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The MLB 15 The Show gameplay stream is starting in a few minutes. You can click the "Spoiler Show" button below to watch it here at OS, or open a new browser and watch it. For those of you that miss out, we'll update this post with the archive when it is available on Twitch.

Some bullet points (Thanks jyoung!)

  • Dynamic shadows in each stadium that will change over the course of the season
  • Colors will also change based on the amount of sun exposure
  • Grass and dirt colors are more accurate for each stadium
  • There are way more skin tones (they used to only have 13), which means you'll get much more realistic skin on dark-toned players
  • Directional hitting lets you influence where the ball will go, even in "timing only" mode
  • Dynamic pitch breaks make each pitch type easier to recognize and closer to how the ball acts in real life
  • Quick counts will start you in the middle of an at-bat more frequently. Pitchers will always start on a 1-1 count
  • Manual cutoffs are triggered by the L1 button and will help keep singles with a runner in scoring position from turning into cheap doubles
  • Outfielders have more curved, indirect routes, and will no longer just take straight paths to the ball. This should help reduce the number of undeserved doubles and triples
  • Infielders will follow the ball better and cover bases more realistically
  • There were no changes to umpires
  • The new MLB challenge system is in place for close plays at bases
  • Lots of new catching, tagging, and throwing animations were captured; they are unique to each base
  • Baserunners will slow up now and dynamically change their run speed based on where the ball is hit
  • There is more of a separation this year between fast and and slow runners
  • Expect less warping and no more sudden, unrealistic speed boosts in all fielding animations
  • You can use analog swings with timing hitting now
  • Meter pitching is more sensitive and has more risk/reward. Missing your mark has more of a penalty, hitting your mark has more of a benefit
  • Fielding and throwing sliders are now separated into different slider categories for infield/outfield
Next week: There will be a video blog for licensed equipment and the universal rewards system.
In the future: More twitch broadcasts are coming. A "presentation" stream will be next.

UPDATE: If you missed the stream, you can watch the archive here or click the "Spoiler Show" button below.

As gameplay is being shown, let us know what you think!

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Member Comments
# 1 Stolm @ 02/05/15 03:58 PM
2 minutes...
# 2 Dolenz @ 02/05/15 03:59 PM
Ah, the good old dual shadows in the pictures Somebody keep those of us stuck at work up to date.
# 3 HozAndMoose @ 02/05/15 04:00 PM
Didnt start at exactly 2pm. Can already see all the hateful comments on twitch.
# 4 Stolm @ 02/05/15 04:01 PM
5:01 start, soo disappointed.
# 5 ckarlic @ 02/05/15 04:01 PM
It's go time!!
# 6 Stolm @ 02/05/15 04:04 PM
Make sure you turn the Quality option to source for best quality. Mine defaulte to medium by default, looked terrible.
# 7 sydrogerdavid @ 02/05/15 04:06 PM
MLB The Show. The sports game that really cares about shadows.

I love it, though.
# 8 thechamp923 @ 02/05/15 04:07 PM
Hurry up, I need the SHOW!
# 9 Steve_OS @ 02/05/15 04:07 PM
Dynamic shadows
# 10 brent3419 @ 02/05/15 04:08 PM
what has been shown so far?

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# 11 Stolm @ 02/05/15 04:08 PM
Impressed with how far they are going to recreate accurate colors.
# 12 MauerMorneau09 @ 02/05/15 04:11 PM
That recolored grass and dirt
# 13 ShowTyme15 @ 02/05/15 04:11 PM
The McCutchen shot looks good.
# 14 ChrisHansen59 @ 02/05/15 04:11 PM

# 15 PhilliesFan13 @ 02/05/15 04:12 PM
Fantastic shots of McCutchen.
# 16 sydrogerdavid @ 02/05/15 04:12 PM
Wilson A2000 on Puig.

I'm amazed how the shadows and new lighting make everything better.
# 17 MauerMorneau09 @ 02/05/15 04:13 PM
That Puig comparison........... just WOW
# 18 Stolm @ 02/05/15 04:13 PM
Player models look less like corpses now.
# 19 bcruise @ 02/05/15 04:13 PM
Here comes the gameplay.
# 20 ShowTyme15 @ 02/05/15 04:13 PM
Puig with A2000 glove

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