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We've done enough reporting on a game we know next to nothing about (including the development studio's name) to make you think we've gone mad.

With that said, we are curious as to what kind of interest even exists for a second football title and under what circumstances would the most hardcore sports gamers be compelled to buy an alternative.

This poll will require a lot of creative assumptions to work, but in the event a theoretical Joe Montana Football game is even a thing for consoles (which isn't a sure thing), would you consider buying it?

Sound off by voting on the poll to your right (or above you in the forums) and give us your must haves in the comments for you to consider buying another football game!!

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# 1 LingeringRegime @ 03/18/15 04:41 PM
I would buy it instantly. Licensed, Non-Licensed, Fully Customizable, Not Customizable, you get the picture.
# 2 Ghost Of The Year @ 03/18/15 04:44 PM
$65 & new, no.
$35 & under, used, yes.
If they impress me & I enjoy it for a full year, then I'll pay for full & new in the 2nd year.
# 3 victorkingchamp @ 03/18/15 05:19 PM
I would give it a try.
# 4 elgreazy1 @ 03/18/15 05:21 PM
I've bought almost every new football IP since 2005, so yes, this is a definite purchase.
# 5 H to the Oza @ 03/18/15 05:30 PM
A little early to tell, dont you think? Having saif that, I am already considering buying it. If the gameplay is rock solid, even without licensed teams, I would pay 60. Been starving for a good football game...
# 6 NC12 @ 03/18/15 05:31 PM
If it played anything like 2K5, it's a no doubter
# 7 AiDub @ 03/18/15 05:40 PM
Too early to tell right now. Not saying I'm not optimistic but we don't even know if it's of console/PC quality yet or if it's a mobile game.

We need to here more specifics from the developer on what their agenda is for the game. Are they going for a simulation or will it play like an arcade game. What's the depth like. What about game modes? Customization?... Still a lot to figure out first before I'm putting away the money for this game.

I will say this though. I don't care if it's licensed by the NFL if it's on PC. As long as it's somewhat open sourced like rFactor and modders can get their hands in it, we'll see NFL teams and such soon enough. If that's the case and there is a nice deep franchise mode along with good gameplay mechanics, I'm in!
# 8 mestevo @ 03/18/15 05:50 PM
Really depends on features of the franchise mode and the attractiveness/obtrusiveness of whatever the gimmick ends up being.
# 9 Tengo Juego @ 03/18/15 05:57 PM
I'm not above trying any football game. At full retail price, day one, maybe not. But I am intrigued by another football title. Hopefully this one is a serious attempt.
# 10 whosgotcha @ 03/18/15 06:06 PM
If it has an excellent franchise mode, great gameplay, graphics and tv style broadcast yep
# 11 RandyBass @ 03/18/15 06:11 PM
Yes. The sports video game genre has become dull and stagnant, with EA football bringing up the rear.

The game doesn't need to make waves in the industry, it just needs to be solid.
# 12 TCFClemson @ 03/18/15 06:15 PM
Originally Posted by mestevo
Really depends on features of the franchise mode and the attractiveness/obtrusiveness of whatever the gimmick ends up being.
How do you know there will be a "gimmick"
# 13 mestevo @ 03/18/15 06:38 PM
Originally Posted by TCFClemson
How do you know there will be a "gimmick"
Because every game has one/them.
# 14 TerryP @ 03/18/15 07:20 PM
As long as at least the on-field gameplay is good. Still playing APF.
# 15 GiantBlue76 @ 03/18/15 08:10 PM
Absolutely. Madden is a terrible game and I'm starved to at least have the quality we had back in 2004.
# 16 balljonesjr @ 03/18/15 08:26 PM
Decent chance
# 17 extremetroy @ 03/18/15 08:48 PM
You should take a look at 1 of 11 Football if you want to talk about customization and being feature packed. I highly doubt this game will have any ground-breaking features and will have the same game mechanics as a Madden game, which every football game has used.
# 18 KennyJ1976 @ 03/18/15 09:03 PM
My answer is kind of mixed. I would wait to see how the game turns out in the long run but I definitely wouldn't buy the first one to release because it's not gonna be better than Madden.
# 19 kjcheezhead @ 03/18/15 09:04 PM
I bought All Pro, Backbreaker, Tecmo Throwback, heck I 've even bought Madden a few times. If it's football I'm buying.
# 20 bmuny101 @ 03/18/15 09:11 PM
definite purchase and Im buying copies to giveaway

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