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The NFL draft is over, and in its wake are teams which now have different looks heading into the 2015 season. Let's take a look at the teams which saw their stocks go way up in the draft in terms of how they'll play in Madden NFL 16. And while draft picks of offensive linemen and defensive tackles are huge in real life -- in Madden they're still less of a factor. Specifically QBs, WRs, RBs, and defensive playmakers like DEs are weighted heavier, and thus that's what I'm looking at when making the picks below.
  1. Tennessee Titans - The Titans' passing game now has a completely new look, with Marcus Mariota throwing the ball to his brand new target Dorial Green-Beckham. DGB, if you recall, was projected as a high first rounder before his off-field issues -- and he likely was a steal in the second round. The Titans were big winners in this year's draft for Madden players.
  2. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Jameis Winston may or may not be an eventual bust or burgeoning star depending on who you ask, its way too early to tell really, but his ratings in Madden are certainly going to reshape the perception of how players approach the Bucs. Expect usage of the Bucs online to be much higher because of Winston's expected final attributes heading into the 2015 season.
  3. Oakland Raiders - Amari Cooper is a star in the making at wideout. If his attributes are reasonable, he'll be a fun target to throw to for the Raiders. Also Clive Walford could see some time as a pass catching TE, which could impact how some call games with Oakland.
  4. New York Jets - The Jets certainly didn't have a flashy draft, but they picked up Leonard Williams, who may have been the best player in the draft overall. The pass rushing threat of Williams, along with the addition of Devin Smith at wideout are going to give Jets fans some new tools to play with this year. Also, while Bryce Petty is a project, he was a great passer in college and may sport some solid throwing arm numbers as a backup.
  5. St. Louis Rams - Assuming Gurley is healthy and his physical stats get the respect they should -- he will be a heck of a running game option for the Rams right off the bat. Gurley is compared to Marshawn Lynch by many and it really fits. For Madden players, he's a big time weapon in the making.
What team do you think made the biggest strides forward in terms of how they play in Madden through the draft? Sound off with a comment with your thoughts!

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Member Comments
# 1 WingedLion14 @ 05/04/15 01:56 PM
Personally I think the Giants had one of the most underrated drafts and could very well be #6 on this list. With the addition of Ereck Flowers they have a complete O-Line for the first time in years, Landon Collins is a player at S, and OO gives the Giants another passrusher, and he can rush from both the edge and inside. All-in-all, while they aren't flashy moves, they really help on both running the ball and run defense.
# 2 Ozair Hussain @ 05/04/15 08:40 PM
I believe my Dallas Cowboys had one of the best drafts of all the teams especially with the selection of Randy Gregory in the 2nd round. Although we didn't draft any skill position players, it'll be fun to test out how high Byron Jones can jump and whether or not Gregory can handle the run; given that he was viewed as a pure pass-rusher only.
# 3 rd1981 @ 05/04/15 09:00 PM
if our two offensive line picks are solid this year, I think my Bucs will be the most improved. I hope everyone doesn't start choosing my bucs all of a sudden, that's the only team I ever play with, even with their rated 72.
# 4 Sheba2011 @ 05/04/15 10:07 PM
In real life the answer is the Patriots - they lost one of the best secondaries but built one of the best front sevens through free agency and the draft. The offense stayed largely intact just with some upgrades at OL.

But in the game it is Tennessee and Tampa Bay, as is usual in Madden games Winston and Mariota will be wildly over rated.
# 5 Madwolf @ 05/05/15 10:04 AM
The Panthers got a bit tougher in the draft by picking up Funchess at WR and Shaq at LBer.

The WLB position basically just received Thomas Davis 2.0, meaning teams can no lonver abuse that week spot in the front 7.

Funchess gives the Panthers another mismatch at WR who can provide good run blockinv down field as well.
# 6 adub88 @ 05/05/15 10:26 AM
Won't say we improved the most in the draft, but I overall off-season on Offense....maaaan, we'll be tough to stop.

Gore at RB, even at his age is way better than that bum Trent Richardson

At WR we have Johnson, TY, Moncrief, & Dorsett

At TE we still have Fleener and Allen
# 7 EarthboundMysfit @ 05/05/15 01:03 PM
Browns got better, although I thought they could have selected players from the same positions they got but in a different and more efficient and team improving manner.

I still wanted them to get a top WR and QB, but which team doesn't want that? Look at Tennessee. They went QB then WR and got ranked #1 on this list.

I think, even with the improvements, the Browns are still 2-3 years off from competing for the AFC North title, and another 2-3 years off before making a run for the Lombardi Trophy(lol... Or never, which is more likely).
# 8 4thQtrStre5S @ 05/06/15 11:32 AM
Chargers got better, IF RB Melvin Gordon is a true star and not a typical RB from Wisconsin that doesn't perform to their college accomplishments..

I believe it is well known to football fans that what makes Wisconsin's run game so powerful is a consistent group of offensive linemen...

But if Gordon is truly a star RB, the Chargers will be improved..One high point in Gordon's favor is that the Wisc. Badgers passing game was so bad, Gordon faced 8 man fronts the majority of the time, and still produced.
# 9 NC12 @ 05/07/15 12:01 AM
The Broncos should have been "higher" up on that list...
# 10 Mauer4MVP @ 05/07/15 08:37 AM
Vikings, imo. They addressed the two biggest needs on the team and could have a top 5 defense in a year or two.
# 11 TattooedEvil @ 05/08/15 01:57 AM
Personally, the 49ers couldn't have drafted better for me! I play as the DE and Armstead is gonna b amazing to play with for 15 seasons
# 12 jeb4056 @ 05/08/15 02:57 PM
Dallas - Got 3 first round talents (B. Jones, R. Gregory and L. Collins)
# 13 bkrich83 @ 05/09/15 01:43 PM
I love the homer responses. I love how everyone feels their team had the best draft.

Originally Posted by Nukleopatra
Titans landed the best player in the draft at #2.

You can't go wrong with that.
Wasn't aware the Titans drafted Leonard Willams
# 14 tessl @ 05/10/15 03:25 PM
The Rams will be better simply because they have a proven NFL quarterback for the first time in a while but the Gurley pick was a dice roll. IF, IF healthy he could be a boost IF, IF the offensive line can block for him.

It looks to me like Fisher is trying to return to the Eddie George days.
# 15 orion523 @ 05/11/15 07:49 AM
Originally Posted by tessl
The Rams will be better simply because they have a proven NFL quarterback for the first time in a while but the Gurley pick was a dice roll. IF, IF healthy he could be a boost IF, IF the offensive line can block for him.

It looks to me like Fisher is trying to return to the Eddie George days.
Surely you jest? Nick Foles? Proven? Don't let the 27 and 2 season of 2013 fool you, I've watched every single game he's played as a professional and most of those numbers were racked up against a few really bad teams in a year in which they played a last place schedule. He's a good kid don't get me wrong, but he's indecisive in the pocket and very very slow, because of that he gets hit, a lot, and injured, a lot. And when he plays he's merely mediocre, at best: 60% comp. 15 TD 15 INT, book it.
# 16 Parrish Knows @ 05/12/15 08:38 AM
#RAIDERNATION Good job this year.

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