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Thanks to the magic of the Internet Archive, over 2400 classic MS-DOS games are now free to play in your browser online. Classics such as The Oregon Trail and the original Metal Gear can now be played as if we were back in the late 80s and early 90s -- pretty cool really.

There are a few sports games also available in the archive. World Tour Golf from EA is one. Hockey League Simulator II is another.

Here are a few more:There are easily dozens more games available, but the list of classics is extraordinary already! Expect us to compile a full list of classics for you to enjoy soon!

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# 1 Skyflame21 @ 01/07/15 04:56 PM
Yes, I believe I found Front Page Sports: Baseball. The good old days as a kid playing hours on that game.
# 2 Lukin4 @ 01/07/15 05:08 PM
I still have FPS: Football 97 on disk, gets a run every now and then. Tried the baseball one too, but never got into it like I did the football version
# 3 xlatinoheatx @ 01/07/15 07:08 PM
Yea dont think ill be spending a ton of time on these Lol
# 4 TheBadazz @ 01/07/15 10:49 PM
Can't get Fastbreak to work. That was my game on C64
# 5 xman2k @ 01/09/15 09:28 PM
The original joe montana, Yes!!

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