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EA Sports UFC has just updated their ranked points and leaderboards system, resetting all FighterNet stats and leaderboard rankings. Under the new format, your rank and position on the leaderboard will reflect on your overall performance. Rank points will now be affected harshly when a player loses or disconnects from a fight.

SEASON RP = Rank Points earned and lost from the seasons meta (promotions, holds, relegations)
FIGHT RP = Rank Points earned and lost from individual fights (wins/losses and win/loss type)

[1] The seasons meta-game now has less influence on Rank Point gains and losses.

In broad strokes, the SEASON RP gap between the bottom and top-tier divisions is much smaller and the gap between high/low SEASON RP values overall is also much smaller. Basically, the meta isn't going to move the needle as much. This is the most obvious change.

[2] Fight results now have more influence on Rank Points.

Losing fights will now cause you to lose RP and this scales up if you get finished. In comparison, current RP logic does not deduct points for any loss type. This is the change that will separate good from great on the Leaderboards as there is a strong incentive to not only finish fights, but to avoid getting finished.

[3] Rank Point loss from disconnects has been significantly increased.

Self-explanatory, but disconnects will now result in a harsher Rank Point penalty.

[4] Leaderboards and FighterNet Profiles have been refreshed.

Again, self-explanatory, but the Leaderboards have been refreshed so that these tuning changes can be properly reflected in the competitive scene.

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