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It's that time of the year again! The annual Stevies are going to go off without a hitch (we hope) with reader voting now open! The 2014 Sports Gaming Year was a pretty good one, despite the launch day issues many titles seemed to struggle with.

It was as if every title was bent on starting as slow as possible before finally arriving at a level that'd best be described as 'good' by the end of this year.

This year, we are voting on three categories for the end of the year awards: Sports Game of the Year, The Indie/Arcade Sports Game of the Year, and the Best New Feature of 2014. Cast your ballot and be sure to check back the first week of the new year to find out who the winners are!

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Member Comments
# 1 snc237 @ 12/22/14 06:22 PM
Best sports game is tough this year. Games like madden, and fifa are improved it's not like its ground breaking for either series. NHL has the biggest gameplay difference in a good way this year yet the product is so barebones you can't even bring it up. If there was an award for most future potential I would vote madden. It's really looking on the up and up yet they still have a lot of things they can overhaul and or improve significantly.
# 2 GlennN @ 12/22/14 07:50 PM
I agree it is a tough vote, but not in a good way. For me, sports gaming has been more and more disappointing in recent times. Fewer choices, fewer sports even represented, few real advances, etc. Just really a disappointing year for sports games.
# 3 Skyflame21 @ 12/22/14 08:03 PM
Other than FIFA15. I think most are just ok. NBA2k could play a great basketball game but missing overlays and error presentations have it on shaky ground especially since most have been waiting 3 months just to get a good franchise started. NHL is great in gameplay but so limited its not even in the discussion. And Madden... Well what can be said other than the game is a flat out bore. This is one series that just needs to die. And start with a different company. EA has played this poor title out. It doesn't play a good game of football at all. Too much fluff and not enough substance. My pick would be Fifa but it too needs work.
# 4 C.J.S. @ 12/23/14 12:13 AM
The best sport tittle i played in 2014 is Pro Yakyuu Spirits 2014....... http://www.konami.jp/prospi/2014/
# 5 lynkraid @ 12/23/14 09:06 AM
Tie between Madden 15 and MLB the Show, but if I had to pick one it would be Madden, and thats just cause of how broken MLB was with its online leagues.
# 6 prestwood90 @ 12/24/14 12:40 AM
NBA 2k15 is the easy pick for me
# 7 bottlenose54 @ 12/24/14 03:48 PM
MLB THE SHOW!!! Not even a contest Imo. I'll give Honorable mention to Super Mega Baseball and Madden though. (:
# 8 tanchl @ 12/28/14 12:43 PM
No game, not even The Show is worthy of a GOTY. I played them all and no game gave me that "Holy Cow" experience. This is just my amateur opinion.

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