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A majority of OS'ers play single player primarily according to our latest polling data. Many OS'ers enjoy the franchise modes in sports games as well.

Today, we are wonder if you use the simulation features in franchise modes? For instance, do you simulate games, sim-to-end, or use the various versions of simulating before jumping in to a game towards the end?

Let us know by voting in our new poll and leave a comment on how you use the sim features!

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# 1 eaterofworlds888 @ 01/08/15 03:42 PM
I simulate a lot of games, if I didn't' I wouldn't have time to get through a single season
# 2 rspencer86 @ 01/08/15 03:42 PM
I usually play one game per series in MLB games, every other game in NBA and soccer games, and every game in football games.

This gives me the opportunity to play multiple seasons in each game, so I get to do all of the offseason team-building stuff (which can be just as fun as playing the games).
# 3 HozAndMoose @ 01/08/15 03:48 PM
It depends on the game. With The Show i usually end up simming 150 games. Madden ill sim around half. And 2k around 70. Much more into building the team and getting years into the franchise. Ive started to change that a bit though. Only simmed 4-6 games per season in Madden this year. Tried a play 1 sim 5 in MLB or playing all division and interleague games. And im currently playing 1 2k game and then simming 4.
# 4 Jaydabeast @ 01/08/15 04:06 PM
In 2K, I play one, sim one. Sucks though because I kept losing the sim games so I had to fire Wittman (who's actually a pretty good coach IRL) and Cassell. Thought that may have been affecting my sim games.

In Madden, the seasons are shorter so I play all the games.

Haven't played baseball games since MVP but I normally played all those, mainly because I could get through those quicker.

2K takes long because you have to basically play a 12 min qtr game if you want realistic stats.
# 5 Cowboy008 @ 01/08/15 04:39 PM
I play all the games in Madden. 2k I simulate every other game or two. In The Show I only play one game per series.
# 6 GeauxTigers @ 01/08/15 04:43 PM
In MLB the Show I'll simulate a lot of my home games so that I can experience more of the other stadiums. So I might play a couple games out of a series at a place where the ballpark brings a lot to the experience; but skip some of the dumps like Oakland and Tampa Bay. On the subject of ballparks - my team is the Mariners and anyone find hitting off left handed pitchers during bright day games in Safeco Park extra challenging - there's an area in the background where light outside the stadium shines in and it's right around the release point for many left handed pitchers. Oddly enough I actually enjoy the extra challenge it brings ... maybe it's just my bad eyes lol but sometimes it takes me an extra split second to pick up the pitch.
# 7 infernoisdead @ 01/08/15 04:47 PM
Originally Posted by rspencer86
I usually play one game per series in MLB games, every other game in NBA and soccer games, and every game in football games.

This gives me the opportunity to play multiple seasons in each game, so I get to do all of the offseason team-building stuff (which can be just as fun as playing the games).
This is essentially my same experience. When nhl allowed for partial simulation of games I would jump into most games, and play all division games. Working full time and having a family ended my ability to play every game.
# 8 Ghost Of The Year @ 01/08/15 05:40 PM
The simming I have done in The Show has mainly been for testing purposes upon the games release, except for when I have used the new Quick Count feature.
# 9 satchmykels @ 01/08/15 05:42 PM
Not usually, but I did sim through about 90 percent of my first 2 seasons as the Timberwolves in 2k15. The rebuilding process is brutal, haha, but now that I've re-stocked through trades and the draft and have them semi-competitive, I'm playing nearly all of their games here in 2016. I may be a fan of my team through thick and thin but video game-wise, it's just no fun constantly losing.
# 10 FBPro @ 01/08/15 05:44 PM
Really depends on the game and my free time, plus there are times I just want to move to the next season in particular games.....
# 11 Skyflame21 @ 01/08/15 07:11 PM
Ncaa football & fifa are play all. Nba2k I'll play all road games and some of the bigger home match ups. I'll also play the final 10-15 games if I'm fighting for playoffs or seeding. All postseason.

