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The official NHL 16 gameplay trailer from the EA E3 2015 press conference is available now. Check it out and let us know what you think!

NHL 16 is scheduled to release on September 15 for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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# 1 headzapp @ 06/15/15 03:42 PM
That looks real! Some shots looked like live tv. I love the realistic dekes.
# 2 aaron777 @ 06/15/15 03:46 PM
Looks pretty good . One question is there a reason why they don't add more vintage jerseys like they had years ago ?
# 3 jake19ny @ 06/15/15 03:58 PM
Looks pretty good. Would like to have seen more actual gameplay footage but I get it, it's a trailer. One thing I'm disappointed about is that it looks like the same two or three man goal celebration as last year. I know gameplay is more important but several various 5 man celebrations would just add so much realism as opposed to what they have now. Still looking forward to it of course
# 4 TheBuddyHobbs @ 06/15/15 04:00 PM
Looks amazing, but still need to see some gameplay. I hope they fixed the boarding and the dumb AI has no idea how to play the boards.
# 5 canucksss @ 06/15/15 04:05 PM
Great trailer as always...as EA always do it year after year. But bears no relevance for me until I see the gameplay.
# 6 TheBuddyHobbs @ 06/15/15 04:10 PM
All the re-additions are GREAT. Trailer looked so good. Like I just said though the only thing I care about is when they fix the AI and boarding. They fixed those I am so sold. Oh, and faster load times, please, lol.
# 7 csamuelsvt @ 06/15/15 04:14 PM
Presentation looks great...minus the hideous 2 man goal celebration. You can clearly see it at the end where the 3 blues players skate away ugh...

Goalies look to have the new stance..but some of the same exact animations...

Time for some gameplay
# 8 sir psycho @ 06/15/15 04:15 PM
I'm pretty much gonna echo what everyone else is saying. Looks nice, but really need to see more gameplay...hopefully we get some videos in the coming days.
# 9 adayinthelife @ 06/15/15 04:26 PM
Agreed with everyone, hopefully some straight gameplay videos surface during E3. Trailer was cut nice sure, though looks like a lot more of the same animation-wise.
# 10 Moose24x @ 06/15/15 04:27 PM
Biggest standout for me in that trailer was the way Tarasenko actually lunged to receive that breakaway pass. That was the only tangible gameplay difference I noticed on my initial watch. I'll take a couple closer looks when I get home, but I do like that one so far.
# 11 Syzchmenev @ 06/15/15 04:36 PM
Short trailer and no presentation..but I heard the authentic Ducks goal horn,finally..
# 12 mjavon @ 06/15/15 05:11 PM
Last year's trailer looked pretty good too though. This year I'm cautiously optimistic.
# 13 csamuelsvt @ 06/15/15 05:32 PM
Originally Posted by ThaLiveKing
They've been giving away a ton of information over the last few weeks, so I'm not surprised they haven't shown much in the trailer or at the EA presser. Just can't wait to get my hands on it
After last years debacle, they've had to do that because no one would even come close to thinking of buying another game from them with what they released.

They need to release gameplay, which I think they are going to do. On their last snapchat they showed they were "recording gameplay for E3".....I am hoping that a blog/gameplay trailer is released that shows nothing but 5 minutes of gameplay
# 14 Moose24x @ 06/15/15 05:34 PM
So in addition to the way Tarasenko reached for the pass I liked the way Ovechkin kind of gathered up his legs and took a few crossovers to build speed as he got the puck in that brief little glimpse. Too little to tell much, but looked pretty good. Overall I agree with whoever said the players still look pretty rigid though.

It's because everyone still skates the same so everyone on the ice looks stiff and unnatural. In real life no two players really are moving the same at any given time. Some guys are crouched low, some are upright, some swing their arms a lot, some lead with their stick way out in front, some stick handle close, some stick handle out in front, some with tight little forward and backward motions, some with wider side to side sweeps. That variation still is not in the game. They talk a lot about presentation but variation in the way players move is probably one of the absolute biggest presentation points there is and they always ignore it.
# 15 hawley088 @ 06/15/15 05:36 PM
another year and another awful rendering of giroux, somehow it got worse in 16 lol
# 16 Vikes1 @ 06/15/15 06:08 PM
Yep, trailers are kinda fun to watch. But to echo others, gameplay vids will help much more to see what's in store for '16'. How i hope we see some solid defensive ai in coming vids. To actually see a 1-4 really work, would be fantastic.
# 17 Moose24x @ 06/15/15 06:14 PM
A mix of encouraging and disappointing news here. Lots of info: http://www.gameinformer.com/games/nh...ut-nhl-16.aspx
# 18 canucksss @ 06/15/15 06:52 PM
Originally Posted by Moose24x
A mix of encouraging and disappointing news here. Lots of info: http://www.gameinformer.com/games/nh...ut-nhl-16.aspx
I only browse Gameplay and BaGM

"Player ratings are still sky high, which gives the game very little in terms of player differentiation." (under gameplay)

I dont know how the "edit player" that EA allows will have an affect on this game. This player and team differentiation is one the biggest "MUST" for me and I have the notion that it will still not be there.

"The big addition to Be A GM this year is the player morale system like those found in NBA 2K." (under BaGM)

The last time EA copy from nba 2k was the MyCareer in 14, but poor implementation (ex. text base!). I just hope this could work well as they intend it to be, or else BaGM is just the same old thing, except in 16 they brought back the features that should be in the game at the very first place.

With the player edit announcement from RAMJ brought hopes in me that 16 could be different. But I just learn that you cannot d/l roster or share with someone (unlike in 360, where modio could be used) in the NG brings me back to my original state: very highly skeptic of this game and in EA's ability to produce NHL.
# 19 brandon27 @ 06/15/15 07:32 PM
Looks good so far. Features are building up nicely as well.
# 20 13whitebread @ 06/15/15 10:31 PM
Wow not much fanfare at the presser maybe I missed did they even show it at the EA presser?

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