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MLB 15 The Show is off to a hot start for sure, with most everything clicking for the series. Now with the OSFM rosters out, many have dived into the Franchise mode for the first time. What do you think about this year's mode?

Better? Worse? Are you even playing it?

Sound off by voting in our poll and let us know in the comments what you are experiencing!

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# 1 gsize19 @ 04/15/15 02:27 PM
So far so good, exact same record as the Reds has now 5-3... Cozart is hitting .143, so that is consistent... LOL... The only thing, Kevin Gregg is already 3-0 with a 0.00 ERA in 3 appearances... Whereas the guy can't leave a game this year without giving up a HR in real life... Enjoying it this year as usually. Once I cut down some strikeouts and start putting ball in play with RISP, I should see more improvement. Only hitting .214 with RISP through 8 games. I do like the fact that I can draw walks this year, 43 in 8 games... My OBP is through the roof!!!
# 2 satchmykels @ 04/15/15 02:52 PM
0-4 so far as the Twins in my franchise. Gonna be a long hard year until I get tired of losing and decide to sim ahead to next season, haha. 2016 is the year I plan to unleash my beasts (Buxton, Sano, Meyer and Burdi) upon the league.

But to answer your question...despite my dismal record, I'm loving franchise mode and having a ton of fun with the game in general.
# 3 shadow2201 @ 04/15/15 04:12 PM
7-3 with the Red Sox so far, hitting feels a bit easier this year, as I can actually succeed at it, haven't hit in years past, usually just pitch. Mode feels great, smooth, few questionable trades gone down already, but overall I love this years game!
# 4 DrYCeLL @ 04/15/15 04:34 PM
It still needs a lot of work to get to the next level. One of the neat things NBA 2K did was give health and durability ratings for each body part of the players. It'd be really cool if The Show had that as well. Imagine a playoff push with an Ace that has elbow issues, and checking his health after each start and hoping his arm will last long enough to get you to the WS. It could also make it so a guy with a hand or wrist injury that is day to day could still pinch run, but would be useless at the plate.

They started to make the franchise experience feel less isolated, with the radio show and league leaders front and center. Time to build on this. A weekly highlights show would be really nice, and it opens the door for things like web-gems from the Show community to get some attention. I'd like actual stories to take up space. If someone hits HR #500, I want to know. I want that to be a big deal.

Signed draft picks should be placed in A ball right away. Really, on PS4, the minors should be expanded anyway. Also, I'd like to be able to negotiate extensions during the season(both human and CPU, obviously). It'd really help, as it stands, I just have to hope that a FA doesn't re-sign in the exclusive window to start the offseason before making a run at them.

We need IFAs and posted players. With so many real ways to build a team, The Show kinda skimps in this regard. We have basic free agency, First year player draft, and rule 5(and trades). Even if the talent pool isn't huge, it'd be nice to have other ways to build a team. I'd also like to bring in some NRIs to Spring Training to compete and maybe find their way onto my team.

With the whole retractable roof thing being such a big issue, I guess we can't realistically expect upgradable stadiums, ie; bigger jumbotrons, expanded seating, concourses, player tributes(like your own Busch wall or Wrigley flags) or various grass mowing patterns. It'd be really cool though.

While the improved trade logic is nice, there really needs to be an "untouchable" tag to certain players. In my current 'chise, The Tigers and Marlins swapped Miggy for Stanton straight-up. The Reds and Brewers traded Cueto for Carlos Gomez, then proceeded to make two more trades, sending Billy Hamilton to Milwaukee for Jean Segura, and then trading Segura right back to the Brewers for Wily Peralta. The Phillies also picked up Prince Fielder for the cost of Carlos Ruiz. What a mess. It'd also be nice if trades could involve sending money to the other team if they are taking on a big contract.

A small thing, there's no "View Date Significance" for the day of the First year player draft. I'd like to know how much scouting time I have left a few weeks in advance instead of the day before.

Overall, I'd say it's a 3/5. Franchise is in desperate need of a heavy face-lift, as the Radio show and reorganized menus are a band-aid more than a long-term solution. Still, The Show has always had a solid Franchise mode, it's just now time for it to take that next step.
# 5 Jakeness23 @ 04/15/15 06:30 PM
It's okay but there's some issues. One thing I've noticed that if a trade still says that they think they deserve more value, even if the bar is barely on your side it won't be accepted, but they won't dent tour offer it will just be pending forever. They HAVE to be saying that they are definitely interested if you want them to accept a trade.
# 6 Bullit @ 04/15/15 07:24 PM
Simply the best they have put together. I don't agree with some of the design choices. There are some things I am not really a fan of. But the game play is still the best for me and the new things push it over the top.
# 7 RicoLaguno @ 04/15/15 07:29 PM
How can I possibly rate Great to a Baseball Franchise Mode that doesnt even have an essential Stat Archiving History section that would allow a user to look at all the Historical stats created over the years of a player's franchise?

I mean, c'mon....this is baseball, and baseball is all about stats and stat junkies who love to view, compare, analyze historical data over the years!

Franchise Mode should absolutely have a History or Almanac section in the game where a player can look at previous seasons standings, scores, stats, post season box scores, data, etc.!!

Give us stats and more stats to compile and view over the years of our franchise....otherwise, whats really the whole point of a franchise if we cant enjoy sorting thru and admiring all the history we've created over the years????

