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Being snowed in all winter can lead people to do a lot of crazy things, but for YouTube user Jack Wedge that crazy thing was going 14-0 in Mike Tyson's Punch-Out! -- blindfolded.

This is a particularly amazing feat considering the fight against Tyson is so perilous even when both of your eyes are working properly -- so to beat him blindfolded is quite a feat. What do you think? What is the most impressive sports gaming feat you've ever accomplished?

If you can't see the video above, check it out on YouTube.

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# 1 abrod266 @ 02/03/15 03:30 PM
All I can say is "WOW."
# 2 JayBee74 @ 02/03/15 03:44 PM
That guy must have been playing that game before he could walk.
# 3 Simaofan-20 @ 02/03/15 09:15 PM
There's a guy who did it for charity a few years ago. He did it twice I believe
# 4 JayBee74 @ 02/03/15 09:55 PM
Never played it. How hard is it to go 14-0 using sight?
# 5 hall31 @ 02/04/15 09:07 AM
Originally Posted by JayBee74
Never played it. How hard is it to go 14-0 using sight?
Very difficult to do JayBee74. My only question is, how is he playing Mike Tyson's Punch-out with a Wii Controller. The Wii version has Mr. Dream replace Mike Tyson. Emulator perhaps?
# 6 Cardot @ 02/04/15 09:56 AM
Beating Mike Tyson back in 1987 was the crowning jewel of my video gaming career. So it bothers me to know someone was able to do it blind folded.
# 7 fistofrage @ 02/04/15 10:10 AM
That's pretty insane. Jedi powers at work. That was the pinnacle of gaming back in the day. Pop in a VCR tape and try to record yourself beating Tyson. One wrong move and it was over. Hands trembling as you counted down the seconds to a victory, but then he unleashes his fury and you end up in a fit of rage only to try again and again.

That game was so awesome. I remember going over to my friends house for a sleepover and his dad had just got a bonus at work and he brought home a Nintendo and that game.

It was one of those awestruck moments. The eyes glued to the screen as the glow from the TV reflected of the faces of the kids into the wee hours of the morning. We couldn't wait to get our turn to play.

Whatever he spent for that Nintendo and that game must have been so worth for him to see everyone's reaction. It was the perfect gift.
# 8 Skyflame21 @ 02/04/15 01:36 PM
Yes, I am another gamer who placed a Mike Tyson victory at the top of ones gaming career. The hours spent climbing the ladder to that title was painful.... in the end ALL WORTH IT!
# 9 ILuvMN81 @ 02/07/15 01:14 PM
No offense, but it's weird for me to hear someone say they never played Punch-Out.

I had the 1990 "Mr Dream" version. Dream was basically a re-colored Tyson palate, IIRC.

I remember it being all about timing and patience, even then it was hard. I suppose though, you can train yourself to "listen" to clues (i.e. the hops of Bald Bull) or even flat out memorize everything in the game. I don't think I could do it.
# 10 TecmoZack @ 02/26/15 07:07 PM
This is by far one of the coolest things I have ever watched. I've played all the punch out games. They hold a special place in my heart. In fact I would purchase a Wii U if they made another one.

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# 11 pietasterp @ 02/27/15 01:43 PM
It's crazy to me that there are people that have never played "Punch Out"...but then, I'm old. I forgot that if you're under the age of 25 or so, that game wasn't even on your radar as a kid.

In reality, it's really not a 'boxing' game in any real sense, it's much more akin to a puzzle game. The game essentially boils down to pattern recognition (except for Glass Joe, who you can button mash into a 90-second knockout), with some reflexes thrown in. It's probably a lot closer to "Dragon's Lair" than "Ring King".

But that's not to diminish this feat. It's amazing. And I also put beating Mike Tyson as my #1 video game accomplishment ever. That's how we separated the men from the boys in grade school - you either have or you haven't beaten Tyson.
# 12 SPRINGS03 @ 03/02/15 03:37 PM
I never played punch out, but i've always heard about it and i know it's considered a classic( i always had a sega, no nintendo when i was younger until i got an n64). Either way it's impressive, i'm not too shocked though, some of these guys(usually speedrunners) can do some crazy stuff, i'm currently watching a guy beat legend of zelda ocarina of time blindfolded.

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