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2K has released another patch for WWE 2K15, bringing it up to version 1.03. They are currently listening to the fans and working on the next update, so let your voice be heard.
  • Made a number of essential fixes and updates related to functionality for downloadable 2K Showcase content.☺ Additional improvements include:
  • Fixed an exploit with the “Facebuster Knee Smash” move in which it was not reversible.
  • Addressed a number of issues with applying body piercings and logos in the WWE Creations
  • Addressed an issue in which a Superstar could appear as a different Superstar if an alternate attire was set as default and then deleted.
  • Addressed issues with alternate attires appearing properly in cutscenes in WWE Universe.
  • Crowd reactions should now occur properly according to the settings in the Edit Superstar menu
  • Improved the accuracy of several messages related to network interactions
NOTE: There seems to be some trouble with PS4 users who are not connected after downloading the update.

Signing out of PSN before hitting the bug will allow you to get to the main menu offline without encountering the issue. You can still access your saves.

We're working on the next update as we speak! We've read and seen the feedback, and the next update will address some of the reported issues. Stay tuned!"


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Member Comments
# 1 wiscowilz @ 02/02/15 09:34 PM
Hopefully they patch the fact that EVERYONE comes out introduced as "representing the Acolytes" whether it be custom attires, complete custom CAWs, downloaded CAWs, or the wrestlers that are actually in the game no matter if it's in a singles match or tag match with and without created attires?CAWs

I had RVD v. ADR the other day BOTH get "representing the Acolytes"
# 2 MoneyOvaHuds @ 02/02/15 10:59 PM
Anyone know if the framerate went back to normal during quick matches on the xbox one ?
# 3 woody2goody @ 02/03/15 01:42 AM
Have they fixed it so Lawler doesn't make a comment about every highlight?
# 4 micole @ 02/03/15 05:02 PM
Is it me or the load times are painfully long since the patch
# 5 Shelb @ 02/03/15 10:40 PM
Originally Posted by micole
Is it me or the load times are painfully long since the patch
The patch itself is taking me forever to load. It's close to 45 minutes an it's only at 65%. I have WWE 2K DLC (Accelerator, Paige, WCW and the new Showcase) and Wolf Among Us queued up and it's killing me with this update taking so long.
# 6 Alex Hopkinson @ 02/05/15 05:47 AM
Originally Posted by woody2goody
Have they fixed it so Lawler doesn't make a comment about every highlight?
Nah, that still happens.
# 7 FrankStallone @ 02/07/15 10:39 PM
I love the new feature where you have to be connected to the internet for the damn game to load past the start screen.
# 8 GiantsFan2013 @ 02/08/15 09:27 AM
Randy Orton's left hand (top of his hand) always bleeds for me on Xbox One. Every single match, he has a circle of blood on top of his left hand.

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