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The Madden NFL 16 hype train has begun! EA Sports has just announced the game will launch on August 25th. They have scheduled news, features and details to arrive sometime in May.

Last year, EA Sports (along with Amazon and GameStop) provided details on Madden NFL 15 on April 28th, along with a teaser trailer, featuring Luke Kuechly of the Carolina Panthers.. They also kicked off the cover voting on May 8th.

What are you hoping to see and hear about in May?

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# 1 roadman @ 04/16/15 01:14 PM
WR/DB animations
A working penalty system
A working QB system, bad QB's are bad, good Qb's are good. Also, enough of the dink and dunk routine

Much improved QB awareness when a sack is approaching. Throw the ball away or take off.

Better animations.
# 2 ch46647 @ 04/16/15 01:22 PM
Realistic movement and locomotion engine.

Re-vamp to animation engine across the board

Player Specific animations similar to NBA 2K
# 3 howboutdat @ 04/16/15 01:29 PM
ill tell u what this best NOT be . It best not be just giving us a list of other dates ( june -july) when they plan to really tell us anything like last year . Also dont just do cover vote in may and show us one tiny thing . If thats all they doing , just keep it to themselves. Get tired of how they drag info out so slowly.
# 4 ImaProblem @ 04/16/15 01:51 PM
I'm hoping to hear that they are passionate about the game they planning to release. You don't have to sell a great product because it will sell itself. Every year we get the "Smoke n Mirrors" approach from EA, and I'm done with it. Just be real and lay the cards out on the table. For once be honest with the people who go out and spend that $65. I just want my football game to emulate what we see on Sunday.
# 5 Jershy88 @ 04/16/15 01:54 PM
All I want is a deeper, smarter, more engaging franchise mode. I expect slightly improved graphics, and some gameplay tweaks that hopefully improve the overall experience.
# 6 saybur @ 04/16/15 01:58 PM
Allow us to edit players at any time in Offline CFM. Name, appearance, attributes, everything. NCAA 14 had no problem with it. Customizable draft classes would be awesome.

Better QB play like stated above. Let's see the difference between good and bad QB's that they promised in M15.

Rework the progression/regression system. Players aren't guaranteed to lose all of their speed and strength at a certain age in reality, only in Madden. Progression is still way too fast in most cases.

A better off-season. It's my favorite part of CFM and it feels very vanilla and is over quickly.

More storylines instead of the same handful every season. Rugby player, trick shot kicker video, coach's son, etc... sound familiar?

If we can't edit players or draft classes, please revisit the generator. I've never seen a 4-3 DT over 293lbs. That's ridiculous. Most LT's are under-sized and under-weight. The majority are under 6' 3", when in this upcoming draft there's only like 2 entering the draft listed under 6' 5". Let's have 3-4 OLB's with proper size. Let's NOT have every black player have dreads. We could go on and on here... just let us edit everything. Simple.

How about an All-Madden setting that doesn't give the CPU players physical attribute bonuses? I want the better AI of All-Madden but I don't want my 95 speed WR being mirrored step for step by what's supposed to be an 88 speed CB.

So much more to ask and hope for but that's what comes to mind first for me.
# 7 vtcrb @ 04/16/15 02:06 PM
Hopefully they Bring back Custom Draft Classes and the Ability to Edit in Any Mode at Any time.
# 8 KennyJ1976 @ 04/16/15 02:15 PM
I'm hoping to see that the actual gameplay graphics have finally caught up with the cutscene graphics. This is next gen, there's no excuse for this to still be an issue. They also need an hardcore simulation mode that includes penalties actually being called in the game, new player models and run animations, time to get rid of that PS3 build and add some new shoes to the game please. Under Armour shoes haven't been changed since they were brought into the game and whatever happened to Adidas and Reebok.
# 9 TreyIM2 @ 04/16/15 02:31 PM
- Revamped, full, and completely working penalty system with actual working sliders

- Improved animation and IE engine(s)

- Improved AI
# 10 Illcat @ 04/16/15 02:40 PM
The return of classic teams, better AI, add a 1 season mode, allow us full control in franchise and season so we don't have all of these ridiculous time consuming work-arounds, to make rosters mirror the real NFL. I get soooooooo tired of the CPU cuts and signings.
# 11 NC12 @ 04/16/15 03:12 PM
# 12 JKSportsGamer1984 @ 04/16/15 03:16 PM
Originally Posted by ch46647
Realistic movement and locomotion engine.

Re-vamp to animation engine across the board

Player Specific animations similar to NBA 2K
This! Along with improved PHYSICS across the board especially after plays. No more players limbs & body parts clipping/morphing through each other. No more players walking right through other player bodies lying on the ground after plays.

No more players arms bending behind their back with the ball still in their hand.

Better running back awareness (RB's fighting for extra yards, looking for creases/holes, more explosiveness, etc..)

