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We all hit a lull in our sports video game seasons. We were curious if you play more or less sports video games during the playoff season.

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# 1 j3nkins29 @ 05/23/15 11:47 AM
I definitely play less. I have not played much 2k at all since the playoffs have started. When they first start there are games on almost everyday so there is not much time to play. Once the playoffs are over I know I will play much more again so I can still get my basketball fix.
# 2 snc237 @ 05/23/15 11:56 AM
Well I play the most August through january. However playoffs definatlty rekindles my sports gaming.
# 3 bxphenom7 @ 05/23/15 12:16 PM
Doesn't matter, I just play what I want to play when I feel like it, you know? If anything, I might play it more on the offseason to be close to the sport when I'm not outside playing it. The closest thing to this question for me was when I decided to get the FIFA 14 demo during the World Cup.
# 4 twinsfan34 @ 05/23/15 01:55 PM
Depends on how you compare 'more'. I would say the playoffs is one of the peaks of the season. For me, there are 3 peaks to a season. The beginning of the season, the playoffs, and then a week or two up to the Draft and a week or two after. I would say this applies to Baseball and Basketball, but not football. For some reason, I don't play the playoffs in football. Whereas the playoff series feel of baseball and basketball (Best of 7 scenarios) draws me in.

So, yes, more than 2 months ago (for basketball) but about on par from when the NBA season started. For baseball this is still kinda riding out the 'high' of the start of the season. Although, more of a shift towards playing minor league games (I'm the Twins in my season) to develop prospects.
# 5 KennyJ1976 @ 05/23/15 02:04 PM
Usually during the playoffs, I would play them more. I like to recreate the real world playoffs and see how far I could advance with an underdog or my favorite team if they made the playoffs. Now, since games have gotten rid of the playoff mode, for no apparent reason, (NBA 2K, NBA Live, Madden) I find myself playing those games a little less. Thankfully MLB 15 The Show and NHL 15 still have playoff modes so I will be enjoying those games during the playoffs.
# 6 Shizz420 @ 05/23/15 02:05 PM
I always play NHL when the real playoffs fire up. I use the Bruins and go on a Cup run with the playoffs simulated.

Last time I actually won the Cup was in 2000, on PS1....and the team I was using at the time was the Flyers (the Bruins sucked and maybe the worst team in the game that year) and I won vs Detroit in Game 7 on a Double OT goal.
# 7 RdubYa @ 05/23/15 09:29 PM
Probably averages out to no difference. I don't play whichever game is in the playoffs. So, right now I am spending time with The Show. Once those playoffs start I will move to Madden, then NBA..... and repeat.
# 8 Smallville102001 @ 05/23/15 10:14 PM
Way way less because even though I love video games I love sports even more and during NBA playoffs I just don't have like any free time where I am not either catching up on games on DVR or working. I had at one point this year like 15 games on my DVR and it took me a month to get to the point where I had time where I wasn't either working or catching up on games so I didn't play any video games at all for a month.
# 9 jihardy @ 05/25/15 02:45 AM
Well, since I live in Europe I am sleeping for almost all of the play off games so no, the playoffs don't affect my gaming
# 10 H to the Oza @ 05/25/15 09:31 AM
Way less because here in the Canadian prairies, you have to take advantage of the beautiful May-Sept weather. The rest of the year is spent either indoors or wearing six layers just to stay warm.
# 11 headzapp @ 05/25/15 11:25 PM
If my sports team gets eliminated I will put that sports game down for a while. I just started playing my Blues franchise again recently. Other games I play the same.
# 12 Bobhead @ 05/26/15 07:39 PM
During baseball playoffs, I watch like 70-80% of the games (not just for my team, I mean the majority of all games in the entire playoffs)... This of course cuts into my video game time.

I don't really care enough about the playoffs in other sports. Unless my teams are actually in the playoffs, I don't really go out of my way to watch the games.
# 13 FunkDockta27 @ 05/27/15 08:09 AM
I had to put does not factor in at all.
I generally have 1 day free to game up.
Madden (as much as I liked 15) has become a dust collector.
I usually get a couple MLB15, NBA2K15, and a match or two FIFA15 in on Sundays.
My time is limited horribly so I have been experimenting more with fantasy drafts and player lock, even shortening games....oh for the days when i was younger! Lol
# 14 Ghost Of The Year @ 05/27/15 08:40 PM
Three tellies in the mancave facilitates the ability to play as much as the regular season. The only reason I'd have to play less is when I'm in the doghouse with my better half. Which, incidentally, is also the reason I can play more.
# 15 netsurfr @ 05/29/15 10:08 AM
I play way less the playoffs are on. In the playoffs there is a good game on every single night. during the regular season i might only catch 3-4 games a week, I have been watching the NBA playoffs instead of gaming every night.
# 16 ignazz @ 06/02/15 08:46 AM
absolutly... MORE
# 17 CrazyKitchenGuy @ 06/03/15 08:18 AM
For myself, with the limited time that I do get to play, I find that during the playoffs, the first thing I do, for NHL at least, is replicate the playoff bracket. I have never tried to replicate the same with MLB, and I don't really play NBA.

I chose 1 team to play as, and see how far I can take them.
# 18 JudoWantBeef @ 06/07/15 01:27 AM
Not so much the playoffs but i find myself playing whatever sport is on TV on my ps3 a lot more then i normally would kind of gets you in the spirit i guess.

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