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Shady checks in yet again with another NBA 2K15 video montage. This one features a dunk-off between Zach LaVine and Vince Carter, along with a special guest getting into the mix at the end of the clip.

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# 1 RLebron12 @ 02/17/15 05:08 PM
My question is how did he get to pick what players are in the Dunk Contest and got VC in the Raptors uni?? I thought you can only do the dunk contest in myLeague?

Dope video though! Shady always makes the sickest montages! 🙌

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# 2 rkocjay @ 02/17/15 05:30 PM
my opinion (maybe a young person thing) i think carter is the best dunker ever. LaVine dunks were good but some of those have been done before. cant blame him tho the dunk contest have been lacking for the last 5 years. one reason because the lack of star power and a bunch of no names entering. it does give the no names a second to shine
# 3 Brinkus @ 02/17/15 05:33 PM
Dope but too bad he misspelled Dramatic.
# 4 Mauer4MVP @ 02/17/15 07:52 PM
We need to wait a couple years. Lavine is just getting started. He probably has 15-20 more sweet dunks.
# 5 sooperb @ 02/18/15 08:01 AM
This video was dope. Im going to show it to the right people as close to the NBA on TNT staff as I can get.
# 6 Mintsa @ 02/18/15 09:07 AM
Nice vid. But these "throwback" Vince Carter's SHOULD NOT be wearing headbands, have facial or be wearing the red jersey. These are all inaccurate of Vince Carter from that 2000 Dunk off. (If thats who you were trying to replicate?)
# 7 Beastly Wayz @ 02/18/15 10:26 AM
Liked the Vid, Shady is a BEAST, Although, at the end, I would have rather seen Dominique Wilkins, Spud Webb or Michael Jordan. Nothing against LBJ, but show me the Human Highlight Reel
# 8 snc237 @ 02/18/15 12:04 PM
Ya not having the original vince really takes away from some of this
# 9 iboughtshoes @ 02/18/15 02:11 PM
Good vid, but I agree. No facial hair, no head band, and a purple jersey would have made it awesome.
# 10 mlp111 @ 02/19/15 12:22 PM
Looks awesome, but no contest. Vince carter hands down would have taken it.
# 11 Rell7thirty @ 02/19/15 02:58 PM
Originally Posted by iboughtshoes
Good vid, but I agree. No facial hair, no head band, and a purple jersey would have made it awesome.

lol? I'm pretty sure you can't edit facial hair on non created players or probably pick jerseys in the dunk contest in 2k15.

This is an awesome video, imo. No complains from me.

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