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Another NBA Live 15 roster update has arrived today, which includes changes for 447 players. It also adds changes to depth charts, player movement and injury updates, as well as some accessory updates.

The roster update includes the Boston Celtics sending Rajon Rondo and Dwight Powell to the Dallas Mavericks for Brandan Wright, Jameer Nelson and Jae Crowder. It also includes the Minnesota Timberwolves sending Corey Brewer to the Houston Rockets in exchange for Troy Daniels. For those that are curious, Josh Smith is still on the Pistons.

Below is a list of some of the changes you will see in the roster update, click here for a full spreadsheet of all changes.

  • Pau Gasol +1 (83)
  • Brandon Knight +1 (81)
  • DeAndre Jordan +1 (86)
  • Nick Young +1 (82)
  • Monta Ellis +1 (85)
  • Dwight Howard +1 (91)
  • KJ McDaniels +4 (68)
  • Rudy Gobert +2 (70)
  • Dewayne Dedmon +2 (66)
  • Alex Len +2 (65)
  • Shabazz Muhammad +2 (67)
  • Derrick Rose -1 (88)
  • Joakim Noah -1 (89)
  • Kyrie Irving -1 (88)
  • Dwyane Wade -1 (86)
  • Carmelo Anthony -1 (91)
  • Dirk Nowitzki -1 (85)
  • Brandon Jennings -1 (81)
  • Shawne Williams -2 (64)

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Member Comments
# 1 DaMario35 @ 12/24/14 01:07 PM
Will you guys be adding K.Irving new shoes along with LeBron new shoes and CP3.
# 2 Vaporub83 @ 12/24/14 01:40 PM
Rondo looks like a zombie in this picture
# 3 Rams_3 @ 12/24/14 05:08 PM
He always look like a zombie....lol
# 4 jaychitown312 @ 12/24/14 07:06 PM
EA Fernando, How does D Rose overall go down and he has been killing cats in the league. That makes no sense.
# 5 bkluvsm3 @ 12/24/14 09:01 PM
Head Scan Request u can pass along to art team hopefully we get more scans these guys get quality minutes looks so bad in game

DAL- Rondo Team Arm Sleeve
DAL- Chandler Head Scan Update
DAL-Parsons Team Knee Sleeve 2 mid loose socks
DAL- Harris head update Team Sleeve 2 Mid loose socks
TOR- J.Johnson Needs head scan Update ASAP !
SAC- Rudy Guy needs head scan
GS- Road Uniform/Alt Black Uniforms Shoes Black/yellow/blue
GS- Klay Thompson Add C.J. McCollum sig shot
HOU- Add Josh Smith
LAC- Griffin Add Team Jordan XX9
LAC- Barnes give A.River sig shot
ATL- Milsap Team Arm Sleeves both arms
ATL- Horford Add shoulders sleeves blk
WSH- Pierce Add Hyperdunk 2014 Shoes
WSH- Beal add Hyperdunk 2014 Shoes
WSH- Porter Add Goggles
WSH- Temple Add Head scan
WSH- Wall Add J wall 1 For home / team for away shoes
BKN- Lopez Blk knee pads 1 medium socks
LAL- Home/Alt jerseys Shoe Color White/Purple/Yellow
MEM- Atl Jersey Shoe Color White/Team colors
OKC- P.Jones Team Knee Sleeve 2
OKC- Morrow remove headband
CLE- Varajao Remove Shoulder Sleeves
HOU- C.Brewer Head Scan update
HOU- Johnson Add Head scan
PHX- G.Green Head Scan Update
NYK- Amare Head Scan update Beard/Googles
NYK- Jr Smith Head Scan Update
NYK- Shumpert Head Scan Update
NYK- C.Anthony Add NBA logo Back Headband
NYK- Hardaway Jr Give D Howard 5 team color add Arm Sleeve/Knee Sleeve 2 Medium socks
MIL- Sanders Add Goggles
CHA- L.Stephenson Head Scan Update
DET- C.Butler Head Scan
NO- Babbit Head Scan Update
NO- A.Davis update hair
NO- T.Evans Add Hyper Quickness Team Shoe
SA- Ginobli Kobe 9 Elite Low Team Color
SA- Belleni Hyperdunk 2014 team
DET- Jennings Add Micro g drive low team shoe
TOR- Vasquez Add Micro g drive high team shoe
# 6 Calvenn @ 12/24/14 10:50 PM
Also add

John Wall head scan with beard
Bradley Beal
# 7 4eva_Erk @ 12/27/14 10:42 AM
DRose last seven games averaging 22 points on 50 percent shooting and he goes down a point??? Come on live
# 8 titans321 @ 12/27/14 03:58 PM
Originally Posted by 4eva_Erk
DRose last seven games averaging 22 points on 50 percent shooting and he goes down a point??? Come on live
22 PPG is worth an 89?
# 9 donkey33 @ 12/27/14 09:19 PM
Spot on. Cats should make claims on individual ratings if it's off. Not the overall rating.
# 10 prestwood90 @ 12/27/14 09:42 PM
Noob question but how do i start a dynasty with the updated roster? ?
# 11 schemin318 @ 12/29/14 12:10 AM
Live is good game when played right, I had guy this morning shot every shot with LeBron al hel did was attack the rim either got fouled or dunk he scored fifty points even tho I double team LeBron some how I couldn't stop him even when tho I double team the paint smh.
# 12 dsk1317 @ 12/29/14 01:47 AM
Why doesn't the latest roster update carry over into dynasty mode, can someone please explain this?
# 13 prestwood90 @ 12/30/14 03:28 AM
Originally Posted by dsk1317
Why doesn't the latest roster update carry over into dynasty mode, can someone please explain this?
Cause EA did the bare minimum in development and this game lacks the capability to implement a lot of simple things......i.e. editing rosters
# 14 schemin318 @ 01/02/15 09:25 PM
Still no update ea
# 15 legendt @ 01/04/15 04:42 PM
Question how do you download the rosters for offline play
# 16 The 24th Letter @ 01/04/15 09:26 PM
Is Josh Smith really not on the Rockets yet?

# 17 HakeemDaDream @ 01/05/15 08:56 AM
Originally Posted by The 24th Letter
Is Josh Smith really not on the Rockets yet?

Nope. And the odd thing is that Nick Johnson was removed because the Rockets sent him to the D-League. The inconsistency is maddening.
# 18 schemin318 @ 01/06/15 04:52 AM
Its like ea gave up on the game now cav have acquired iman shumpert and jr smith I guess we want get that roster update either smh
# 19 zrohman @ 01/06/15 11:33 AM
I bet they know Live 16 isn't coming. They know they are so far out of the race. They probably just won't announce it yet so they can sell more copies of Live 15.

That's what it seems like. I've given up on Live all together. I was willing to enjoy it for what it was and get excited for the potential, but I can't anymore.

They won't update rosters. Come on. All they have to do is move one guy. It takes 5 seconds.

All they did was adjust gameplay in the patch, and they didn't even fix any big issues. They didn't add new animations or fix any huge issues.

So far behind and instead of closing the gap they aren't communicating, they aren't supporting their game, I think they are done. I tried to come back. Hopefully some of you saw me come back and enjoy some aspects, but they just threw me away as a customer. All over a few two minute things. It's the least they could do, especially since they don't let you edit rosters
# 20 pdawg17 @ 01/06/15 12:08 PM
I want to root on EA but not staying on top of roster updates is a silly way to shoot yourself in the foot...

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