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OSFM 2015 opening day V.1 rosters are available now for MLB 15 The Show.

To download the roster, follow these simple directions:
  • Tab over to the Community tab
  • Go to Vaults
  • Roster Vault
  • Browse Rosters
  • Find the #OSFM2015 roster, created by RIDINDWNKINGSL dated 04/12/15 Download it, save it, enjoy it
Guys this is the work and collaboration of lots of people. This project did not just start on March 31 when the game was released, it started last year during 2014's release. Work done by all the editors and contributors for over a year has gone into this. So thank you to each and every one including the man Knight who started this project years ago. He and I never imagined it would turn into what it has. Thanks this year especially to Willard and his guys. The work they put into last years Hybrid which was based off our OSFM built a great foundation for this set. The work sheet and face editing done by those guys is/was exceptional. Please look for their thread on the Hybrid release shortly. Also thanks to Dynasty Manager and lots of the community members who jumped in to assist in final days.

This is the first of many versions to come. But in my opinion the best we have ever released. Following this will be V.2 with corrections, more edits, more equip etc. Watch for that, no timeline. If you notice any corrections that need to be made, please use this thread.

This set features:
  • Full minor leagues
  • 25 Man rosters set (big request so we went with 25 instead of 40)
  • Edited contracts (thanks to Tabarnes)
  • Equip Edits
  • DL guys in A ball
Get them in the vault

PSN: Ridindwnkingsley


For those looking to donate, see Willard76's post below.

For those wanting to donate money towards the contributors and time put in, I am asking people to donate to either Ronald McDonald House in Toronto, where my family and I are currently living - that would be the best gift ever to myself and many other family's who live here so they can be close to their sick children or Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto where my 10 month old has spent more than half of his life.

For those who missed my previous post - here is the link to my family's story as well as you can get to the main web page for the house.


I am someone who gives until it hurts and then will give more and I can't think of a better way to give back.

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Member Comments
# 1 Blues61 @ 04/12/15 06:47 PM
Love it. Thanks so much.
# 2 smpipkin @ 04/12/15 06:47 PM
Thank you all very much
# 3 PittPens1787 @ 04/12/15 06:47 PM
Thanks to you Ridin' and EVERYONE else involved in this.
# 4 Dynasty Legend 99 @ 04/12/15 06:47 PM
Thanks to all my fellow collaborators on this Project!
# 5 KringKong556 @ 04/12/15 06:47 PM
You guys are amazing! Great work as always and thank you for the time you put into these! It makes the game so much more enjoyable for true followers of the sport!!
# 6 Atament @ 04/12/15 06:47 PM
Thank you SO much to ALL of those who have worked on this project to any capacity. This is making getting back into baseball after a brief hiatus EXTREMELY exciting. The work will be appreciated for a VERY long time!
# 7 HeathenBenny @ 04/12/15 06:48 PM
This game is amazing. You guys make it even better. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
# 8 Skyflame21 @ 04/12/15 06:48 PM
Thanks for the great work.
# 9 37 @ 04/12/15 06:48 PM
much thanks and appreciation to the guys who worked on the rosters
# 10 xandere313 @ 04/12/15 06:48 PM
Christmas in April
# 11 Tehbest13 @ 04/12/15 06:48 PM
Thank you so much for your work
# 12 yankeefan8755 @ 04/12/15 06:48 PM
Thanks for all of the hard work. Excited to start my franchise tonight!
# 13 ThePhillyPhanatic @ 04/12/15 06:48 PM
You guys are the real MVPs. #Salute
# 14 jdent24 @ 04/12/15 06:48 PM
Appreciate all of the hard work guys. Couldn't play this game without the OSFM rosters.

Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
# 15 FBeaule04 @ 04/12/15 06:48 PM
Nothing more to say than a big thank you to everyone who was involved in these and worked to give us this piece of beauty. Thanks to all!
# 16 Ir0nLiOnZiOn @ 04/12/15 06:48 PM
Thank you !
# 17 miknhoj1983 @ 04/12/15 06:48 PM
Awesome. Sorry if stupid question but does this mean it is 25 man roster for MLB so no changes needed for franchise (lineups wont get screwed up)?
# 18 Serloar @ 04/12/15 06:48 PM
Thank you for all these work. Huge Fan, from Spain.
# 19 SpartanStar2314 @ 04/12/15 06:49 PM
You guys are the greatest thank you
# 20 QuestGAV @ 04/12/15 06:49 PM
Tremendous accomplishment. Am thankful for everyone who put in time to help create these, it really changes the gaming experience for thousands of people.

One suggestion to add: keep a public log of changes for v.2 (google docs spreadsheet?) you're making so early adopters can adjust their roster in ongoing franchises/RTTS.

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