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EA Sports has just released the NBA Live 16 gameplay trailer from the EA E3 2015 press event, as well as a new blog with more details.

The trailer blog mentions the team has taken two years to build the physics-based player movement system called LIVEMotion, with a focus giving players unparalleled control and best-in-class animation. Speaking of animations, the Live team also mentioned that thousands of new ones have been added to the game, which results in contextual free-flowing movement, with no more scripted animation. The team completely rebuilt the passing and catching systems to improve that area of the game and also created a new shot system that provides full control to release the ball when you want.

The Live team has a new mode up its sleeve which they will reveal later this summer. In their words... "Let’s just say it will be the most reliable and stable place to play basketball online with friends." It sounds like some sort of OTP mode, maybe something similar to 2K's MyPARK modes.

They also posted some NBA Live 16 gameplay details, specifically on passing, dribbling, shooting, Live-Motion and more, which you can also read below.


This was a sticking point in year’s past. Running a fast-break used to be a chore, but not anymore. For real though, they added a TON of new pass and catch animations. More variety means players move the ball with more intent -- and it looks more natural.

They’ve also upped the responsiveness. In past years, you couldn’t really whip the ball around the perimeter – now – you can pull off various touch passes to put the ball where you want it. They’ve even gone as far to add dribble handoffs.

With all of these new tools on the offensive side of the ball – you’ll be a floor general like a BOSS. There’s not a possession that goes by where you won’t feel and see a notable difference.


NBA LIVE has always been about dribble control – so we are all pumped for the return of Freestyle Controls! NBA LIVE 16 really feels like you’re the one pulling off the moves – and not an animation sequence.

There are new controls for pulling off hesitation dribbles and crossovers, making attacking the basket buttery smooth now. Gone are the days of losing all your player’s momentum as you drive the hoop. That’s that physics engine putting in work!


You aren’t winning if you aren’t scoring. NBA LIVE 16 has brought in a totally new shot system. The release timing is no longer tied to the animation, and is now tied one-to-one with the button press. If you release too early or late you’ll actually see and feel the difference.

Not everyone plays like Chef Curry jacking up 3’s from all over the court – so they’ve also improved a bunch of new signature animations when attacking the hoop or scoring around the basket.


This feature will have the most notable impact. Remember when dudes would just stand around the court and not move or try to get open, unless you called a play? Those days are over.

Thanks to some revamped AI and what they are calling LIVEmotion – players move around the court with purpose and intensity. You’ll see your CPU buddies fight through screens, make intelligent cuts and more in attempt to get open – all on their own.

Animation quality has also taken a step up in a major way. Dudes won’t be skating all over the court now

And if that ain’t enough, check out some of the moves you can pull off now that you could never do before:
  • Touch passing
  • Dribble handoffs
  • Pick and Roll screen re-screen
  • Attack Ball Screens w/ New Dribble Mechanics
  • Deny NBA superstars away from the ball
  • Bump cutters
  • Push off and get open away from the ball

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Member Comments
# 1 aholbert32 @ 06/15/15 04:49 PM
When did players come out in their uniform during starting lineups?
# 2 Jrocc23 @ 06/15/15 04:49 PM
Seems like they'll be putting in a "Crew Mode" which has me kind of interested. Seems like you and friends get to build a team and progress together.

Games is start to look better to me. And I will definitely try it out, but so far, I am pretty sure I won't be purchasing.
# 3 Tonyattia @ 06/15/15 04:49 PM
Wish they were in the warmups

Liked that ibaka to Kd dribble handoff.

Ending reminds me of the end of the Yakem trailer with the park logos

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# 4 Cyros @ 06/15/15 04:52 PM
# 5 ifitbeginsitends @ 06/15/15 04:52 PM
im in! my stick game will be crazy! love improvements, hopefully the playbook will be improved, even customizable. looking forward to great online games
# 6 noshun @ 06/15/15 04:53 PM
Still seeing the same old "live" movement and floatiness in these animations. they dont get it. these are the same bad animation assets that they keep using from ps3 days... ugh.. they dont get it at all...
# 7 bateman11 @ 06/15/15 04:53 PM
Looked great.

The biggest thing to me was improved fluidity. One thing I enjoy about the game now is the rhythm behind the ball, but the players are so stiff it kills the immersion. Now, players look athletic and move with agility. This is huge for gameplay.