Maybe Im the oddball here....I dunno
# 8 dazzelle @ 04/15/15 09:37 PM
I gave it a solid but room for improvement.

The franchise in MLB The Show is my favorite franchise mode in sports game's mainly because MLB is my favorite sports game and i enjoy playing it a lot.

They really need to add better stat tracking and more information on the players cards, i want to be able to see what clubs players have played at there stats for every season and any awards they have won. just copy nba2k's player cards/franchise stat tracking.

They need to add more information that shows the history of MLB so that we can then create/add our own history in our franchise,atm everything is forgotten after a few years.I have no incentive for using Y2Y saves for a franchise atm.

I like the radio show and can't wait to see what they can add to it even though i still hope one day we will get a daily/weekly highlight type show for a franchise mode.Still better than what any of the other sports titles have in there franchise modes currently,IMO
(have not played NHL so have not played that franchise)
# 9 Gosens6 @ 04/15/15 09:45 PM
It's still not at the level where it should be. Stat tracking could use a big overhaul, progression still isn't there, and some trades are questionable.

Just a few lingering issues keeps me playing OOTP 16 over this on a regular basis.
# 10 Knight165 @ 04/15/15 10:33 PM
Originally Posted by artgamer72
You ain't kidding. Another poster claimed this is the best sim baseball game out there It is the prettiest game.
It's funny....I saw a guy proclaim and complain that the Show didn't have uniforms get dirty or that the attendance wasn't dynamic.

Of course...he didn't have the game, but still made a laundry list of incorrect gripes.
(most of them incorrect)

# 11 DTX3 @ 04/15/15 11:24 PM
MLB The Show franchise mode is always my most played mode in ANY sports game every year. I just enjoy the minor league and prospect aspect of the game but of course theres always room for improvement.
# 12 Smallville102001 @ 04/15/15 11:43 PM
Solid but could be better. The radio show is nice but they need to keep adding to it and make it more of a highlight show and they need to bring back the ticket stuff the took out a few years back. There is no reason that shouldn't be back yet and regression could be better. The worst things about the show are franchise mode, commentary and presentation. None of those things are really bad just good compared to the rest of the game that is amazing.
# 13 Smallville102001 @ 04/16/15 01:18 AM
Originally Posted by UWfan206
I'd give it a 6/10. Not great but not bad. Just okay. Could be a lot better.

I think I would give it a 7/10 but just about ever thing else in the game is a 9/10 or 10/10.
# 14 manumathew @ 04/16/15 05:00 AM
This club is amazing, love the spin you get with this thing. if you buy this club it will definitely change your short game. combine this with a pro v1 ball and you will impress all your friends.
# 15 bob_the_dog @ 04/16/15 08:08 AM
Yep, love this year's game.
# 16 HypoLuxa13 @ 04/16/15 09:44 AM
Very Solid, the trade finder is awesome, GM goals and radio show are nice additions. As a user who really likes the team building aspect of franchise mode, my biggest gripe is still with player progression. Top-rated, high potential prospects still develop too slow from what I've seen so far.

I know statistically speaking position players peak on average around 29 years old, pitchers a year or two older.

95 potential draft pick, 21 years old, rated a 62 when drafted. What if progression looked something like this:

Age - average rating (give or take a couple points, depending on performance and some random hit or miss prospect factor?)
21 - 62
22 - 69
23 - 76
24 - 82
25 - 85
26 - 88
27 - 91
28 - 93
29 - 95
30 - 94
31 - 92
32 - 90
33 - 87
34 - 84
35 - 81
36 - 78
37 - 74
38 - 72
39 - 68
40 - 62
The same could be said about 18-19 year old prospects who are high potential and start out in the 50-55 range.
I'm not saying all top prospects should develop like this, and just saying it should be possible for there to be a Derek Jeter or Greg Maddux or even Hank Aaron type of player who is very good at a very young age and stays very good until the last couple years before they retire.

So yeah, this is probably way too subject specific for this thread. Sorry about that. But basically, my gripe is that in Franchise Mode, you have to edit players each year to get proper progression/regression still. A little better since they pushed back regression age a bit, but still needs work.
# 17 Knight165 @ 04/16/15 10:08 AM
I guess on topic....I gave it a solid but room for improvement.

There is ALWAYS room for improvement in anything. Franchise mode of course.

# 18 xCULLO @ 04/16/15 12:00 PM
Still need Stat Tracking, better progression, and maybe a Trade Approval option, because they're are still a lot of trades that would never happen in real life.
# 19 artvandeleghe @ 04/16/15 12:38 PM
Many have said this already but the stat tracking over multiple seasons is really lacking and needs a total overhaul. Why do a multi-season franchise when stats aren't fully tracked? Also, the commentary team (after at least 5 seasons) is beyond stale at this point. Vasgersian has been saying every infield pop-up, is "way, way up there" for far too long. Need a whole new, fresh announce team. These 3 are bad and so damn repetitive...
# 20 asu666 @ 04/16/15 12:42 PM
I voted solid, because a lot of the Owner Mode features stripped out after MLB 12 never made it back into the game and having goals is nice, but NBA 2K15 took that aspect of sports games to another level, which The Show needs to either catch up with or innovate.

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