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Codemasters have just announced F1 2015 is scheduled to release in June for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

Read the full press release below.



Codemasters® today announced that F1 2015, the official video game of the 2015 FIA FORMULA ONE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP™, will release in June 2015 and will be distributed by BANDAI NAMCO Games America Inc. in the Americas. Arriving much earlier in the FORMULA ONE™ season than before, this will mark the award-winning series’ debut on PlayStation® 4 computer entertainment system and Xbox One, the all-in-one games and entertainment system from Microsoft. The title will also be available for Windows PC through STEAM.

F1 2015 is set to take gamers closer to the real-world experience of racing in the world’s most glamorous, exciting and prestigious motorsport thanks to a brand new version of Codemasters’ proprietary EGO game engine. In addition to spectacular visual fidelity, F1 2015 offers a significant step forward in the physics-based handling model of the game, which is designed to be inclusive for both seasoned players and those new to the series. The handling model offers enhancements and additions in over 20 areas, including engine and transmission, aerodynamics, fuel tank, force feedback, suspension and most notably a brand new tire physics model, to recreate the breathtaking handling characteristics of the world’s fastest and most responsive racing cars.

F1 2015 will deliver a truly immersive experience thanks to an all-new ‘broadcast presentation’ style that recreates the unique race day atmosphere of a GRAND PRIX™, complete with podium and grid sequences. Using voice recognition technology available for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles, players can become immersed in the cockpit, engaging with their race engineer through in-game voice commands with Kinect for Xbox One and the PlayStation®Camera or compatible headsets and microphones for PlayStation 4. Players will compete as their favorite FORMULA ONE star in the all-new Championship Season and push themselves to the limit in the challenging Pro Season mode.

Look forward to one of the most hotly anticipated seasons of recent times, including the return of the Mexico Grand Prix for the first time in over 20 years, in the 2015 FIA FORMULA ONE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP, as well as a fully playable 2014 FIA FORMULA ONE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP™ season, available to players as bonus game content.

“F1 2015 marks an exciting new chapter for Codemasters and FORMULA ONE; it’s a shift in direction for the game series, on new formats and our brand new game engine, with the game set to be released earlier in the season, launching this June,” commented Paul Jeal, Game Director, Codemasters.

“The handling is a vast improvement from our previous games. In particular our new tire model is a superb step forward towards realism, letting you explore where the limit is and allowing you to instantly feel much more connected with the car. You can now experience the changes in grip caused by temperature changes, wear, car set-up, debris and weather conditions. Our improved vehicle dynamics much more accurately convey the difference in performance and the feel between mechanical and aerodynamic grip. The new Force Feedback system adds to the feeling of connection with the car and track surface. The more natural and realistic nature of the game physics also serves to ensure that the racing experience is more accessible, enjoyable and rewarding for players of all skill levels.”

“With the second race of the 2015 FIA FORMULA ONE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP this weekend in Malaysia, the team is busy modelling the new 2015 cars and drivers in readiness for the game’s summer launch. You can see a tease of our first signed off 2015 content in our debut screenshots, as well as an early glimpse of the Mexican circuit. In addition to the 2015 season, we are also delighted to be able to offer the 2014 season as a bonus selectable season*. Even this far out from our games release they truly show the power of our new game engine.”

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Member Comments
# 1 brandon27 @ 03/26/15 11:44 AM
Awesome! Wish it was sooner, but I really can't wait to pick this up. I'm not a huge F1 fan, but i'm a big racing game fan, and I always enjoyed the F1 series on the X360, thought it looked great too, so to finally get to play it on the next gen systems, should be awesome!

Really love the idea of being able to communicate with the crew using voice commands. I loved that feature way back in the old EA Nascar game of many, many years ago. It'll be nice to drive those demanding tracks and just bark out orders to my crew rather than fiddling with buttons on the controller to access information.
# 2 ILuvMN81 @ 03/26/15 02:29 PM
Good news indeed! I thought Codies was planning on getting this and future installments out earlier in the season or before then offering in season updates akin to Madden, etc.

I also thought Codies would maybe release this one final time for old gen. I realize A++ publishers are fully moving on but outside of R1 and R2, isn't the install base of the new systems still pretty small? With F1 being as worldwide as it is, I'd think they'd want to reach out to all potential buyers. Then again, most of the game's sales might be in the aforementioned regions and that's where the money is. I pay attention to these things, but in no way am I an expert.
# 3 mercalnd @ 03/26/15 09:01 PM
Originally Posted by ILuvMN81
Good news indeed! I thought Codies was planning on getting this and future installments out earlier in the season or before then offering in season updates akin to Madden, etc.
Actually, June qualifies as earlier in the season since all prior versions were released between mid September and early October.
# 4 ILuvMN81 @ 03/26/15 11:55 PM
Originally Posted by mercalnd
Actually, June qualifies as earlier in the season since all prior versions were released between mid September and early October.
True. When I said earlier I meant to say in the early part of the season though. Darn context
# 5 Richzilla @ 03/27/15 07:03 AM
I'm looking forward to this one as well....Man it's going to be a busy gaming summer for me with all these racing titles coming out.
# 6 qwerty521 @ 04/02/15 09:56 AM
Anyone knows if this game will have a split-screen multiplayer offline mode? Was pretty exciting back then in F1 2011 on PS3, havent played F1 since and I'm gonna pick it up for the PS4 for sure.
# 7 Rules @ 04/02/15 12:25 PM
Well I am in. I have a G27 and though I can't use it this year on the PS4, it is not going to upset me as I have enjoyed the F1 series and cannot wait for June!

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