf game in 2015. I know we all saw a battleship plow through a hole in the early preview, but I am curious as to what they plan on doing in the career mode department. Hopefully a more advanced and deep one.
# 4 OnlookerDelay @ 12/19/14 12:32 PM
Here's what I'm most excited for in Update 2 (taien from the November 27th Developer Diary Blog):

"Weve also made some big headway on optimisation on both console and PC. As an example, the user-created course Isla Medeliena was a particularly slow creation on the PS4 running at around 10-12fps. With the improvements weve added its now running between 20 and 25fps. With another few days set aside of this work, this number should only go up."

That is a huge jump in frame rates, and a much needed one for this game to reach its potential. I can't imagine the performance improvements would be that profound on all courses, but it's a good trend no doubt. Still, 25 fps is not what I consider a playable frame rate... they've got to hit 30, at the very least, to have a solid feel. The course they use in this example is the worst offender for frame rates of any I've played. The courses that are running in the mid to high 20's now, could conceivably be in the mid 30's and beyond with this update!

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