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2K Sports has just announced WWE 2K16 is scheduled to release on October 27th. The Take-Two earnings report notes that it will be available for the Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3.

There was no mention of a PC release, but a PC release of WWE 2K15 arrived months after console release, so it could still be in their plans.

If any other news comes out, we'll update this post.

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# 1 Panicshade @ 05/18/15 05:29 PM
cross-gen release...pass
# 2 legacyme3 @ 05/18/15 05:48 PM
I have 2k15. I'll wait for reviews. If there's nothing about career mode being dramatically improved, I'll sit this one out.
# 3 bxphenom7 @ 05/18/15 07:06 PM
Please be good. Really hope they flesh out the career mode and bring back everything that was omitted in last year's version. I'll be following closely.
# 4 bigdipper88 @ 05/18/15 07:22 PM
I enjoyed the wrestling and controls in 15 on ps4, but hopefully all creation is brought back and more than 25 caw slots. And hopefully not 4 and 5 of the same wrestlers(Orton, DB, Mark Henry, Sheamus to name a few)
# 5 countryboy @ 05/18/15 08:17 PM
the in ring action of 2k15 was very good. The lack of customization ruined the experience for me. Hopefully Create an Arena, Custom Entrances, and Create a Finisher are all back. If not, I'll pass and continue to play 2k15 on the PS3.
# 6 slowdifference @ 05/18/15 09:46 PM
Being that this comes out the same day as Halo 5, they're going to have to really deliver on the roster, career and customization for this game not to get engulfed by the bigger holiday titles.
# 7 jaredsmith83 @ 05/19/15 07:19 AM
After I've played this for quite some time, it wasn't HORRIBLE, but it was lacking. Which, in a way, its expected in the first run of a new console generation. As long as they add some more CAW slots and some of the creation suites (I enjoy creating rings/arenas/belts) and creation options (more entrance options especially) then they'll at least be on the right path for me at least. I spend most of my time in creating friends from our old e-fed.
# 8 geisterhome @ 05/19/15 07:59 AM
Is really anybody still buying new games like that one for PS 3 and Xbox 360? I mean I understand ppl are still playing on last gen and getting old games on discount. But who but who will purchase a new game, yearly release, for expensive 50 bucks on an old system when you can buy a xbox one for less than 300$. Baffles me.
# 9 oneamongthefence @ 05/20/15 09:11 PM
Because 50 dollars is easier to swallow than 299.99 any day of the week.
# 10 oneamongthefence @ 05/24/15 05:12 PM
There probably just remove the 5 Randy Ortons sheamuses and Daniel bryans Mark Henry's.
# 11 TheBleedingRed21 @ 05/25/15 03:54 PM
Please God let it be PC. So much we can already do that console could not. If not, it better be everything I want otherwise I'll stick to PC 2k15
# 12 WTF @ 05/26/15 10:11 AM
Yep, likewise. PC only for me.
# 13 cima @ 05/26/15 03:47 PM
Originally Posted by WTF
Yep, likewise. PC only for me.
Same. Modding takes games to a whole different level. I just hope 2K sports doesn't hire all the great modders for WWE 2K like they did NBA 2K. I'm afraid we won't ever get a UBR type mod for NBA 2K ever again.
# 14 OriolesFanRD @ 05/26/15 11:52 PM
This is year 2 of "Prove it" for 2K as far as I'm concerned. If this game is garbage, I'm done with the series. I saw the potential, but it didn't have a ton of replay value for me since a ton of creative features were missing. Hopefully they add some back in '16 and the game is better overall. Just can't get quality games these days. It's really disheartening and pathetic. Smh

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