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Having Ed Martin behind any NASCAR gaming product is kind of like a nice security blanket for whatever product coming to store shelves eventually.

With Martin's new company DMi Games now officially owning the NASCAR gaming license, you can certainly bet there will be some quality NASCAR gaming experiences returning to consoles and the PC soon. As reported first on the OS Forums, a new NASCAR game has rumored to be in development for some time.

An open letter on DMi's website announced the news today:

"As of January 1, 2015, DMi became NASCAR’s exclusive licensee for video games and digital entertainment. It is a deal that had been in the works for several months. But it was something that could not be disclosed until everything was finalized. And by “everything”, I mean a very long and complex set of negotiations and agreements. Just to give you some context, a contemporary NASCAR video game has over 1,000 licensed and approved properties in it. That’s a lot of stakeholders and people to get organized!

DMi’s CEO is Tom Dusenberry. Tom was the founder & President of Hasbro Interactive – which is where we met several years ago. Tom has an incredible background in publishing and interactive entertainment. He is also a HUGE NASCAR fan!

DMi has a long-term license with NASCAR to develop & publish a wide range of games across pretty much any interactive entertainment platform you can imagine – including console, PC and mobile. Our focus is on quality games for NASCAR fans and a wide range of different types of games for all NASCAR fans. We are based in Charlotte, North Carolina - right in the heart of NASCAR-country."

As part of the deal, DMi will acquire some assets like tracks and cars from Euctechnyx, giving whatever games are under development a head start on coming to market. The first DMi NASCAR game is expected in 2016, with Euctechnyx releasing one more title this Spring, entitled NASCAR '15. Also some existing NASCAR games were acquired in the deal, which will be re-released at some point in the future, like NASCAR Manager.

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# 1 NC12 @ 01/19/15 06:36 PM
If only this were NCAA Football
# 2 Kentucky_Wildcat23 @ 01/20/15 08:09 AM
I really hope this means the return of the truck and nationwide series to the game. Always loved racing in all three series in the career. mode!
# 3 DKHardee @ 01/20/15 08:50 AM
Great News! Martin was part of NASCAR Racing 2003 for the PC that I still play. Hopefully this new game has the Camping World Truck Series, XFINITY Series, and Sprint Cup Series.
# 4 AiDub @ 01/20/15 01:02 PM
I'm cautiously optimistic. I really hope it caters to the Sim community once again. The last great Nascar game was indeed Nascar Racing 2003 so it's been a really long time since there was a realistic version of the sport. I pray that they dump all the gimmicky crap that Eutechnyx has employed and get back to the realistic roots of a good sim racer. Martin being a part of NR2k3 gives me hope that we could finally see a good sequel to that game.

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