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Another NBA Live 15 roster update has arrived today, which includes changes for 441 players. It also adds changes to depth charts, player movement and injury updates, as well as some accessory updates.

It includes the trades that have happened recently, including Dion Waiters to the Oklahoma City Thunder, J.R. Smith and Iman Shumpert (injured for Tip Off/Play Now games) to the Cleveland Cavaliers, Anthony Tolliver to the Detroit Pistons, free agent Josh Smith headed to the Houston Rockets and free agent Tarik Black going to the Los Angeles Lakers.

Currently, Timofey Mozgov isn't on the Cleveland Cavaliers roster, but hopefully he will be added as soon as he plays in his first game with his new team. But it remains to be seen how long it will take.

For some reason the link to all of the changes isn't working, but when it does, we will update this post.

UPDATE: Below is a list of some of the changes you will see in the roster update. Fernando has sent us the Excel spreadsheet with all of the changes. Download it here.

  • Alex Len +5 (70)
  • Rudy Gobert +4 (74)
  • Tony Wroten +3 (76)
  • Jimmy Butler +3 (86)
  • Ben McLemore +3 (75)
  • Cole Aldrich +3 (71)
  • Solomon Hill +3 (67)
  • Steven Adams +3 (80)
  • Andre Roberson +3 (64)
  • Al Jefferson -3 (83)
  • Lance Stephenson -3 (83)
  • Jose Calderon -2 (76)
  • Carmelo Anthony -2 (89)
  • Jason Smith -2 (65)
  • Tim Hardaway Jr. -2 (71)
  • Kobe Bryant -2 (86)
  • Ryan Anderson -2 (75)
  • Louis Williams -2 (74)
  • Goran Dragic -2 (82)
  • Andrew Wiggins -2 (78)
  • Andre Iguodala -2 (85)

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Member Comments
# 1 The 24th Letter @ 01/09/15 08:59 AM
Haven't played in a good while so I don't know if anything has changed, but you can't access Shump at all right? Since he's currently injured?
# 2 WTF @ 01/09/15 09:01 AM
Practice mode and Dynasty.
# 3 Mintsa @ 01/09/15 09:02 AM
Any new face scans or anything ?? Or was this strictly for past roster moves ?
# 4 WTF @ 01/09/15 09:15 AM
Strictly roster, ratings and accessories.
# 5 Mintsa @ 01/09/15 09:27 AM
Originally Posted by WTF
Strictly roster, ratings and accessories.
Cool. Thanks for the info.
# 6 _Fernando @ 01/09/15 10:00 AM
I'll send you the spreadsheet while I look into why it's not up on the site.
# 7 Steve_OS @ 01/09/15 10:52 AM
Fernando sent us the Excel spreadsheet, updated the OP w/ link and more details.
# 8 sarlndr @ 01/09/15 11:42 AM
If only we had the ability to make these roster moves ourselves. That would have been great. It is what it is though and I'm not too upset about it. Keep up the good work Fernando and Co..
# 9 WTF @ 01/09/15 12:05 PM
Game is playing really well. Or did for me in my Cavs season opener against the Knicks. A ton of good things coming out of it. Pull ups, drive and kick, mid range, you name it. I'll throw some videos in the video highlights thread.
# 10 The 24th Letter @ 01/09/15 12:28 PM
So is every roster update considered a mini title update as well?

It'd at least make sense as to why it takes so long
# 11 TSGuy @ 01/09/15 02:05 PM
Wiggins went down ?? He's been playing great
# 12 _Fernando @ 01/09/15 03:25 PM
Originally Posted by TSGuy
Wiggins went down ?? He's been playing great
Yea, I agree, he been putting up good stat lines as of late.

I'll have to investigate.

It could be a case of he was overrated to begin with, since he didn't have any data last year. And now he's ending up where he should've been...?

Or, it could be the way some things are calculated, like the overall.

The spreadsheet has details on movement and I did make a change to some calculations over the break, hence the ton of movement. Over 5,000 ratings changed.

Thanks for saying something, I enjoy seeing player discussion on here.
# 13 Gotmadskillzson @ 01/09/15 03:49 PM
FINALLY...........Live 15 resembles real life basketball.

