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Mutant Football League is still in production, and is aiming for a Q4 2015 release on PC (via STEAM), PlayStation 4, Xbox One, iOS, and Android, according to the latest trailer posted on the development team's YouTube channel. The project is currently self-funded, though developer Digital Dreams Entertainment is seeking a publishing partner.

The new footage promises:
  • 30 completely customizable teams
  • Hazards and traps in each stadium
  • Weapons like clubs, axes, and chainsaws
  • 7-on-7 football, featuring passing plays (with receiver icons), running plays, and special teams
  • Content targeting a "Mature" ESRB rating
Digital Dreams Entertainment was founded by Michael Mendheim, the creator and lead designer of the 1993 SEGA Genesis sports game, Mutant League Football.

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Member Comments
# 1 bxphenom7 @ 01/15/15 12:14 PM
Well, I was hoping for a simulation football game announcement but the potential M rating has me interested.
# 2 snc237 @ 01/15/15 12:15 PM
I know the games a bit away but this game looks pretty stiff at the moment.
# 3 herropreese @ 01/15/15 03:14 PM
Welcome to pre-alpha.
# 4 GlennN @ 01/15/15 03:17 PM
I'm very excited! (yeah, at my age it doesn't take much)
# 5 mestevo @ 01/15/15 03:31 PM
'Looking for publishing partner and investment' while already seeking to publish it on every platform is pretty ambitious, I wish them luck.

You can see how far they've come, they didn't have anything remotely like this available to even tease w/ last year's kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects...otball-league/

It looks like in May it was reported here a second kickstarter is coming: http://www.operationsports.com/news/...arter-planned/
# 6 TimLawNYC @ 01/16/15 10:07 AM
I think that in many ways the gaming audience is beyond just wanting a game with mutants. The violent atmosphere is a nice gimmick but I think the success or failure of the game is going to come down to how balanced the gameplay can be. If the football isn't well-executed and either super-fun arcadey or complex sim-style, it's not going to matter that you can "kill" the players on the other team.
# 7 mestevo @ 01/16/15 11:11 AM
Agree, this looks like it's aiming to put a fresh coat of paint on the Blitz formula.

It made me wonder if they could license the Cyberball IP and have some crossover DLC
# 8 Nickflyers @ 01/16/15 03:11 PM
Awwwww yeah
# 9 RickyAC @ 01/19/15 05:21 PM
The weird indie game that I wish existed, but doesn't, is something like this, but with Football-playing Robots built with deep and detailed individual customization system and unforgiving physics on top of precise simulation gameplay.

A game with a building interface as detailed as Kerbal Space Program, building robots like those in Real Steel or Pacific Rim, playing football like that in 2K5/2K8

That's what I want. This looks awesome though, and maybe this will fill that niche.
# 10 jyoung @ 01/30/15 12:12 PM
Originally Posted by bradtxmale
Is this game due for a Xbox 360, PS3, PS4, or Xbox One release?
PS4/Xbox One/PC/iOS/Android

They seem to have scrapped their initial plan to appear on 360/PS3.

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