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With last week's stream announcing several changes to the Diamond Dynasty mode in MLB 15 The Show, we are wondering if you are considering the mode this year?

Will you be giving Diamond Dynasty a chance? Have you already been playing the mode?

Sound off by voting in our poll and then leave a comment on what your plans are with Diamond Dynasty Mode!

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# 1 rjackson @ 02/17/15 11:23 AM
I would possibly give it a go is I were a PS Plus member. My primary focus is usually in franchise mode with a bit of RTTS while waiting for rosters. This year, I'm playing with rosters from the 1987 and 1994 in MLB14 while waiting for that (that is, at least when I get to play).
# 2 Battman @ 02/17/15 12:31 PM
I guess it is an online mode (honestly, I've never looked at it)?
If so, it will be unplayable for me in europe, where MLB's online performance is even worse than in the US.
# 3 LingeringRegime @ 02/17/15 12:43 PM
Only if there are a lot of offline options. I don't like playing timing based sports games online. Too many shenanigans especially with my terrible connection.
# 4 geisterhome @ 02/17/15 12:52 PM
Hate such modes, pointless for me.
# 5 asu666 @ 02/17/15 12:57 PM
Sorry, 100 percent single-player Franchise mode for me.
# 6 BCDX97 @ 02/17/15 01:35 PM
I hate these modes. They are such a chore, a time sink and/or a money sink. How is that fun?
# 7 Cman9 @ 02/17/15 01:36 PM
Have no interest in Dynasty, I always buy the game for offline with friends and franchise mode, online baseball in general has always been a bad experience with lag which makes it very difficult to play imo.
# 8 T_O_p12 @ 02/17/15 01:40 PM
I won't play it but not because it doesn't look like a solid game mode but because I get too enthralled in single player franchise and don't have the time to juggle a few game modes and make any progress in them.
# 9 dovuto86 @ 02/17/15 01:51 PM
Instead of asking will you be playing diamond dynasty, Why dont they ask will Diamond Dynasty be playable at all? because last year it would freeze up on the loading screen after the matchup screen and wont let you play it at all. I really hope they fixed it
# 10 MetsFan16 @ 02/17/15 01:57 PM
I tried getting into DD when it was introduced in '12 but after 10 games I lost my star MLB players and was left with really bad DD players and it wasn't fun. I love that it is all MLB players and they are with us forever.

But I also like that they didn't completely get rid of the DD player and gave us 1. Although I am not fond of it being able to both be a Pitcher and a Position Player, I would prefer either just one or the other or give us 2 DD players.

But I loved you're idea of being able to import your RTTS guy. And if this were the case, as your RTTS improved, your DD player improved too so you do not have to feed cards as the only way to improve the DD players ratings.

Although this is technically an "online mode" I rarely played this online. 75% of my games have been against Major League teams on different difficulties or Extra Innings where you can play against another users team when that user is offline and the CPU is controlling them. It avoided the lag issue but I still got to play with the DD team against another DD team. I will definitely be playing the mode more because I will not have to buy all of my cards, I will be earning them while playing RTTS and Franchise which are my main two modes but there will definitely be days where DD is the main mode. I can't wait!
# 11 Ghost Of The Year @ 02/17/15 04:36 PM
No, & no RTTS for me either. With the carry over save function,
I may never wake-up out of franchise.
# 12 bukktown @ 02/17/15 05:02 PM
No I played it hardcore back in 12 for a month or two and that's enough for me.
# 13 KennyJ1976 @ 02/17/15 05:22 PM
Anything that has to do with make believe teams I could care less about. That's why I don't play ultimate team or anything similar to that or do I rarely play passed one season in any franchise or career mode.
# 14 Detroitfan4life1993 @ 02/17/15 06:50 PM
I didn't play the mode much last year but I love the changes they made to it this year, I will definitely be playing it.
# 15 jripper09 @ 02/17/15 07:17 PM
only play offline franchise, no DD for me or online Its all about MOM baby!
# 16 Sco291 @ 02/17/15 07:49 PM
Originally Posted by KennyJ1976
Anything that has to do with make believe teams I could care less about. That's why I don't play ultimate team or anything similar to that or do I rarely play passed one season in any franchise or career mode.
Just play season mode then lol...
# 17 rkocjay @ 02/17/15 09:42 PM
never really played it and that will continue
# 18 dazzelle @ 02/18/15 12:14 AM
Not sure how often i will play games with my team as once i start a franchise all my time goes into getting through a season or two.

But i think i might like collecting the cards and making a team and i like that i don't need to play the mode to do it unlike fifa/madden.
# 19 CaseIH @ 02/18/15 12:49 AM
I have never played it or even had any interest to even look at it, and I can say without a doubt I never will play it.

Im a franchise only guy, and its the only thing I ever play in any of my games.
# 20 aukevin @ 02/18/15 08:17 AM
Probably won't touch it.

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