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There are quite a few games currently on sale for Xbox One Gold subscribers, many of them are sports games. There are quite a few others that you might be interested in as well. We aren't sure when the sale ends, so hurry up and grab them, while you can.Here is a list of some of the other games you might be interested in.Source - NeoGAF, Polygon

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# 1 snc237 @ 01/27/15 12:08 PM
Well ea access has half these games for free
# 2 Steve_OS @ 01/27/15 02:36 PM
Originally Posted by snc237
Well ea access has half these games for free
While that is true, not everyone is a subscriber.
# 3 dilladawg4 @ 01/27/15 05:09 PM
Com'on PS4😢 this is the only way I'd actually buy live 15
# 4 edwing @ 01/27/15 06:54 PM
Originally Posted by dilladawg4
Com'on PS4😢 this is the only way I'd actually buy live 15
Well you're in luck, as there is a similar EA sale on PSN right now. NBA Live is $15 ($17.50 in Canada) http://blog.us.playstation.com/2015/...re-update-378/

Not going to lie, I'm pretty bummed that they have NFS Rivals Complete Edition up for $15 when I had just purchased the standard edition for $12 when it was on sale on PSN just 2 weeks ago. Judging from the comments on the PS Blog, a bunch of other people have the same gripe.
# 5 nickaepi @ 01/28/15 10:40 AM
Can anyone recommend which PS4/X1 game(s) you would buy, at these particular prices, if you have already played them? I just got a PS4 for XMAS and have yet to purchase a sports title. I like all the sports listed. I realize by researching the forums that NBA, NHL,UFC didn't seem to be a good value at full price. Is NBA worth looking into at 15 bucks or should I just save my $$$ and put it towards 2k? Realistic offline gameplay and something that will "show off" the PS4 I would be interested in.
# 6 dilladawg4 @ 01/29/15 04:52 PM
Wow, I'm bout to play the lotto or ask for a few mill'...This was right on time. $15 was always my target price to buy this game. Thank you 2k for comin out first. Being that live isn't close to being a finished product. But I do like alternatives.

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