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With Out of the Park Baseball 16 being the first iteration featuring the MLB license, there's a lot of reasons to be excited about playing this year's game.

Have you ever played OOTP? Are you playing this year's game?

Sound off by voting in our poll and let us know which text sims have been your favorite to play!

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# 1 bballshawn24 @ 03/24/15 04:51 PM
I have played it. its really good. the only thing is im not that much of a baseball fan so i cant play it religiously.
# 2 brent3419 @ 03/24/15 04:56 PM
this will be my third straight ootp and ive been playing since ive been an actual member of the forums. i love the customization aspect of the game and its really deep with stats and everything. if it wasnt for this site i wouldve never played it

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# 3 Cod @ 03/24/15 06:49 PM
I usually purchase the game every other year. Its easy to do this with the amount of options available for fantasy leagues.

I have a tough time playing with real MLB players because I get too attached to a name and become blind to the numbers (stats, cost efficiency, etc.).
# 4 Unlucky 13 @ 03/24/15 07:09 PM
No option for "No, but it seems interesting"? Seems that the poll assumes that if you haven't played it before, you'd never be interested. I played the old Front Office Football about 15 years ago and loved it, but I haven't done a baseball version.
# 5 CujoMatty @ 03/25/15 01:23 AM
I was actually just playing ootp 16 and thought I'd check out os to see if any other media was up for the show and saw this. I also never would have heard of it if it wasn't for os a few years ago. I had layed off purchasing it the last couple years but I bought one of those hp stream 8 tablets and figured I'd pick up ootp 16 to play on the go or at work.

The biggest struggle I have with it is how overwhelming it can feel. There really is so many ways you can choose to play it. A few years ago when I played it got kinda boring because I'm such a control freak and I micro managed everything and it just got tedius. I had to play every game. This year I've found a nice mix and I often let the games sim in the background while I do other things and then jump in and play the game if need be. I don't know why but even with the show I can't seem to allow myself to sim games I always want to play the games out. I think with ootp it's really "meant" to not do that so you can experience multiple years where the experience really amps up. Now that I've allowed myself to sim I'm really really enjoying the game.
# 6 Herky @ 03/25/15 09:37 AM
Bought it on Steam for the first time last year and loved it. Lots of detail involved.
# 7 Benz87 @ 03/25/15 01:54 PM
I've bought it the past 3 years but will be passing on it this year only because I do not have enough time for it. I'm a franchise and numbers nut so I really love the immense depth that is provided in stat tracking, league history, and overall league management. However, playing OOTP only makes me more upset about the severe lack of stat-tracking in The Show, and really kills my immersion factor for The Show's franchise mode. If only we could combine OOTP's franchise management with the ability to play games in The Show. I don't think I would leave my house on the weekend's all summer.
# 8 CaseIH @ 03/25/15 03:12 PM
I do have OOTP from last yr, but its hard for me to get into text sims. Plus I thought last yr playing it that I saw some pretty stupid trades which kind of put me off on the game.

There is a lot to like about OOTP, and if your into text sim games, then I can see becoming addicted to it, but Im a more hands on guy, and need to be doing something at all times so MLBTS is perfect for me, even if because of all my pain meds I stink at hitting, I still love the challenge of MLBTS.
# 9 Joshua1207 @ 03/25/15 04:45 PM
I love text sims and sports, so naturally I've given ootp a try before. Its a fun game and good at what it does, but I'm just not that into baseball so its hard to really get into it.
# 10 BuckeyeBoyd @ 03/25/15 04:55 PM
I have bought several versions of OOTP, but I'm a Diamond-Mind guy. I play in several leagues and have for years, as well as solo projects. I found the OOTP in-game experience very lacking but as a GM simulation it can't be beat. That was several versions ago though. Might be time to give another go. But with so much Diamond-Mind and The Show to play, I just don't have time to devote to it.

Love text-sim baseball! My roots go back to the early 80's with the APBA, Strat and PTP cards. Opening, smelling and sorting those new cards every year is one of my favorite things ever!
# 11 tarek @ 03/26/15 10:04 PM
I'm an absolute fan of sports management and strategy games and text sims. OOTP is one of the top notch products that are out there on the market.

I'm a totally huge fan and honestly believe there is nothing sweeter than following a team through the ups and downs of a season or career without actually having a direct influence on the play on the field. It's brilliant.
# 12 wsatterwhite @ 03/27/15 07:34 AM
I've been a fan of the series from the beginning, counting the Season Ticket Baseball versions I think I've only missed out on one or two versions of the game altogether.
# 13 jmik58 @ 03/27/15 09:19 AM
This is the first year I've tried it and I absolutely love the depth and realism of this game. As good as The Show is on the field, OOTP 16 is even better in the details and "little things" of running a MLB organization as GM or a team as manager. As I've gotten older I have less time to sit down and play out games on my console, instead opting for simulating a franchise in various sports games. If you're someone who loves to sim multiple seasons as a GM or manager -- this is the holy grail.
# 14 voodoo_magic @ 03/28/15 05:27 PM
I have played it for years and love it.
It keeps getting better every year and this years version seems to be the best yet.
It can be overwhelming to get into but you can turn nearly every option on/off and make it basic to start while you get used to the game.
The forum for out of the park is very helpful and mature so if you get stuck or need help you will get it.
I use ootp to get deep into the franchise while mlbts I use for my visual/playing enjoyment, both are very good at what they do and the only thing that holds me back is the amount of time I have to play each.

Btw my avatar a fictional player that looked like me in ootp
# 15 Ghost Of The Year @ 03/29/15 04:29 PM
Haven't played other than the free DL OOTP '08.
I'd rather have a physical copy to buy, rather than a DL,
so I'll continue to pass.
# 16 zukes @ 03/29/15 05:56 PM
Been playing for more than 10 years. I play out all my games. It's great because I can play while watching shows with my wife, and when the offseason, trade deadline, rule 5 draft, amateur draft etc. come up, I save that for a time when I can concentrate more fully.
# 17 GiantYankee @ 03/29/15 06:57 PM
I've been playing since OOTP 11. It's the best text sim series I have ever played. The amount of customization is way ahead of most other text sims. I do have to say I have never played Football Manager which I hear is great.

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