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HB Studios floated the idea that they would charge $10 for Season Mode in The Golf Club for existing digital customers -- which created some confusion. In a post on The Golf Club website, the folks at HB Studios worked to clear up the confusion:

"I’ve had a lot of questions about the disk version and the differences between the disk “Collectors Edition” and the digital version. So let me try and clear everything up for you.

The “Collector’s Edition” is:
  • Current Digital Version with the March Update applied.
  • Additional Season Mode.
  • Tropical Theme.
  • Collectors E-Book (which I don’t know much about as Maximum are sorting this out, and it’s all very secret).
We will then be releasing the May update for both Digital and Disk based customers. This will be a free update as usual, adding:
  • Drop Balls.
  • Out of Bounds.
  • Improved Commentary for Tours and Tournament.
  • More Commentary Variation.
  • Default Drive Loft Setting.
  • Cart Paths.
  • Wind improvements.
  • Rain Effects.
  • Plus more (Dependent on time).
Also included within that is the option to buy the “Collector’s Edition” content with the exception of the E-Book, which is:
  • Season Mode.
  • Tropical Theme.
  • And a bonus Asian Theme (we don’t have a name for this yet).
This is likely to be available for $10, but we’re still evaluating this at the moment.

The most common question we’ve had about the DLC is why does it take 3 weeks for our long term members to get feature parity with the “Collector’s Edition”? Unfortunately, this decision was out of our hands for a couple of reasons. For one, Sony and Microsoft have a set amount of time you have to wait after passing a new product before you can submit a feature update.

While not was initially expected, this isn't a horrible business plan and practice. Such huge additions to the game being added for free was an unrealistic expectation. The only quibble I'd have is the communication of that fact was not clear from the get-go (and from the latest post it still isn't clear), as I'm sure most customers would not have minded the idea of having to spend some extra money had it been clearly communicated at the onset.

Regardless, what do you think of The Golf Club's decision to charge for Season mode and additional themes in the newest DLC update?

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Member Comments
# 1 GrandMaster B @ 03/20/15 10:20 AM
Will gladly pay the $10. The game has been one of the best bargains on the Xbox One.
# 2 hawkfantn @ 03/20/15 10:33 AM
Totally agree. This has been a complete bargain. And it is better than paying $60 for the EA Golf game.
# 3 Braker1319 @ 03/20/15 02:08 PM
I will gladly pay $10 for this update as well. For all the work this team has put in, and working with the community every step of the way, I think they've earned this small chunk of change for everything they've done since release.

Also, f*ckin cart paths!!!
# 4 SDwinder @ 03/20/15 02:29 PM
No brainer. Great game. I bought it during their sale for $21, so another $10 to support this game is not a problem. Looking forward to Tropical and Asian themes.
# 5 knob1701 @ 03/20/15 07:53 PM
That's cool. I give my full support it TGC. I must have played at least 500 rounds so far. I bought a PS4 because of this game.
# 6 djep @ 03/20/15 11:57 PM
But they did finish the game. This season mode was never part of the initial scope as far as I know. They only worked on this after receiving lots of community feedback. This is exactly the type of DLC that I'm down with and not the type where the devs cut out content to sell us later on.
# 7 Lukin4 @ 03/21/15 01:11 AM
Just take my money now please, and thanks again for a great game!
# 8 bottlenose54 @ 03/21/15 07:46 AM
An automatic purchase in my book, and no-brainer for 10 bucks. I'd glady give 20. I've gotten hours and hours of endless entertainment from the Guys at HB. Thanks so much for endlessly making this Gem better and better!!!
# 9 billyo @ 03/21/15 11:26 AM
This game has been the most fun for my initial investment in a video game ever right up with the Show. The guys deserve the extra $10 in my book! They care about us, the consumer and it shows.
# 10 PES3Paul @ 03/21/15 01:01 PM
All this fuss (and it is a great game), but still, a game that I have yet to come within 15 strokes of breaking par. It's the putting that is highly unfair. 5 and 6-putting on greens...,,,,,
# 11 rolltide1017 @ 03/21/15 05:46 PM
Originally Posted by jcodbf2
No thanks. I bought the game to help them finish it as they said. And being finished would include seasons and a career mode.

For those saying " I will gladly hand over another $10 ".. You know it isnt going to stop here if they get away with this now right? Next will be Career Mode for another $10. It wont stop.
Yep, $10 is so much worse then having to pay $60 for updated EA games every year. Not to mention that the last EA golf game cost around $100 if you wanted all the courses. What about all those silly season passes people buy for other games that don't add near the content that has been added to TGC for free so far. Yep, how dare they ask for another $10, that brings the total investment cost for this game to a ridiculous $40, still $20 cheaper then most main stream games.
# 12 AnthonyKyne @ 03/21/15 07:16 PM
Originally Posted by PES3Paul
All this fuss (and it is a great game), but still, a game that I have yet to come within 15 strokes of breaking par. It's the putting that is highly unfair. 5 and 6-putting on greens...,,,,,
What are you finding hard about it? It's all about the feel, like real life.
I'd prefer not to show the distance marker but some hardcore might hunt me down and kill me :-)
# 13 ven0m43 @ 03/22/15 02:12 PM
My only issue with this is that the collector's edition will cost $40, and the base game costs $35. So all the people that decided to support the game during early access purchased the game for $35 and now have to pay $10 for the DLC for a total of $45 instead of $40.
# 14 Ac3way @ 03/23/15 09:33 AM
Happy to support Golf Club even more with money, but what that Season mode really is? What's the difference with Tour mode?
# 15 blingballa333 @ 03/23/15 12:40 PM
Originally Posted by PES3Paul
All this fuss (and it is a great game), but still, a game that I have yet to come within 15 strokes of breaking par. It's the putting that is highly unfair. 5 and 6-putting on greens...,,,,,
The putting isn't unfair, just takes practice. Most realistic putting mechanic in any game, ever, IMO.
# 16 woodjer @ 03/23/15 02:29 PM
So here's my question...if I don't buy the Collector's Edition DLC, will I still be able to play created courses that use the Tropical and Asian themes? I haven't really gotten into the course designer much so having access to create with those new ones doesn't mean much to me and TGC Tours has more than filled my need for a season mode. Still debating the purchase because I do want to support the devs but I just don't know how much I'd get out of the new (paid) stuff.
# 17 jbd345 @ 03/23/15 04:29 PM
Originally Posted by Hutton
I was thinking the same thing. It would be nice if the people who purchase & supported the game since Day 1 would be able to get all the upgrades/benefits of someone buying it on disk 6 months later. I'm all for as many people purchasing as possible to grow the consumer base, but it would have been nice if the disk version was priced at $45, so we'd be even on the digital side ($35+$10).
This is only part of this I don't like. So this may have already been covered but will the dlc be separate than the update itself? Or will my psn account be automatically be charged when it downloads?
# 18 AnthonyKyne @ 03/24/15 05:33 PM
Hi guys, I broke it down in this week's Dev Diary as I knew there'd be a lot of questions http://thegolfclubgame.com/2015/03/1...-golf-maximum/
# 19 jfsolo @ 03/24/15 06:01 PM
So it seems like Season Mode for digital customers is at least 6-8 weeks away. Ugh.
# 20 AnthonyKyne @ 03/24/15 06:21 PM
I'm afraid so, but there will be extra free content with that update :-)

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