The Positives

CPU attempting mid range shots

The correct CPU players attempting threes

Drive and kick game

High post ups

More varied ball and rim animations

Step back jumpers finally are effective

USER can hit threes and mid range jumpers

Good ball handlers can finally destroy not so good defenders

CPU pass the ball around more effectively most of the time

Good CPU shooters are quick to let it fly if you leave them space, like it should be

Centers no longer do that baseline reverse layup cheese gliding along the invisible wall

Post players pass the ball back out

Saw Chris Paul do a floater

The negatives

There are times where the motion is stagnant and players just stand around

CPU Centers and Power Forwards shoot too many fade away jumpers still, every shot don't need to be a fade

Screen play don't work some times. They will collide with another player and instead of continuing across, they will just go back to their original spot.
# 14 Calvenn @ 01/09/15 04:34 PM
I have made the same observations as well with the recent tweaks. Since you have already mentioned these, I will list my observations on the defensive side of the ball.

1. There are a lot more passing lane interceptions with newly added animations to accompany them. Really brings the game to life, can't say this enough!
2. It's A LOT more difficult to abuse special moves repeatedly and exploits weaknesses in the defense for easy points or dunks at the rack.
3. On ball and help d have been beefed up quite noticeably! Both cpu and your teammates are more instinctive and reactive in this regard. As a result, there is more contention or physicality in the paint area. This also allows for less easy buckets around the paint. Just wonderful!

On the negative side, direct steals from the ball handler by the human seem to occur too frequently. I attribute this to the newly beefed up defense. It needs to be toned down to prevent abuse!

I really like how far this game has progressed and where it's headed. Good accomplishment thus far. It's clear that our voices are being heard. Congrats to the team! We look forward to your continued efforts!
# 15 The 24th Letter @ 01/09/15 05:00 PM
I didn't see that ugly fadeaway by a big under the basket one time during my last game. If they have truly removed it, awesome. While they're at it, they need to remove this.


Rondo's defense animation carried me from the 3 point line to under the basket here...I was driving forward at all....your locked into to it until it finishes....it's an ugly animation that I can't see a purpose for.....

The pass to Beverly here is my biggest issue with contesting as well...Monta is in the paint when the pass is made...that whole sequence needs to be faster....because the penalty for semi contests is already severe...
# 16 bigeastbumrush @ 01/09/15 06:15 PM

The game plays great. Shooting is finally fixed!

Just had a great game using OKC against Detroit. Westbrook is deadly in the midrange.

You can actually be moving now and still hit shots and it's not cheese. I shot 9/22 with KD but he hit his normal array of shots from 3 and midrange.

Andre Drummond had 21 points and 19 rebounds as the CPU. He was just dominant inside.

As of now, I hope you Devs don't change a thing in regards to shooting the ball. It feels natural now. And the midrange works.

Thanks to the Devs for listening to us.
# 17 Calvenn @ 01/09/15 06:45 PM
Another one that needs to go or be refined is the under the basket boomerang shot! I have faith based on current progress!
# 18 Gotmadskillzson @ 01/09/15 06:58 PM
One thing they need to tone down is the CPU lay up animation that starts out before the free throw line sometimes. That animation can't be interrupted and your defender simply get pushed backwards out of the way. Haywood of the Jazz abused the hell out of that animation against me.

Another thing I noticed is on fast breaks when you steal the ball at the 3point line, you CAN'T RUN. The defender runs into your side or into your back and your guy gets stuck on him or something. What ever it is, it prevents you from running. I don't like that at all. Happened to me 3 times my last game when I stole the ball with Westbrook.

And is it me or does crash boards seem to have the opposite effect ? Seems like I get more rebounds with balanced then I do with crashed boards. I noticed when I use crashed boards, only one of my teammates go after the rebound, the rest run backwards to get back on D.

I would like them to fix the battle for the rebound animation because currently it isn't a battle. Who ever boxes out, that box out is like the wall of china, nobody getting passed it or even attempts to. Box out shouldn't be permanent and not contested. I would like to see some battling going on for position for rebounds.
# 19 Tonyattia @ 01/09/15 07:01 PM
Draymond Greene is a pf. Pretty happy with ratings though good job

Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
# 20 robbie24 @ 01/09/15 07:05 PM
Pretty excited to read this. In my game last night the Rockets subbed out Harden and Howard for the entire 4th quarter even though they were down 10.

I couldn't take it anymore so I went out and bought the other game today...

... But reading this has me encouraged! So maybe I'll give it another chance before I open the wrapping on the other one

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