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Chris Paul going down when he has may cost the Clippers their season.

There is no pushing reset (is that a thing anymore?), there is no rage-quitting (that is definitely a thing) either. The Clippers fate was inextricably linked to a sudden injury to their star player.

In video games, this may cause a riot to some sports gamers. Why that is, well that's anyone's guess. Perhaps its that we create narratives which we want to see played out -- and silly randomness, like injuries, ruins that.

For some, injuries may not be regular enough. In fact, many clamor for more realistic injury frequency and to have to deal with seasons' lost.

As a Texas Rangers and OKC Thunder fan, I know from very recent previous experience on how injuries can wreck seasons -- but how would you feel if those same scenarios (multiple debilitating injuries to key/star players) happened in your franchise?

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# 1 milldaddy35 @ 05/07/15 10:07 PM
Way to few. At least big guys going down. LeBron never gets hurt in 2k. Manning never gets hurt in Madden. Kershaw never gets hurt in MLBTS. I know it doesn't happen a bunch but in NBA it happens (Durant), in the NFL it happens, and in the MLB is happens (Wainwright).
# 2 tril @ 05/07/15 10:09 PM
absolutely love this aspect of franchise modes.
In my NBA2k15 franchise I lost Lamarcus Aldridge for 39+ games. the loss was huge . prior to losing him I was playing +500 ball. without him I finished the season 29-53. he came back late in the season but by then I was eliminated from playoff contention.
not a problem at all.
# 3 apetroski @ 05/07/15 10:39 PM
It definitely depends on the game. Madden 15 had a really interesting curve with it. My friend always played against me with the Chiefs and Tony Moeaki got hurt every game. Other games like, NHL and NBA 2K have too few.
# 4 mitsurugi_78 @ 05/08/15 12:04 AM
As a Lakers fan, it was a rough season...I like the injuries and don't really have an issue with the way 2k did it with the live up to date rosters, but I would like the option to play with or without them. There were times when I wanted to jump online and play with my lakers...but trying to do that with everyone playing with nothing but the top 5 teams in the league made that a mission impossible with Kobe, Young, Lin, Randle and even others out much of the season. I can say I did win a couple games with LA...which was great..but...why not just have the option before starting what ever mode to use injury free rosters...if the other person I'm playing agrees then we should be able to enjoy the game for what it is sometimes. The option would be nice...don't have to use it...but I'm sure others would agree the option would be nice.
# 5 canuckle17 @ 05/08/15 05:00 AM
Injuries on NHL 13 are bad. It's tough to say if they're accurate to the quantity of injuries in a real season or not. I have injuries on the lowest setting without turning it off. I do have the hitting and checking on full power though so that likely has a bit to do with it. NHL 13 BE A GM MODE is still the greatest game I've ever played :-)
# 6 OhioCub @ 05/08/15 07:20 AM
I love the aspect of injuries in a franchise mode. Can't speak for other games cause MLB the show is the only one I play enough to have an accurate opinion on. As far as how they do it I'd like to see more injuries of the short term duration. In a 162 game schedule little nagging injuries are always popping up sending guys to the 15 day dl. In the show you get alot of day to day injuries and an appropriate number of long term injuries but it's those in between where it lacks. Also, I HATE using real life injuries to start off my franchise, it's supposed to be an alternate reality so why would I want the existing real life negatives from the start?
# 7 aukevin @ 05/08/15 07:55 AM
For my franchise in The Show, just right in simmed games (my team's minor leagues and the cpu teams), too few on my MLB team in which I play all the games.
# 8 PPerfect_CJ @ 05/08/15 08:24 AM
As long as they leave us an option to go in and cancel out the injuries if we want, then things will be fine. I'm just not cool with starting a season with a team, based on wanting to play with one particular guy, only to have him go down for the year in the first game and not being able to fix it.
# 9 TimLawNYC @ 05/08/15 09:27 AM
I think that serious, season-ending injuries should be possible but very rare (sacrificing a bit of realism for the sake of fun gameplay--it's really frustrating losing guys for a whole year). But more minor, 15-day DL type injuries should happen more frequently, as that requires you to have good roster depth and to be smart about managing the team while guys are hurt. Most real-life MLB teams right now have multiple starters on the DL, just a month or so into the season, and I think video games should reflect that a little more realistically.
# 10 asu666 @ 05/08/15 09:33 AM
Too few and not handled well.
# 11 That Army Allen @ 05/08/15 09:44 AM
I think Madden at least goes to both extremes in a negative way where there aren't as many injuries as would be realistic in football but they're all 4 weeks to a year injuries where as most real injuries are things like turf toe that are just hindrances and can be played through but would have minor attribute effects on them. Those should be sprinkled through the game while easing up on the 18 broken collarbones you see each year.
# 12 snc237 @ 05/08/15 09:45 AM
As long as simming and playing equal same results. Can't remember the last time an offensive linemen got injured while I was playing madden yet when ever I aim it seems one of them goes down
# 13 speedtrucker @ 05/08/15 10:12 AM
too few and handled poorly.

