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Games like Forza Horizon 2 are delivering expansive (and worthwhile) new content via DLC more than ever. With Ultimate Team also growing, and with VC becoming a huge thing in 2K games -- it seems like the march of DLC into our everyday gaming experiences has continued unabated the past several years.

Have you bought any type of additional content for a sports video game in 2014, be it VC, booster packs, or actual additional content?

Sound off by voting in our poll and leave a comment on what it is you bought (or let us know why you aren't buying anything)!!

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# 1 Cod @ 12/24/14 04:36 PM
Nothing on consoles, just PC.
# 2 Bobhead @ 12/24/14 05:40 PM
Never in my life have I bought DLC
# 3 Battman @ 12/24/14 06:16 PM
I have not bought any and not planning to change that.
# 4 porkys8077 @ 12/24/14 06:21 PM
Nope not this year.
# 5 joosegoose @ 12/24/14 06:58 PM
I have never, nor will I ever buy DLC for a sports game. If games move to a 2 or 3 year development cycle (which could be amazing btw) and release DLC in between to update rosters, uniforms, and the like, then I'll consider it. That's about the only scenario I could imagine buying sports DLC.

I buy plenty of DLC for other games when it adds extra hours of quality single player story/content. That's about it though; no "skins" or multiplayer add-ons.
# 6 Iadf @ 12/24/14 07:41 PM
I've never bought DLC ever
# 7 scottyo60 @ 12/25/14 08:53 AM
I buy season passes for wwe and if I have some spare change left over on the psn I'll spend it on this years my team or nhl ultimate team. Usually that's as far as it goes ever with DLC
# 8 spidertour02 @ 12/25/14 12:05 PM
I've only downloaded the free stuff (like the Koenigsegg DLC in Need for Speed Rivals and the face update DLC in Madden 15). This only applies to sports games, though -- I've bought DLC for other games this year.
# 9 ItsOrangeBaby @ 12/25/14 01:36 PM
Off the top of my head I think the only DLC I pick up this year was the Street Fighter IV expansion.
# 10 EmmittSmithx22x @ 12/25/14 07:23 PM
I don't buy DLC because I believe when you sell a product for 60$ it should be a complete product.
# 11 kjcheezhead @ 12/25/14 07:26 PM
I play guitar games like rocksmith and bandfuse. I buy songs for those games occasionally, but that's the only dlc I get. I would never pay money for sports game dlc like ultimate teams or unlocking uniforms.
# 12 Skyflame21 @ 12/25/14 11:17 PM
I echo most of the responses. I will buy DLC for games that add additional story / gameplay to the experience. I do not see myself buying anything for sports titles. I did buy a Tiger Woods golf course addition thinking that the course would be usable in future iterations. Come to find out that was not true. Never tried it since.
# 13 joosegoose @ 12/26/14 04:38 AM
Originally Posted by EmmittSmithx22x
I don't buy DLC because I believe when you sell a product for 60$ it should be a complete product.
What about when the game is a complete product, and the DLC contains an additional complete product?
# 14 Dwenny @ 12/26/14 01:23 PM
Tried FIFA 13 DLC once. Found that it really didn't matter how effective my FUT team was. Was looking to get a Messi at the time, but learned quickly there was no guarantees (no, I didn't get one). Then found it was more of a challenge not to buy packs. My skills got better overall, and found that the auction house was the place to get your players if you wanted them (no real money). Respect those who make up good teams without the use of real money. I now check out Twitch to find the pretenders.
# 15 CT Pittbull @ 12/26/14 01:57 PM
yes I have but not for sports games only for Battlefield 4 or COD. Mostly I buy DLC with shooters unless EA Access counts as DLC.
# 16 jaateloauto @ 12/26/14 07:24 PM
I buy plenty of DLC. If it's developed after the main game is finished and offers something substantial for a fair price. Haven't yet seen that in a sports game.
# 17 Unlucky 13 @ 12/26/14 07:38 PM
I would buy recruiting DLC for NCAA football. Bought a few expansion courses for golf games back in the day. This year though, my only sports games were Madden and The Show, neither of which offered any real single player DLC than I can recall.
# 18 poloelite @ 12/28/14 08:33 AM
I buy DLC. I'm 33 years old, a husband and a father, I don't have time to play games like I did before. I typically buy a VC pack in 2k, a couple packs in MUT and WWE season pass. Without DLC, or accelerators, I would have to put dozens of hours into these games, which is time I don't have. I like how they give you options to either grind it out, or take a short cut if time is limited.
# 19 FunkDockta27 @ 12/28/14 03:25 PM
Past 2 yrs i bought season passes for wwe2k.
Far Cry 4

Had sum left over $ in my wallet bought a few MUT15 packs
Build my own HUT and FUT teams with no cash money. But just hit ps4 and my MUT didnt transfer over like FUT. Didnt feel bad about getting a couple packs to compensate for the last few months.

But normally i work on UT with no cash period ever.

I bout the EURO DLC for fifa 12
# 20 EmmittSmithx22x @ 12/28/14 04:09 PM
Originally Posted by joosegoose
What about when the game is a complete product, and the DLC contains an additional complete product?
Call it stubbornness. But I am not a fan of DLC. 95% of DLC doesn't fit the description of your scenario, but I understand a lot goes into game production which is why the cost of games keep going up and up. But 10-15 dollars on top of 60$ no matter how good the game or the DLC is I can't justify it. I get that for some people if they really enjoy a game and the game was great then DLC helps kind of keep the encore going. But for me if I enjoy the story I just usually replay the game or keep it and replay it years later.

But what really grinds me is the fact that some of these game developers so called "DLC" is not really "DLC" at all. The extra content is usually already on your game disc (or digital download) and when you buy the DLC all you are buying is a tiny line of code that "unlocks" that portion of the data. There is nothing complete about that dirty trick they try to pull.

Sorry for the mini rant.

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