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Check out the latest MLB 15 The Show video as the team reports to Spring Training for a month of content featuring Yasiel Puig, Eric Hosmer, Hunter Pence, Russell Martin, Andrew McCutchen, and Adam Jones.

We have also added some screenshots that were captured from the video.

MLB 15 The Show arrives on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita on March 31st.

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# 1 FloorGeneral @ 03/05/15 01:15 PM
Awesome. Love seeing Ramone rocking the "Baseball is Better" shirt throughout. I need one of those ASAP.
# 2 Jimmydm90 @ 03/05/15 01:19 PM
Haha Hunter Pence is awesome.
# 3 dalger21 @ 03/05/15 01:22 PM
"Speed Rating Disputes" Hilarious.
# 4 BSUFAN @ 03/05/15 01:23 PM
Good stuff right there, can't wait till the 31st
# 5 HustlinOwl @ 03/05/15 01:28 PM
Adam Jones, realized "Baseball is Better" with MLBTS
# 6 MrOldboy @ 03/05/15 01:33 PM
Glad they are leveraging the biggest marketing asset they have, the players. I feel like they have gone further down this road the past few years, but if it isn't too costly I'd rather their time be spent getting the word out like this instead of developer videos they've done in the past. The streams are awesome, but mostly for the more diehard fans of the series and I'm glad the developers can get some of the limelight that way.

p.s. Bring back the cover vote. Would have been perfect to do it for the 10 anniversary.
# 7 Mr.STL91 @ 03/05/15 01:39 PM
I just love how Puig says 'It's my shoes!!' with child-like enthusiasm
# 8 DGuinta1 @ 03/05/15 01:48 PM
Got to luv Cutch! lol Cologne... Can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
# 9 Yantropov @ 03/05/15 01:48 PM
I'm so pumped !!! Cmon March 31st, get here already...!!
# 10 DGuinta1 @ 03/05/15 01:49 PM
Originally Posted by Yantropov
I'm so pumped !!! Cmon March 31st, get here already...!!
Amen! Bring it!
# 11 dynastymgrguy @ 03/05/15 01:55 PM
Ramone's got a dream-job!
# 12 decga @ 03/05/15 01:56 PM
Very good commercial video and the players personalities off the field.
# 13 Steve_OS @ 03/05/15 02:02 PM
Just updated the OP w/ a link to some screenshots captured from the video.
# 14 Steve_OS @ 03/05/15 02:08 PM
Here are a few gifs they sent our way.
# 15 Steve_OS @ 03/05/15 02:09 PM
and a few more...
# 16 RLebron12 @ 03/05/15 02:21 PM
That's awesome! Man I love Hunter Pence his personality is just awesome! Cant wait for this game!

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# 17 manny2012 @ 03/05/15 03:18 PM
Love the video. Can't wait for the 31st.

I did see something in one of the pictures that looked a bit off. It appears the catchers right foot toes are deep in the sand. Just was a bit weird to me but in no way affects my opinion of the game.
# 18 Rules @ 03/05/15 03:31 PM
Lol that was a funny video.

Ramone, can we get some "Baseball is Better" shirts! Help a brother out
# 19 LastActionHero @ 03/05/15 03:33 PM
That's Canadian quicksand.
# 20 manny2012 @ 03/05/15 05:14 PM
Originally Posted by LastActionHero
That's Canadian quicksand.
Lmao, that's what I figured. It's a big problem down here.

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