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There has been so much buzz and too little punch for the New York Knicks over the last decade. It many ways, it disproves the theory that as long as you have a superstar, you can still win a lot of games in the NBA. Despite Carmelo Anthony's loyalty to the storied organization, things only seem to be getting worse. With bloated salary and little talent, where can the Knicks even begin? Here are three moves that every Knicks owner can make in NBA 2K15 to return Spike Lee's favorite squad into powerhouse form:

1. Find a Partner in Crime: Do what the Knicks have failed to the past few seasons and find Carmelo a great complimentary player to have at his side. Some names that will be popping up in free agency next summer: Paul Millsap, Rajon Rando, Greg Monroe and LaMarcus Aldridge.

2. Cut, Cut, Cut: A lot of guys on the Knicks are not tradable (we are looking at you, Amar'e) and it's up to you to make sure they are out of a job. Do whatever you can to free up some cash to follow up on the above advice. Another possibility is to swap bad contracts with another team in hopes that a change of scenery spurs something.

3. Find Early's Game: Cleanthony Early was regarded as one of the most underrated draft picks of 2014. Do everything you can to make sure that he becomes a consistent piece of the machine, because the Knicks could use the youth and low-cost.

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# 1 ASUBoy93 @ 12/19/14 01:30 PM
Amare' only has one year left on that albatross of a contract. So you don't HAVE to waive him, you could easily trade him to somebody like Philadelphia for a garbage player or a 2nd rounder to free up space if you absolutely want him gone. Normally I can resign him for just around 2-3.5 mill a year after the season, he becomes a much better option.
# 2 cbjr @ 12/19/14 01:40 PM
Yeah, the only way to fix the Knicks is to free up cap space to sign free agents for next year. Stoudemire's expiring contract should free up room for at least 2 decent players. I've been trying to fix the Knicks too; it hasn't been easy so far.
# 3 Luke Skywalker @ 12/19/14 02:46 PM
If I were to use the Knicks in MyGM/MyLeague, I would look to trade Carmelo Anthony. I would try to get a lot of assets, model the team after the Spurs. I would dump J.R. Smith, as well.

I would keep Stat and try to rework his contract so he isn't overpaid, he has a good game. I would look for a Center, most likely try to pursue Marc Gasol and have Gasol and Stat as my front court. Shumpert would be my SG. Shane Larkin is my future PG and I will try and get what I can through the draft to compliment my front court of Stat and Gasol.
# 4 diehardknicksfan @ 12/19/14 03:38 PM
I usually trade jr smith during the season to the 76ers for a 2nd rounder and Alexa shevd. Let the team bottom out and get a high draft pick. And my free agent signings depends on who I draft. If I draft Karl towns I sign a pg like dragic. If I draft Emanuel muadaiy I sign Marc gasol . I use the rest of the money to fill out the team.

I'm a big amare fan so I always bring him back on the cheap.( hope the knicks do this as well)

Usually in the third season my team is ready to compete for a title
# 5 Gosens6 @ 12/19/14 04:08 PM
This would be great advice if My League was actually playable after a few years in with regression being so out of whack and bugged.
# 6 ironjumpman_23 @ 12/19/14 05:56 PM
I would in my opinion, get rid of half the roster, since in real life half the roster may be shipped off next year...keep Early, Hardaway jr., Anthony, and Stoudemire as the base. And be done with the triangle offense and go from there. It's going to be a tough road for the Knicks in game and real life smh.
# 7 DonWuan @ 12/19/14 07:59 PM
Forgot exactly how I did it but wasn't hard.

Signed Reggie Jackson, Hibbert, and Kanter in the off season. Eventually traded Tim hardaway for orl sg(olapio?) . Traded Calderon, resigned Jr Smith and dalembert.

Kept larkin and early and found a decent pf off the bench. Won in year 3 of myleague.
# 8 king_doom @ 12/19/14 09:10 PM
Can you do one of these for the Wizards, Magic, Bucks, and Kings lol sorry if thats to much to ask
# 9 geisterhome @ 12/20/14 02:33 AM
Originally Posted by king_doom
Can you do one of these for the Wizards, Magic, Bucks, and Kings lol sorry if thats to much to ask
same here! more of those please, for my part I'd also be interested in the Kings and Wizards. other than that one for every NBA team would be just fine lol
# 10 Dr. Banner @ 12/22/14 01:01 AM
Easy, I created myself in draft made myself 99 lol. Got lucky got the #1 pick in draft, drafted myself, traded over paid players like Jr Smith and Calderon, resigned Amare on the cheap. Signed in free agency I think Gasol and milsap, someone like that, though with practically cheating with my 99 rated self, still took me until year 6 to win a championship.
# 11 Bill1130 @ 12/22/14 04:41 AM
I am doing this now. Here is what I did in order

Traded Shumpert and Prigioni for Reggie Jackson and 2016 2nd Round Pick
Traded JR Smith to 76ers for 2016 2nd Round Pick
Signed Reggie Jackson to 4 year extension
Resigned Amare for 2 yrs 13 Million
Let Bargiani go
Let Dalembert go
Let Jason Smith go
Drafted Karl Anthony Towns with 4th pick
Signed Greg Monroe to 4 yr 68 Million
Traded two 2016 2nd rounders for Aaron Affalo.
Signed Jared Dudley to one year deal
Signed Robin Lopez to 4 yr 31 million deal

PG R. Jackson
SG A. Affalo
SF Melo
PF Amare
C G. Monroe

6th Tim Hardaway
BN - Robin Lopez
BN - J. Calderon
BN - C. Early
BN - K. Towns
BN - J. Dudley
BN - C. Aldrich
BN - Q. Acy
# 12 BezO @ 12/22/14 07:56 AM
I typically only play Association as I'm usually not into the GM aspects, but I may get a multi-year thing going with 2k15. But...

For video game purposes, the Knicks have a decent sqaud, but I'm sure I'm one of the few to think so.

Amare is overpaid, but still a good video game ball player. With only a year left on his contract, he's worth keeping & resigning, IMO.

Shumpert, Hardaway & Smith are a good swingman combo.

Point & Center are where I'll be looking for help. My personal philosphy is to do it throught the draft. What I hear about the progression system will make it easy to stick to that.

And I'll probably chuck the Triangle. I like it IRL, and the virtual version is good in many aspects. But the low poster posting too low hurts execution. I often borrow the Spurs Swing offense and may start the season with it.

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