the closest I can find to being well done is FIFA, 2 sliders - injury frequency and injury severity. I like the in-game minor dings that can affect a player for a short period of time, pulled hammies at the end of the game etc and then the longer injuries along with the random training ground injuries that can affect a weekend lineup.

Madden is the worst. O-linemen never get hurt outside of simming. injury prone players randomly get injured but with arbitrary injuries, just because their injury stat is 75 or whatever but it doesn't really make sense. however the worst thing is this: user gets a great jump with J.J.Watt around the corner, has Mike Gleanon lined up for a super sack, blindside hitstick to the QB AND.... J.J.Watt broken collarbone. I see more DE and LB injuries from sacking the QB than any other injury in the game. also it is silly that in our CCM, our user teams will have 1 maybe 2 injuries a year during user-played games that are substantial where the player loses more than 2ish games. yet if a user gets simmed, it is not uncommon to come back and find that 5 guys got injured and are out for 4-5 games if not more.

I know that 2k incorporated localized injury probabilty stats but I haven't played 2k since 2014 so I cannot comment on the changes made.

I think players need 2 different "stamina" meters, a "stamina/fatigue" meter that functions like the current form where it goes up and down based on game usage, start at 100% at the start of the game and bleeds based on usage in game. then the "health" meter which bleeds out throughout the year, pushing that QB throughout the year, spending "more" game prep practice on the QB because you want to up his XP, that bleeds "health", spend the bye week letting the QB rest it goes up some but spend those extra bye week game prep on the QB and his health meter doesn't go up. want that RB to break the Dickerson record, over using him and refusing to bring in the backup outside of mid-game "fatigue" subs, his health meter will continue to drop faster than a team that uses the RB platoon system. a player in-game with low stamina might have the same risk of blowing out his knee as normal but a player in-game that is over-used through the year might have a higher risk of dealing with hamstring issues or low-risk injuries re-occurring.

either way, the injuries need to be reworked for Madden.
# 14 OhioCub @ 05/08/15 10:52 AM
Another thing I wanna add to my post, we shouldn't always get an exact or almost exact length of the injury, just a ballpark figure and sometimes make us wait a few days for that ballpark figure cause sometimes guys need mri's or whatever before the team knows how serious the injury is. Also every great once in awhile a guy could have a set back and be out longer than the original estimate.
# 15 CM Hooe @ 05/08/15 11:15 AM
Specific to Madden, I think there are plenty enough major injuries, but the lack of nagging injuries / injuries which can be played through with the player tagged as "probable", "questionable", or "doubtful" is a big hole in the game's week-to-week season dynamic.
# 16 Eyeman79 @ 05/08/15 12:26 PM
Remember the injuries in Tecmo Super Bowl? Your cruising along, and then you hear that music, and the splash screen and there's Joe Montana or Bo Jackson laying on the field. Game over!
# 17 loadedlux @ 05/08/15 02:04 PM
I guess it depends on the game. For Madden and MLB The Show I feel like the in game injuries was just about right. For Nba 2k15 it seems like in game injuries are non existent.
# 18 Cardot @ 05/08/15 02:17 PM
Originally Posted by rtkiii
And when they came back out of no where queue the music. That was awesome!
# 19 ggsimmonds @ 05/08/15 08:44 PM
I love injuries being a part of video games. When I first got 2k I started a myleague and oddly enough John Wall got injured halfway through the year.
After a patch I decided to restart my franchise, but I wanted the challenge of Wall being hurt so prior to starting I went into the rosters and gave him the same injury again.
# 20 lqkobe @ 05/09/15 12:09 AM
In NBA 2K the injuries are pretty realistic. I lost Kobe for the year in myGM. It was frustrating, but realistic so I played the season out. Missed the playoffs and got a top 5 pick in the draft. It adds to the narrative and the immersion of the game for me. Its my own story, sh-t happens deal with it.

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