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We are now a couple of months removed from the NBA 2K15 release, and thus also a bit of time removed from the launch issues which plagued the game throughout the first week or two after launch.

With that in mind, what would you rate NBA 2K15 at this point in its life-cycle?

Sound off by voting in our poll and leave a comment on what you think about this year's NBA 2K15 a couple of months after release.

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# 1 shadow2201 @ 12/29/14 03:42 PM
If the servers weren't completely useless, I'd give this the highest rating, but that holds it back so much!
# 2 mauro78 @ 12/29/14 03:48 PM
9.3 one of the best game ever made
# 3 Cowboy008 @ 12/29/14 03:53 PM
I think it is a pretty good game.
# 4 Retropyro @ 12/29/14 04:15 PM
7.5/10 Good solid game that still has some rough edges and legacy issues.
# 5 mickythumbs @ 12/29/14 04:16 PM
Outstanding game , played it for hours , 9. 5
# 6 solofx7 @ 12/29/14 04:20 PM
After th patch its a strong 9.5
# 7 taylor89 @ 12/29/14 04:22 PM
Good game, but does have room for improvement. 8.7
# 8 Bryzine21 @ 12/29/14 04:37 PM
I don't play much online but gameplay is excellent .9.
# 9 Halloween @ 12/29/14 04:45 PM
I really gotta say post-patch...it's beautiful.

I don't play a lot online so the issues in that departement don't bother me that much. Offline on the court is where it counts for me and after the third patch a lot of little nagging issues and bugs and overall flaws have been removed and I can finally enjoy the game.

The game just felt unpolished when it released, I'd like 2k to take their time next year even if that means a mid november release.
# 10 tril @ 12/29/14 04:57 PM
id give it a 8.5.
best next gen bball game. second best bball game of all time behind ch2k8.
# 11 YoungBuck3 @ 12/29/14 05:13 PM
On the one hand, it's great post-patch, and I loved it pre-patch anyway.

On the other hand, the fiasco that was the patch left a sour taste in my mouth.

Don't play enough online to comment on that.

So I'm going 8.5, docking them .5 for the patch dramas. Give me highlights in 12 minute games and I'll bump them a little higher again.
# 12 mlbtheshowfan7 @ 12/29/14 05:24 PM
Server issues have pushed it back a little for me, and MyLeague is much welcomed, but I'd like a bit more CBA knowledge and features put into it, along with realistic rotations and injury consistency.
# 13 SavoyPrime @ 12/29/14 05:47 PM
Gameplay is solid. But til they get the regression issue in MyLeague straightened out, I can't give this game more than a 6. What's the use in having the game if I can't play MyLeague? And that was the sole reason I bought the game. Don't care for online modes at all.
# 14 grodbetatted @ 12/29/14 06:15 PM
a solid 6. its a good game with a lot of issues
# 15 scottyp180 @ 12/29/14 06:15 PM
Based solely on gameplay I'd give this game a 9. I haven't dove deep into other game modes and I don't play online but I can't get enough of the game on court. There are issues present but nothing that hinders the game for me. This and destiny have been my most played games over the past 3-4 months.
# 16 2k10Fonzarelli @ 12/29/14 06:34 PM
Being the most played 2k for me since 11, I have to give it high marks.

Would the next person who gives it lower than an 8 please (try) to explain why without getting emotional about it? 2k15 is an objectively amazing sports game
# 17 grodbetatted @ 12/29/14 06:35 PM
As far as modes I'll give this game an 8... Because there are a lot of good ones, but server issues plague the series. Gameplay is what drags it down for me. Somehow there has to be a way to balance good animation with maximum control and not being locked into canned animation.
# 18 Junior Moe @ 12/29/14 06:59 PM
Post patch the game is great. It was damn good (albeit frustrating) before and the patch accentuated the positives. I will say however that 2K hoops next gen just isn't quite there for me yet. It goes beyond 2K's terrible servers and the game releasing with debilitating, enjoyment altering issues. It certainly has contributed. Still, something is missing (maybe it's my custom arena sounds) that I cant put my finger on just yet, but more than that, I'm just not having as much fun as I did last gen.
# 19 robbie24 @ 12/29/14 07:14 PM
I'd like to see a "How would you rate NBA Live now" thread
# 20 dgold1 @ 12/29/14 07:19 PM
On game play alone I'd get it an 8. But I haven't touched the game since the last patch. I play strictly off line franchise modes. That regression issue just killed the game for me.

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