Live hasn't been this confident in a product in a long time. Consider me intrigued I cannot wait to see what else the game has to offer.
# 8 Detroitfan4life1993 @ 06/15/15 04:53 PM
I think I'm going to give Live a chance this year, haven't play it since live 09 and this looked really good to me. I love the gameface app and possible crew type mode, the phyisics movement looked good and graphics were really impressive to me.
# 9 TDYRX @ 06/15/15 04:54 PM
Live Motion looks like it actually means something, which is a relief. The off ball contact and animations look good for the most part, the passing looks good, even the dunks looked better than the one in the first trailer. Can't wait to see/hear more about this game. If we get more fleshed out modes, in addition to the "Park" mode (thank the Lord), I may be sold on this game.

EDIT: Also seems like player emotion is going to be emphasized this year. I know it was in 15, but I feel like I didn't notice it too much. Loved the bow and arrow from Wesley Matthews
# 10 Steve_OS @ 06/15/15 04:57 PM
Added link to gameplay details to the OP.
# 11 nick_sr @ 06/15/15 05:01 PM
I hope live motion works! I will be very angry if there's no backdoor lobs! #RISEtogether
# 12 KingTocco @ 06/15/15 05:03 PM
I'm not really sure what everyone is seeing, not trying to be a fanboy. Visually it looked pretty nice and I think a lot of the stuff (not related to on the court) looked good, but the animations still look so stiff and rigid. Watch the CP3 move and jumper and tell me that doesn't look exactly the same as last year.

It seems like an improvement but everyone seems so quick to be so hyped about a little bit of news. Are you hyped because you genuinely think it looks good or are you hyped because this is 200% more information than what we got last year?

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# 13 23 @ 06/15/15 05:03 PM
I liked the trailer, but the jury is still out on the gameplay. The movement looked like they were balling in a gym on the moon.

I dont get why they can't fix their movments man, I just hate it, but depending on how it plays, we'll see.

Trailers always look better than the game too.
# 14 snocone @ 06/15/15 05:07 PM
This isn't directly related to the trailer, but something he said earlier in the presentation. He said that they are adding an XP that is earned in all modes and spent on XP and gear in career mode, which sounds a lot like how VC was introduced to 2K originally.
# 15 Rob. D @ 06/15/15 05:10 PM
Originally Posted by noshun
Still seeing the same old "live" movement and floatiness in these animations. they dont get it. these are the same bad animation assets that they keep using from ps3 days... ugh.. they dont get it at all...
Agree 100% I also dont like the term "new" they love throwing around, stick to something please. I hope this new Shooting/LiveMotion system actually works and its not thrown away next year.
# 16 JODYE @ 06/15/15 05:11 PM
I always get a kick out of the comments regarding the lack of fluidity when the other game is a drawn out robotic animation nightmare and has been for some time now. Neither game is an example of excellent animation fluidity, at least up until this point.

However, I didn't see an issue with the animations in this particular video and loved the look of the off ball contact physics. Huge step forward from last year.

Definitely don't like to get too excited based upon a trailer but I'm excited about what I saw. Also love the emotion that was showcased.
# 17 noshun @ 06/15/15 05:11 PM
Originally Posted by 23
I liked the trailer, but the jury is still out on the gameplay. The movement looked like they were balling in a gym on the moon.

I dont get why they can't fix their movments man, I just hate it, but depending on how it plays, we'll see.

Trailers always look better than the game too.
23 we've talked about this through the years.. its the same crap man. best in trash animations..
# 18 swac07 @ 06/15/15 05:11 PM
Like i said before it looks good but I really wish it wouldve been shown in real time and no exaggerated camera angles..still not sold on some animations but the graphics look great
# 19 Tonyattia @ 06/15/15 05:11 PM
My take away

- Love the dribble handoffs and off ball contact
- hope the off ball contact from live motion applies to a full court press
-The last Westbrook dunk definitely had rim interaction.
-Drose pushing the ball looked new and quality

Cons/ questions
-A lot of jump shots are the same as last years(bron, cp3) and they not all players have scanned shoes on. Also not sure why cp3 had the full arm sleeve, it's been off all year. Guessing they used the original player model
-Morrow still has headband(hope it's easily removable this year)
- who is #30 for the clippers lol
-Neck area for those clippers jerseys was not good.
- on Conley's layup, the swish sound sounded like a three point swish( hope this is fixed, legacy issue)
- all the jumpers were swish, could be just a trailer, but hope there is a lot more variety for makes
-Looks like they are keeping all the scanned models from last year, scanning the rest of the in scanned guys, and changed the lighting as a lot of player look exactly the same but better of course with the new lighting
-no warmups?
- hope the baseline reverse dunk Lavine did isn't still unstoppable like last year
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# 20 BiggD @ 06/15/15 05:13 PM
Off to a great start, Some of those player models are just WOW!

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