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The back of Trials Fusion's box art is no longer a bold-print lie, as online multiplayer for two to eight people was finally patched into the game Thursday, more than nine months after its April 15, 2014 release date. The Xbox 360 edition, unlike its PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC cousins, is limited to a maximum of four simultaneous online riders.

While there are a mere 10 playable “X-Supercross” tracks at this time, a RedLynx community manager states that:

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“The tools for creating amazing online multiplayer tracks will soon be available in the [track] editor, allowing for unlimited amounts of [courses] to be created by the talented Trials community. [You'll eventually be able to] create, share and play your favorite online multiplayer tracks. And just like [the] single-player tracks, [our] studio's favorites will find their way into Uplay's recommended list for all [Trials] players to enjoy.”

Trials enthusiasts can at least toggle and tweak lots of interesting gameplay settings in invite-only matches, such as gravity, speed, invisibility, checkpoint amounts, maximum retries, and time limits. Ranked matchmaking sessions will turn off all the outlandish modifiers, and limit players to only a few basic bike options.

If you're embarrassingly bad at Trials, or you just want to watch your friends competing against each other, a spectator option is available. You can also form a riding “team” (branded by a selectable logo and a four-character clan tag) with up to 49 of your friends. The team feature will record your clanmates' total scores across all of Trials Fusion's online game modes. An “OperationSports” club has been created on PlayStation 4, and it is currently accepting new members.

Check out our video at the top of the article for a quick look at some of these new additions in action.

You can also read through Operation Sports' full written review for a complete analysis of Trials Fusion.

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