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Wednesday afternoon, NBA 2K15 installed a server-side update to its MyTeam game mode that changed the collection rewards for several NBA teams from 25,000 MyTeam coins to special edition "sapphire" player cards.

One of those sapphire players, New Orleans Pelicans point guard, Jrue Holiday, turned out to be extra special, in that he has no arms, prefers to play shirtless, will often turn invisible, and shoots the ball like it was a shotput, because both of his hands are hideously stuck to his shoulders:

Holiday's handicap doesn't seem to affect his dribbling, passing, or shooting abilities, as I was able to score 21 points and hit 5 of 6 three-pointers in a test game with him and some of the other new sapphire cards. Mutated Jrue does have a hard time, however, grabbing hold of rebounds and loose balls, as there were a few occasions (at 2:13 and 5:47 of the above video) where he would bend over to pick up the ball, only to bounce back up holding nothing but air in his tiny, misaligned hands. Layups are also pretty difficult for armless-Holiday to hit, as the ball will teleport along an unusually low arc during those shots, making them very easy to block, or just errantly clank off the bottom of the backboard/rim.

Visual Concepts quickly recognized this bug and released a fixed, perfectly human version of sapphire Jrue Holiday late last night. So you can't get this glitched abnormality anymore, unless he's already on your MyTeam, or is sitting in your reward queue.

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Member Comments
# 1 dickey1331 @ 01/22/15 10:42 AM
Lol that pretty funny.
# 2 kgbrolic @ 01/22/15 10:53 AM
lmao his hand movements are classic
# 3 BigT34 @ 01/22/15 11:35 AM
This is amazing.
# 4 snc237 @ 01/22/15 11:40 AM
Now I know why 2k are doing fully body scans
# 5 ChaseB @ 01/22/15 12:02 PM
Originally Posted by snc237
Now I know why 2k are doing fully body scans
Yep, Mutant League 2K confirmed -- Fall 2015 release.
# 6 Rams_3 @ 01/22/15 12:26 PM
Lmao that's hilarious
# 7 jeebs9 @ 01/22/15 12:52 PM
OMG HAHAHAHA.... I don't play my team... But I would just to have this player!!
# 8 HypoLuxa13 @ 01/22/15 01:27 PM
"NBA 2K quality control.... its FAN-TASTIC!" Isn't that how the old slogan used to go?
# 9 iboughtshoes @ 01/22/15 01:44 PM
So awesome.
# 10 BCDX97 @ 01/22/15 10:37 PM
NBA Horror Story Freak Show - nice.
# 11 nddot @ 01/23/15 07:50 AM
it's pretty obvious 2k doesnt respect their community
# 12 erickonasis @ 01/23/15 02:34 PM
hillarious....this game gets worse everyday it seems what is going on over there
# 13 Pokes404 @ 01/23/15 03:28 PM
I think my favorite thing is watching him try to contest shots. He looks like a soccer defender trying to head the ball out of the box lol.
# 14 iboughtshoes @ 01/26/15 07:00 PM
I saw this dude in a 5v5 game at the rec center last night. He was also about a foot tall.

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