The show I like to pick one pitcher to use all season. I'm not a fan of the RTTS so I don't use that, but I'll pick a pitcher and pitch until it's time to go to the pen. Once, I go to the pen I'll fast sim to end game. Also in this version I just pitch and play defense do the sim the half innings of of batting is a godsend. Love that is in the game.

NHL I'll sim until January 1st then play the final 50 games or so and playoffs.
# 12 tril @ 01/08/15 08:49 PM
I hate simming games. I tend to play all of the games. Ill play shorter seasons just to get through multiple seasons.
With that said, the past several years though, Ive simmed games based on my record. Once eliminated from playoff contention, Ill sim the rest of the season. Once I clinch a division title Ill sim til the playoffs.
this year Ive only simmed and jumped into a game once in NBA2k15 (just testing the feature).

Im at the point now where I dont have as much time, and the game is good enough that Im cool If I only finish 1, 82 game season.

that is where that MLB feature of carrying over franchises into new versions of said title is a benefit.

CH2k8 is the only game where I have simmed the majority of my games. I keep detailed records in 1000 plus games Ive only simmed about 15. and those games were simmed because the game froze. if they didnt I would have played them all.
# 13 BravesBoy @ 01/08/15 09:21 PM
Because of the issues with simation, I try not to use it much. But I would definitely be more inclined to use it if it was better..ie stats. I would definitely use it with the MLB series of this was the case
# 14 eye guy @ 01/08/15 09:48 PM
Sim most and play top tier teams in both divisions and all rival games. If i'm running out of time then I will sim and jump into a game at the half... If I want to up averages on my players' stat sheet, i'll play lower ranked teams.
# 15 Armor and Sword @ 01/09/15 07:07 AM
Madden and NCAA - never sim

NBA 2K sparingly

MLB The Show - sparingly and now with quick counts I have not simmed a single game.
# 16 domp242 @ 01/09/15 08:48 AM
Madden I dont sim 2k I might sim a game hear n there I usually try to play all the games...I tend to keep my franchise in tune wit da season...when the seasons over then ill play...multiple seasons...
# 17 H to the Oza @ 01/09/15 09:15 AM
Anyone remember the intervene feature in the old NBA Live games? Sim the first three quarters, then jump right into the start of the 4th. It made 82 game seasons feels like a breeze... I miss that mode dearly.
# 18 sportskid84 @ 01/09/15 10:24 AM
I Sim a few games in franchise mode
# 19 BurghFan @ 01/09/15 11:43 AM
Nope, never. Always play every minute of every one of my user teams games. Only time I ever use simulation is to circumvent a bug that occurs in NCAA Football 14 where if a play at the end of a quarter is reviewed, the quarter will never end and you'll just keep playing with 0:00 on the clock. In that situation, super-simming 1 play will end the quarter.
# 20 cheez7 @ 01/09/15 12:37 PM
Offseason stuff is my favorite and I'm too impatient to get to it.

For NBA 2K, I play 14-game seasons and generally only play the first quarter and sim the rest of the game; unfortunately I have to play 12 min quarters cause when I sim the rest of the game, stats are too low with shorter quarters but my first quarter stats are always too high haha... with past 2Ks I felt like the tone I set with stats in the first quarter kinda dictated the sim stats the rest of the game (all placebo effect I'm sure) but this year, it feels like the sim stats don't have any connection to the tone I set.

For Madden, to make games go by faster (and since I can't seem to have as much fun playing D as I did in Madden '05), I only play offense and sim defensive series (unless it's close in fourth)... this is a bad habit I picked up doing in NCAA and eventually infected my Madden style.

I sim the playoffs in both 2K and Madden just to see if my roster building can bring a title on its own (and because I'm REALLY itching for the offseason by that point)... I never fair too well with this method in 2K though!

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