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Now that MLB 15 The Show is available for everyone, we would like to hear some early impressions from the OS community. Early impressions from the lucky OSers that found a copy early, can be seen here.

Please, only post impressions.

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With that said, let's hear those impressions!

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# 1 Ghost Of The Year @ 03/31/15 10:26 AM
The very first thing that impressed me was the cover.
Not the Puig cover, but the tin box simulated grain wood cover.
Best cover ever. I wish sports series would get rid of the cover athlete & do this type thing more often.

More to come when I have about ten games under my belt.
# 2 Wavebird99 @ 03/31/15 10:33 AM
Played a couple games last night, random thoughts:

- Played on veteran for both hitting and pitching. Hitting seemed far tougher than I remembered, although I enjoyed my first experience with the directional hitting quite a bit. I've only played 14 maybe once in the last 2 months, so I definitely attribute some of this to rust, but it did seem a bit harder to hit in general, especially in terms of timing. I'm sure with more games Ill get used to it.

- Pitching was phenomenal, as always. I really enjoyed the distribution of results from the AI - flyouts, groundballs, strikeouts, etc all felt very, very realistic. Quick counts work much better too (No more 5 3-2 counts for every 6 batters!)

- The animations. Apart from the outfielders still looking pretty awkward if they arrive JUST in time to catch a fly ball, they're great. Outfielders new routes are immediately noticeable too. First base in particular looks alot better, as does the look of the ball off the bat. In 14 it occasionally looked weird to see the ball's trajectory compared to how the hitter swung and what not, but in this game (so far anyway), a rip in the gap LOOKS like a ripper coming off the bat. Its hard to explain, but I think you'll notice it the more you play.

- Graphically great as always. The crowds look 100% better than they do in 14, and the colors of the uniforms and what not seem far crisper than that sort of whitewashed look they had in 14.
# 3 vodtke6982 @ 03/31/15 10:46 AM
Love this series, and I've owned every installment. First time I have ever pre-ordered digitally. The install is (yes, it's still going hours later) taking forever, anyone else having same issue? In short, I can only play giants-royals game, but it looks smooth. I also can't wait to try the revamped DD.
# 4 capa @ 03/31/15 10:57 AM
Love the Show. Best sports game out there. They capture the nuances so beautifully.

As others have said, the colors pop, and visuals ate awesome. Taken to another level this year! Gameplay seems a bit tighter and the additional animations are making it even more life like.

Highlights really gone? I can't find them. OMG. Why? Was a GREAT feature and really added to the presentation as well as just a cool thing to watch at the end of a game. Surely this was done in error??!!?

The radio show will grow stale after a few weeks, but the highlights bring something different every game. Please reconsider in a patch!

# 5 extremeskins04 @ 03/31/15 11:06 AM
Played my first game and I love the directional hitting and the fielding this year. Absolutely amazing and challenging.
# 6 Knight165 @ 03/31/15 11:16 AM
I'm only going to comment on the Radio Show right now....yes...I'm a bit biased as I at one time recommended this.....but it's more for filling you in on scores and highlights around the league.
If you listen to a regular sports radio show.....they usually have a guy(not the sports talk show host) break in at the top of the hour and just reads the scores from the previous day. It's the same all day unless there is some sort of big breaking news that day. That's what this is.
Honestly.....how many of you actually look at the other scores in the league once you play your game? This is a way to bring you those and some other happenings while you are doing something else(roster moves....etc)
It's meant for the background...not to sit there and just concentrate on that solely IMO.

Of course that being said.....I really hope they flesh it out immensely as yes......you hear the same tags for the different games and in that sense could get a bit repetitive. But that's an inherent problem with recorded audio as opposed to the spontaneous nature of being live.

# 7 Heroesandvillains @ 03/31/15 11:28 AM
I'll have to spend some more time with the game to offer any substantive impressions, but I will say it was quite a treat to have my Dynamic Difficulty levels transfer from 14!

AS+ --- for hitting!

I wasn't expecting that!
# 8 tabarnes19 @ 03/31/15 11:34 AM
Some quick franchise notes from limited testing:

Trade logic, I know it's subjective, but I really like it. You still may see a superstar traded, but not for a RP or 3 for 1. Trades seem to make sense. On that note there is now trades by the Cpu in the offseason again. They are building there teams in the offseason again.

Another cool nugget.....you can now trade for an injured player.

Budgets are much tighter and I like it. Some teams go over budget, some have a lot of room and they balance out over the course of the franchise. Salaries are a little on the low end for closers, I think the top I have seen a closer get is 9 million a year. Starting pitchers suck up the money. You and the Cpu can no longer sign renewable players long term cheap.

I am in 2023 and trout is still a 99 overall. I know some people are still going to complain about regression and retirements, but I feel it is fine. Players regress at different speeds and 34-35 is the age where most players will retire if they don't have a contract, some hang on, others go even when performing. Trust me if they didn't there would be no room for all the players coming.

Progression of minor leaguers and drafted players looks more realistic. I am seeing a faster curve up.

Some of my dislikes possible bugs:
1. You can fire managers, scouts and coaches and are awarded the budget back. There is no penalty.

