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In the latest NBA 2KTV video, Scott O'Gallagher provides some winning tips in NBA 2K15. It's not too often we see a sim based tutorial make the show, so make sure you check it out and post your thoughts.

The video also features Quincy Acy and his teammate Shane Larkin playing the game, as well as the top plays of the week.

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# 21 OGSPORTS @ 03/23/15 11:04 PM
Thanks for the love OS'ers/SimNation family! I'm extremely happy to see this get so much love. I was confident in the content but wasn't sure how it would be received amongst the masses. The producers of the show really killed it as well. I've got X's and O's content that we could talk about every day for years but they really make it stand out. This segment and show has done really well and is a stepping stone to much more I believe.
# 22 LorenzoDC @ 03/23/15 11:29 PM
Originally Posted by Bornindamecca
I love that 2k rolled this vid out.

Quick note if you consider yourself a Simhead: Remember that you learned about basketball from thousands of hours of playing and watching, not from videogames. 2k is now selling millions and millions of copies, topping the list and remaining in the top ten for months at a time. It is a mainstream game now. That means ALL levels of people of different ages and basketball experience are buying the game.

We want them all playing Sim, right? That means we have to make sure that Bball 101 info is out there IN RELATION TO THE GAME. Everyone is not going to hunt down technical or even basic basketball info. They aren't used to doing that with games.

The Sim community needs to step up and bridge the gap between basketball vets and 2k noobs. Of course we want the most elite, specialized, technical info out there, but we also need to balance that with Sim Basics.

So don't be shy about teaching the basics and making that info easy to find. Take the shame off of "dumb" questions. The faster we get everyone understanding the Sim game, the better it is for us as gamers and the clearer it is for 2k when they have to decide what features to put in, leave out and balance in the game.
Some of that stuff should include just showing people basketball basics, such as what is a 3 in 2 out system? What is swing motion? What is the triangle offense? etc. A series of videos like that, with an intro to the system (what is it?), when to use it (what players is it good for?) and an immediate demonstration of how to use it to win (quick x's and o's) would help new users a lot I think, with all the depth Czar is building into the game.

I also still think the definitive what, how and when of POE's and making adjustments, including recognizing what the defense is doing and how to counter it, has yet to be done.

I'm on xbox so videos are harder for me to do, plus I am just not up to speed on how to make videos. Even more, I don't feel like I know enough about these different systems to do the intros well. Others around here do know, though, so I hope someone can take a crack at it.

But you're absolutely right: we need a lot more really basic video content, aimed separately at maybe three general levels: beginner 2k player, intermediate player (has played a few years but not sim style) and experienced sim player who wants to get better and broaden their game.

Right now we have some of the third most experienced level, but almost nothing for rookies and for the intermediate guys who are experienced video gamers in 2k but who just rely on a few tricks, not basketball.
# 23 Rashidi @ 03/24/15 10:19 AM
Went through the explicit comments and marked for Harrassment/Bullying.
Would highly recommend.

Disrespectful vermin who cower in the presence of women when they aren't hiding their insecurities behind a computer screen shouldn't receive glorification. Freedom of speech doesn't mean freedom from consequence.
# 24 Taer @ 03/24/15 11:13 AM
Originally Posted by OGSPORTS
I've got X's and O's content that we could talk about every day for years but they really make it stand out. This segment and show has done really well and is a stepping stone to much more I believe.
This is great news. One idea to consider is to include a "library" which people could reference - highlighting certain concepts in your specific segments and then allowing people to go into the library to learn more.

This is the type of material I thought would be included in the MC "lessons" and "practices" so that people can learn the fundamentals ingame. Needless to say I was disappointed that what was given was far from this.

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