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PC gaming is dead -- that was the refrain just a few short years ago. But thanks to some creative developers and some helpful platforms (ahem, Steam), PC gaming has witnessed a resurgence.

Are you playing sports games on the PC currently? Which ones? Sound off by voting in the poll, and leaving a comment on which games you are playing!

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# 1 punkologist @ 04/27/15 04:25 PM
I have Fifa 15 and NBA2k15 on PC. If all sports games (ah hem, Madden, NHL oh and please a baseball game!!...) were released on PC I probably wouldn't even have my Xbox one and wouldn;t be considering a PS4 just for The Show.
# 2 DirtyJerz32 @ 04/27/15 04:27 PM
If I had a gaming PC I would play sports games on it.
# 3 AiDub @ 04/27/15 04:38 PM
I play sports games on the PC simply for the modding aspect. You can stretch a game a lot further when there are new mods being released regularly. Hell, I'm still playing Madden 08 on the PC because of the mods that have updated the teams, uniforms, stadiums and such.

Aside from Madden 08, I play NBA2k15, The Golf Club, Assetto Corsa and FIFA occasionally.
# 4 tril @ 04/27/15 04:53 PM
yes, NBA2k15 and all the previous versions released for PC
and MLB 2k series.
if more sports games were released on PC, Id definitely purchase them.
# 5 Majingir @ 04/27/15 05:39 PM
The newest game I've played on my PC was Warcraft....3. Haven't played much if any PC games since. I don't even play online website games or facebook app games.

Just seems like you need certain specifications on your PC to run games with best quality performance and everything. Compared to game consoles where everyones console will basically run the same. Not to mention controllers for the console(PC you have to go out and buy controller separate).

Though I used to love playing sports games on my PC. That's actually how I first got into sports on tv when I was younger, I played the video games before I even watched it on TV. And then as years went on, I eventually found sites that had things like roster updates, and mods for teams logos/jerseys and even arenas(it's funny how cool it was to play NHL games with actual ads on the boards). Scorebugs are one thing I liked ALOT about those mods.
# 6 loldillon @ 04/27/15 05:51 PM
I used to be a hardcore PC gamer, but stopped since all my friends switched to console gaming. I mean I'll still play a few games of CS:GO, and or 1.6 but it's nothing like it used to be for me. I wouldn't go and say PC gaming is dead because they're a lot of players out there who game. I can understand the developers worrying about torrents, and other piracy ways but PC gaming will still be huge no matter what.
# 7 jpollack34 @ 04/27/15 05:58 PM
I do. NBA2K and PES. Mostly for the mods. I would play more if they were available on PC. Like WWE2k15. I'm picking that up for PC (even though I sold the PS4 version because I wasn't impressed). Again, mainly because I'm interested in the mods.
# 8 dregos @ 04/27/15 06:01 PM
My PC has better hardware than a Playstation 4. Better graphics, more FPS, less input lag. That in itself makes it more desirable to play on PC.

Needs more games though. MLB: The Show on PC would be glorious.
# 9 Cod @ 04/27/15 06:29 PM
90% of my gaming is done on PC, to include sports games (NBA2k, Golf Club, OOTP, tons of racing games, MVP05, etc). The only reason I own a PS4 is for The Show and games from Naughty Dog. I own a Wii to play games with the little ones.

Also, like someone before said, mods alone make sports games on PC better and more valuable than their console counterparts.
# 10 zukes @ 04/27/15 06:54 PM
I voted no as I assumed it meant games that you play. I do play OOTP, but for games where you actually play, straight console for me.
# 11 Mr.Wednesday @ 04/27/15 07:29 PM
It's a supplement to console gaming. I own Madden, The Show, FIFA, and NBA 2K on PS4. NBA 2K, Football Manager, and OOTP Baseball on PC.

The overwhelming reason is for the mods, mods, mods. NBA 2K is a different experience on the PC.
# 12 cjallure24 @ 04/27/15 08:13 PM
I do. If companies released every sports title on the PC I would purchaseb it. That's why I try to support title's when they are released to show that, hey there are those of us who prefer the PC.
# 13 huntt26 @ 04/27/15 08:38 PM
I play 2k on pc so I can play the college hoops mod. Fantastic mod!
# 14 ggsimmonds @ 04/27/15 09:20 PM
90% of my gaming is on PC, but the other 10% are sports games. The PS controller is just so much better to to me for sports titles.

I have a powerful gaming PC so I am thinking about leaving console gaming completely and buying a xbox controller.
# 15 Equinox831 @ 04/28/15 12:21 AM
I rarely ever play sports games on PC, but anybody that's a baseball fan and purest owes it to themselves to play OOTP. It's EXCELLENT. I never thought a text based game could capture my imagination so much, but I've had so much fun playing OOTP. I'd recommend it to any baseball fan honestly.
# 16 badazzleroybrown @ 04/28/15 12:35 AM
PC Gamming is back because the hardware to run the games price wise is a lot less than it was
and way more options to go. i own a ps4 and have nba 2k15 on it and i have a pc with 2 titan z video cards
all together my pc was 6500.00 and i have over 100 games on steam account including nba 2k15
and i love my pc version better better looking game smoother game play and well you can mod it
to me the modding community is what makes pc games way better beinbg able to make rosters add cyberfaces
and tweak graphics sells a game for you. developers can only do so much and then they plan for the next version. modders make people want to buy your game so they cancustomize it to there likings.

the time for or the biggest news that ea could do would be to rejoin the pc community and bring back madden. i have been playing video games since 1980 and have played every version of madden and about every other football game out there. peter moore ripped out hearts out, please re make madden for pc
# 17 joosegoose @ 04/28/15 03:02 AM
I used to play on consoles, but now I game on PC exclusively. Unfortunately this means a lack of sports games, but I'm not about to buy a console just for a couple of games (especially when Madden isn't nearly where it should be IMO).

Hopefully Madden will come back to PC sooner rather than later, or, better yet, Joe Montana Football winds up being fantastic. MLB the Show is what would ultimately get me to buy a PS4 if money was absolutely no concern, though. Though, I would much rather see them give in and port to PC.

Once I moved to PC gaming, I'm not sure I could ever go back to console gaming. Way too restrictive. More sports games and local multiplayer (what's up with all these titles leaving split screen out of their PC releases??) is all I'm missing on my PC.
# 18 PapaOso @ 04/28/15 04:06 AM
Totally disgusted by console sports games. I play the Action PC series of coaching sims on my PC and don't miss the greasy kid's crap on the consoles at all.

# 19 thehitokiri @ 04/28/15 08:18 AM
I do.... NBA2k, Fifa and PES ... we need baseball and football games please !!!!
# 20 Cod @ 04/28/15 09:06 AM
Originally Posted by Shady Mike
I don't really understand how this could be a debate when Madden and The Show (Football and Baseball the 2 biggest sports) Aren't even on PC...
The top 5 most played sports in the world are the following (in order): football (the real kind), cricket, hockey (field and ice combined), basketball, and tennis.

And guess what...PC has 4/5! PC has FIFA, Don Bradman's Cricket, NBA2k, and Tennis Elbow. Arguably some of the best sports franchises around. PC has all five if you cound NHL 09 w/ mods (updated yearly for realism).

Yes, I'm a "PC fan boy" for many other reasons, but I own consoles too.

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