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The Utah Jazz's Trevor Booker made a shot last night that, if it happened in a video game would be labeled a glitch and would prompt a 150 post thread on OS demanding a patch. I'm not sure he could do this again if he tried.

For what it is worth, the Jazz did eventually lose to the Thunder 99-94.

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# 1 rudeworld @ 01/10/15 09:09 AM
Seen this on SC last night and just shook my head.... It looked like the kind of shot that would have beat my Knicks.
# 2 Bremser_Rules @ 01/10/15 10:51 AM
Why did he do that? Shotclock winding down?
# 3 JazzMan @ 01/10/15 11:07 AM
Originally Posted by Bremser_Rules
Why did he do that? Shotclock winding down?
Yup. .02 left on the shot clock.

Utah would have won if Durant didn't feel like stealing the game late in the 4th, too.
# 4 2KUte @ 01/11/15 03:34 AM
I tuned into the game just in time and had to rewind and play a couple times I couldn't believe that went in, it was a exciting game. Think Gobert had like 7 blocks or something like that.
# 5 sooperb @ 01/12/15 05:32 AM
Adam Silver needs to patch this ASAP.

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