Different player specific running styles/ball carrying styles & moves (down hill runners, slashers, etc..) so that not all RB's feel the same

Also improved LIVING WORLDS. Time for the sidelines to be upgraded (player names on jerseys, actual on field accessories, cheerleaders, etc..)
# 13 JerrodSwanson @ 04/16/15 03:23 PM
Finally so does this mean madden nfl 16 cover vote trailer be in may since details will arrive in may? can anyone answer this question
# 14 azdawgpound @ 04/16/15 03:51 PM
i just hope they work on all the stuff thats been broke in the previous yrs since the ps2 days.

fix and get rid of the morphing, fix the sliders so they actually work out box with out having to have some maxed out to get something called or not esp P.I tired of seeing my wr getting mugged out on the field and nothing happens.

i have high hopes but i think this is gonna be another madden with new cover but with same old glitches bugs etc just with something old added in being advertised as a "NEW" feature.
# 15 Senator Palmer @ 04/16/15 03:55 PM
Originally Posted by howboutdat
ill tell u what this best NOT be . It best not be just giving us a list of other dates ( june -july) when they plan to really tell us anything like last year . Also dont just do cover vote in may and show us one tiny thing . If thats all they doing , just keep it to themselves. Get tired of how they drag info out so slowly.
Unfortunately, you know that's exactly what it's going to be. They've got over three months from May to late August to build hype. No way they're gonna blow their wad in one day announcement. Hopefully, they'll at least release an overview of the things they've improved upon, but I'd be shocked if there were any in-depth details.
# 16 Mgbleu1986 @ 04/16/15 03:57 PM
The Madden hype train died in 2010
# 17 Gosens6 @ 04/16/15 04:49 PM
Meh, unless I hear or see something about a working penalty system, WR/DB interactions, actual realistic QB play, and for the love of God, I know they can't completely overhaul the animations, but at least fine tune them, it looks god awful at times (signature QB throwing animations anyone??)

All this, and the ability to edit within franchise mode and use custom, created draft classes will all weigh on my decision to buy this game. I skipped last year, and will have no qualms about skipping this year if all of this isn't addressed. I'm so sick of the same game every year with the same bugs with a fresh coat of paint.
# 18 StefJoeHalt @ 04/16/15 06:45 PM
They need to revamp the defensive playbooks/ie correct the defensive fronts..for years 43 under and over have been off..46 d front needs to be updated..what I mean by this is with over front LB's are not correct along with the correct placement of the linemen..same for under front..also correct 46 d bear is wrong..the SS normally now lines up on in the 9 tech strong side..the weak side LB moves back to where SS use to line up...this is just the beginning

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# 19 Iceman87GT @ 04/16/15 07:59 PM
I'd like to see the full extent of animations/interactions no matter the level of difficulty or slider settings. When I was going through the MUT Gauntlet it was painfully obvious that the better interactions occur at the lower difficulty settings (the problem being its difficult to take the Rookie or Pro settings and modify the sliders and make the game difficult, so you have to choose whether to challenge yourself or get more realistic looking gameplay). I want to see improved interactions but I also want them to make sure that the improvements they make are seen across all settings (too often in NCAA and Madden we find out that some of the changes they were touting are actually in the game but rarely experienced because they happen the most consistently at lower difficulty levels that most sim players (the people most likely to be asking for them) wouldn't see them).

Bring back Gameface and/or up the amount of customization for created players/coaches/owners. Have the NFL gear that we see on the sidelines in real life as options for our Coaches and Owners. They come out with 2 new sets a year, I'd be happy with simply having the previous year's sideline looks, much preferable to the Vest (which looks awful if you're a Packers fan like me), the T-Shirt, and the Suit (would like to see other suit options as well, but coaches aren't allowed to wear them anymore so its not that big of a deal), the Polo is the only option that doesn't look like garbage and even that is stale looking.

Allow for Players in CFM to be able to get to a point where they hold some sway with the organization. If I'm a Franchise QB I should be able to tell them that a certain WR, RB, or OL should be an offseason priority, like in real life, when Rodgers made it clear that he wanted James Jones back following the SB (despite his tendency to drop passes (such as the one that would have put the SB away early in the 2nd half) this trait may have cost him a new contract but instead Rodgers showed confidence in him and he got an extension, and he became a much more reliable target over the course of that extension. This could also become a factor for Coaches/Owners, where the Franchise QB may say "re-sign or target this guy" and if you ignore them it could come into play when you negotiate their next contract. I'd also like to see the contract figures matter for when we do a CFM as a player but I have no idea how to do this (NBA 2K tried tying it to advancement, but that was not handled well IMO).

Would love to see a creation suite as well, a la Teambuilder (but with more fonts), and for them to actually nail down older uniforms. I'd love to dump the Falcons current uniforms and go full time to throwbacks, but they only have their home jerseys, no away jerseys, and this is the case for most teams, Madden used to include both the home and away versions of the throwbacks but now its just the homes). Kerning on every number in the 11-19 range is off, and some teams have issues for all double-digit numbers. Its cool that they have longer sleeves, but the stripes are pretty much always off with them (sometimes not even appearing on them), and the sleeve physics are off. Also they need to go back and re-do quite a few jerseys, because quite a few teams have the wrong size numbers on just their home or away (49ers, Browns), so one jersey looks right but the other doesn't, the Eagle on the side of the new Eagles jerseys is either a different size or placed differently on all 3 jerseys (I mean do they have someone working on each jersey and that's why they aren't all the exact same aside from colors).
# 20 xx13cloud @ 04/16/15 08:43 PM
Please please add Community mode back or Online team play i wana play with friends 1v1 is boring

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