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It’s Super Bowl Sunday this weekend. Seattle has a chance to become the first back-to-back champions since 2003-04. And the craziest part is that the last team to do so is the Seahawks’ opponent: the Tom Brady-led Patriots. You can bet your bottom dollar that Brady doesn’t want to lose that. Fire up your console and strut your stuff with the Patriots and Seahawks.

Seattle, in Madden, is considered a powerhouse. Marshawn Lynch is, well, a beast, and the defense definitely received that little extra “push” from the developers. The one guy that matters most, though, is Russell Wilson. Wilson is a solid quarterback, but he also gets the most help of any signal caller in the NFL (i.e. Lynch, defense). Wilson is solid because of his improvisational skills; ranked on a prototypical quarterback he isn’t near the top. But in Madden, Wilson is an absolute monster. He has the speed, and also the ratings of a good quarterback. You can’t rate improv in Madden, so Wilson reaps the ratings benefit. Seattle is a good Madden team.

New England is a different story. Their leading rusher didn’t even crack 500 yards this season. Should be good news for an average rush defense, right? Wrong.

Legarrette Blount has played well, and is one of the stronger backs in Madden. You could easily start setting the tone early with a few six yard runs. It’s no secret that Brady never gets a legitimate no. 1 receiver, and it really shows in Madden in an unfortunate light. Gronk can’t be your only target. The defense isn’t bad, but the secondary is it’s strong suit matching up against some not-so-awesome pass catchers. When it comes down to it, New England is an average Madden team.

I clobbered New England with 143 rushing yards from Lynch, 37-14. Afterwards, I edged Seattle 20-18 after the Seahawks’ Stephen Hauschka missed two field goals in the game.

Share results on how each game played out, and let others know what you did to stop the other.

And lastly, who do you got? Seahawks or Patriots?

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# 1 alifeincomplete @ 02/01/15 02:33 PM
I feel fundamentally stupid -- where is the exhibition/Play Now option with Super Bowl presentation for M15? I can't seem to find it on PS4.

Edit: Never mind, answered my own question haha. I guess you can't spectate a game with Super Bowl presentation and that's what I was trying to do.
# 2 azdawgpound @ 02/01/15 02:38 PM
Originally Posted by alifeincomplete
I feel fundamentally stupid -- where is the exhibition/Play Now option with Super Bowl presentation for M15? I can't seem to find it on PS4.

go to play now select the teams then select super bowl in the options part.... one thing I noticed if u gonna sim it u have to keep the controller on either team then when it starts pause then move to the middle.

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