2. There is almost no waiver trades. The CPU is not putting many players on trade waivers. It has always worked in the past, but for whatever reason only a handful of players are being placed on waivers. I have seen 0 September trades and in the 10 seasons I've simmed and the franchise I am 2023 I have seen no more than 1 August trade, which was for irrelevant players.

3. Batting average is low. And era is low. In the future I am seeing 30 plus players with eras under 3. Team eras are also low. I think that needs to be tweaked some.

I am going to play with contracts and editing them to see what results I get with budgets, but I believe if you edit every player to accurate salaries you will see huge surpluses in the future. I don't see them compensating for salaries. In fact I see some players signing below market like McCutchen will sign for 14 million a year when other players like him are getting and being offered 22-30 million a year.

More later with pictures.

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# 9 Wavebird99 @ 03/31/15 11:45 AM
Very interesting stuff. Thanks for testing that all out. I'm mostly concerned with how prospects develop - if they develop quicker/slower/more realistically, that will be huge for Franchise mode imo.
# 10 sirwoodz @ 03/31/15 12:02 PM
as stated in a thread i started that i can't delete now

I'm disappointed in the announcers in the game, they are exactly the same as last year and the year before in RTTS (i haven't played any other modes) - only reason i'm pointing this out is because i know i read that the announcers were updated and more fluid or something to that effect.

other than that the game is perfect as usual, graphics are better, i'm loving my neon colored gloves, great job again guys, superb job.
# 11 sbmnky @ 03/31/15 12:20 PM
I was only able to play 4 innings last night, but I wanted to give a call out the design team.

The UX, in my opinion, is the best it's ever been. Fonts, color schemes, layouts, etc. are all well implemented and I find them intuitive. I'm really enjoying the new ways to call information in-game - sure, some of the methods and buttons have changed, but I think they've changed for the better.

The game itself is - as always - great.
# 12 My993C2 @ 03/31/15 12:50 PM
There has been a few hiccups experienced with the new game that I wish didnít exist. But overall I am impressed with MLB 15 on the PS4. The improved graphics, the animations, the player and new ball physics are outstanding and it has allowed the game to take a step closer to reality (I swear in 10-20 years from now these games will look and play like the real thing). I saw something last night which was pretty cool. There was a foul tip and the ball smacked the umpire in the head and I swear I saw the umpireís mask vibrate for a split second. Plus the players look pretty buff in this yearís game compared to past releases. So far I have only seen the Minor League stadiums. But I have to say I am impressed with all of them, even the Minor League stadiums that were in MLB 14 look that much better in MLB 15. I canít wait to see the Big League stadiums. But that is for next week. I still have 5 Spring Training games that need to be played this week.
# 13 Pt81094 @ 03/31/15 12:55 PM
So far so good for me im enjoying it but still learning due to this being my first time playing The Show. The graphics looks amazing and that's never a bad thing and see how the dirt dries up is really cool
# 14 Marino @ 03/31/15 01:19 PM
I love this game, but man, why can't they get Justin Turner right? They have him as a clean shaven black haired guy when he really has long red hair and a red beard. I wish we could edit some of these players.
# 15 RoyceDa59 @ 03/31/15 01:46 PM
Love the hitting this year and the stadiums look amazing but I kind of feel at somepoint player models need start to looking more varied
# 16 ajblithe20 @ 03/31/15 01:49 PM
Originally Posted by Marino
I love this game, but man, why can't they get Justin Turner right? They have him as a clean shaven black haired guy when he really has long red hair and a red beard. I wish we could edit some of these players.
IMO, the next big thing they could do is focus on the players. Uniforms/cloth physics/face scans/body types/pitching and batting motions/batter follow throughs. The better they get these looking the better the immersion becomes.

As for MLB 15. This game plays amazing! Absolutely loving it. The licensed equipment goes a long way. And the lighting is simply stunning. Gameplay is great as always
# 17 The Kid 24 @ 03/31/15 02:08 PM
Few impressions....

- Game is stunning, looks very nice!

- Real equipment adds sooooo much to this game.

- Dallas Keuchel's beard is insane!
# 18 redsfan4life @ 03/31/15 02:12 PM
Online is silky smooth for the most part..but played a league game and with 2 outs in 9th my opponent got blue screened. It just said lost connection with him on my side. Very irritating. I don't know what the problem is exactly but it seems to happen more late in games.
# 19 Factzzz @ 03/31/15 02:32 PM
The cleat colors are still locked for the Blue Jays, so i assume the same for the other teams.

You can't even replicate the probably the most worn cleats by the jays so far this spring training, even though the actual cleats are in the game


Also, i feel like most of the new pitching deliveries were done lazily, basically all of them have the same finish, they look almost robotic. Also doesn't look like a lot of attention was given to some of the signature things some pitchers do when in the stretch.

The last couple years, the pitching deliveries were really starting to look good, fluid, realistic motions, but this year they took a step back IMO.

Still really good that they got rid of a lot of the old pitching deliveries though and re-did them, as those were really bad.
# 20 TripleCrown9 @ 03/31/15 02:34 PM
This game is incredible. That's all there is to it.

And I won a challenge in my first game!

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