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An update to Super Mega Baseball has just arrived for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 users, weighing in at 253 MB. You can read all of the details below or click this link.

In case you missed it, Super Mega Baseball: Extra Innings is scheduled to arrive on Xbox One and Steam later this summer. The updates will be free for PlayStation fans.

New Features:
  • League-wide customization: Customized player appearances and names can now be used for all AI-controlled teams
  • Ego customization: Ego can now be set independently for each of batting, pitching, fielding and baserunning
  • Batter step out: Batters may now step out of the box before a pitch, to afford more time for strategic decisions
  • Improvements:
  • Better AI bullpen management and pitching strategy to alleviate excessive meltdowns/walks
  • AI baserunners more properly “run on contact” with 2 outs
  • AI defense becomes more effective in rundown situations as baserunning Ego increases
  • Duration of the infield slow-motion assist reduces as fielding Ego increases
  • The fair ball “banner” is no longer displayed on obvious fair balls
  • Improved automatic fielder selection in various situations
  • Outfielders now get a good initial ‘jump’ on batted balls, irrespective of fielding Ego
  • Defensive errors are now slightly more likely to occur on both routine fly balls and sharply hit balls
  • Pitchers’ cumulative wins/losses/saves are shown in the post-game pitching boxscore in Season mode
  • Post-game pitching stats are sorted by order of appearance
  • Improved menu loading times
  • AI infielders will no longer oddly throw the ball “around the horn” after a runner scores
  • Added sound effect when selecting a different playoff bracket
  • Darkened Colonial Plaza field slightly to make it easier to see the ball
  • Improved crowd rendering performance
Bugs Addressed:
  • [PS4] Controller association issue when restarting SharePlay sessions
  • Playoff games always scheduled at Apple Bowl
  • Stolen bases showing up as “hit by pitch” in the new-batter cinematic
  • Flash Evans has duplicate primary/secondary position
  • Front-end music starts when exiting Credits screen mid-game
  • Visual artifacts in certain team logos
  • Exploit in the Staff system
  • Baserunner automatically retreats when getting close to a lead runner that is about to score
  • Fielder appears to immediately catch his/her own throw in rare circumstances
  • Jump/dive attempt with infielder can frustratingly cause outfielder to jump/dive
  • AI fielders dive frivolously for hits well over their heads
  • AI baserunners make poor decision to advance during throws to the base they’re near
  • Homeruns not properly counted as hits on the leaderboards
  • In-the-park homeruns not counted as homeruns on the leaderboards
  • Occasional duplicate and/or missing leaderboard scores
  • Spelling/grammar issues in some screens
  • Edge-of-screen artifacts in certain front-end screens
  • [PS3] Performance drop when jumbotron turns on after period of inactivity
  • Grid selection issue in My Staff comparison view
Source - Official Super Mega Baseball website

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Member Comments
# 1 brent3419 @ 06/08/15 06:33 PM
good stuff

Sent from the landmass between new orleans and mobile on Tapatalk
# 2 jpollack34 @ 06/08/15 06:36 PM
Great.... Waiting for the Steam version.
# 3 Simple Mathematics @ 06/09/15 12:35 AM
Can't wait to try this out. This may be my favorite game of all time.
# 4 Splitter77 @ 06/13/15 12:23 PM
im sorry show fans.
but i play this way more than the show.
the hitting and variety is so much better.

just wish they would add more parks
# 5 Will I Am @ 06/13/15 12:25 PM
Originally Posted by Splitter77
im sorry show fans.
but i play this way more than the show.
the hitting and variety is so much better.

just wish they would add more parks
Yeah but are you getting the correct war and hits per inning stat and what about .....
# 6 Cod @ 06/13/15 11:02 PM
I'm just waiting for a pre-order button to appear on Steam.
# 7 The JareBear @ 06/25/15 01:23 AM
I wish this patch got more hype around it right now

This makes an already great game significantly better. This game now plays a seriously good and fun game of baseball

Very impressed with this patch

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