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EA Sports has just released the NBA Live 16 gameplay trailer from the EA E3 2015 press event, as well as a new blog with more details.

The trailer blog mentions the team has taken two years to build the physics-based player movement system called LIVEMotion, with a focus giving players unparalleled control and best-in-class animation. Speaking of animations, the Live team also mentioned that thousands of new ones have been added to the game, which results in contextual free-flowing movement, with no more scripted animation. The team completely rebuilt the passing and catching systems to improve that area of the game and also created a new shot system that provides full control to release the ball when you want.

The Live team has a new mode up its sleeve which they will reveal later this summer. In their words... "Let’s just say it will be the most reliable and stable place to play basketball online with friends." It sounds like some sort of OTP mode, maybe something similar to 2K's MyPARK modes.

They also posted some NBA Live 16 gameplay details, specifically on passing, dribbling, shooting, Live-Motion and more, which you can also read below.


This was a sticking point in year’s past. Running a fast-break used to be a chore, but not anymore. For real though, they added a TON of new pass and catch animations. More variety means players move the ball with more intent -- and it looks more natural.

They’ve also upped the responsiveness. In past years, you couldn’t really whip the ball around the perimeter – now – you can pull off various touch passes to put the ball where you want it. They’ve even gone as far to add dribble handoffs.

With all of these new tools on the offensive side of the ball – you’ll be a floor general like a BOSS. There’s not a possession that goes by where you won’t feel and see a notable difference.


NBA LIVE has always been about dribble control – so we are all pumped for the return of Freestyle Controls! NBA LIVE 16 really feels like you’re the one pulling off the moves – and not an animation sequence.

There are new controls for pulling off hesitation dribbles and crossovers, making attacking the basket buttery smooth now. Gone are the days of losing all your player’s momentum as you drive the hoop. That’s that physics engine putting in work!


You aren’t winning if you aren’t scoring. NBA LIVE 16 has brought in a totally new shot system. The release timing is no longer tied to the animation, and is now tied one-to-one with the button press. If you release too early or late you’ll actually see and feel the difference.

Not everyone plays like Chef Curry jacking up 3’s from all over the court – so they’ve also improved a bunch of new signature animations when attacking the hoop or scoring around the basket.


This feature will have the most notable impact. Remember when dudes would just stand around the court and not move or try to get open, unless you called a play? Those days are over.

Thanks to some revamped AI and what they are calling LIVEmotion – players move around the court with purpose and intensity. You’ll see your CPU buddies fight through screens, make intelligent cuts and more in attempt to get open – all on their own.

Animation quality has also taken a step up in a major way. Dudes won’t be skating all over the court now

And if that ain’t enough, check out some of the moves you can pull off now that you could never do before:
  • Touch passing
  • Dribble handoffs
  • Pick and Roll screen re-screen
  • Attack Ball Screens w/ New Dribble Mechanics
  • Deny NBA superstars away from the ball
  • Bump cutters
  • Push off and get open away from the ball

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Member Comments
# 21 lakers24 @ 06/15/15 05:13 PM

I'm impressed EA, I'm impressed. That off ball movement looks amazing and is the closest to actual basketball I've seen. The passing looks great too( dribble handoffs!!). The transition into shooting seems a lot more smooth and everything seems to be moving at a realistic speed(which Live 15 can't say). Also, the graphics are a lot better than I thought, though some colors appear a bit off.
# 22 seemoe @ 06/15/15 05:14 PM
Looks awesome, very excited to get my hands on it. Looks like quite the leap from last year.
# 23 23 @ 06/15/15 05:21 PM
Def. Waiting on that demo if they have one. Looking forward to it to see for myself.

Ain't gonna knock the trailer but the movement is noticeable, at least in super slo mo
# 24 bran9413 @ 06/15/15 05:23 PM
Wheww!! Came out of class, expecting to see an average trailer and pleasantly surprised. I'm hoping that this year they make the game look good from a distance instead of only noticing how good the players look when the camera zooms in on them. I'm excited that they're finally adding interesting stuff to the game this year also and make the game worth playing all year round besides playing UT. I'm anxious to see some gameplay footage and also what else they have in store for the game this year.
# 25 ZoneSix @ 06/15/15 05:26 PM
this vid has some more footage showing gameplay and face-scanning

# 26 ifitbeginsitends @ 06/15/15 05:28 PM
just watched in 1080p at quarter speed, the game looks really good! the players are really on the floor, they're planting, they're making ALOT of contact off ball. the animations could be better of course but in the spirit of optimism the added animations and physics should fill in the animation gaps that were prevalent in last years game. I'm curious to feel the game. hopefully the dribble is looser and it truly feels like you can break your man down with dribble moves as opposed to animations
# 27 DaWolf @ 06/15/15 05:29 PM
I am impressed. Really looking forward to it now. Especially the part about shooting and the release timing not tied to the animation which I absolutely hate in 2K.
# 28 noshun @ 06/15/15 05:32 PM
Originally Posted by Rob. D
Agree 100% I also dont like the term "new" they love throwing around, stick to something please. I hope this new Shooting/LiveMotion system actually works and its not thrown away next year.
the fidelity of the models, saturation of the colors and lighting i have no qualms with. theyve improved there. but its a big head scratcher for me when they use those bad animation assets the made this series a joke/ laughingstock....
# 29 Tonyattia @ 06/15/15 05:36 PM
Originally Posted by ZoneSix
this vid has some more footage showing gameplay and face-scanning


Looks like their doing the 2k vc thing.
Also doing the 2k clothes option for my pulse probably for their park mode
Face scan is cool

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# 30 DIRK41NOWITZKI @ 06/15/15 05:41 PM
Nobody talking about the lebron pre game self alley oop?!? That was sick!!

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# 31 23 @ 06/15/15 05:46 PM
Originally Posted by noshun
23 we've talked about this through the years.. its the same crap man. best in trash animations..
To play live you're going to have to work through that. I just don't understand it myself man.

Not down on them though. Just not sure if its wise going for 2k at their own game
# 32 King_B_Mack @ 06/15/15 05:49 PM
Originally Posted by DIRK41NOWITZKI
Nobody talking about the lebron pre game self alley oop?!? That was sick!!

Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
People already talked about it. Looked good and love the pre game shootarounds. That's a good touch. Just wishing they were in warmups, but this is E3 footage, so it'll probably be added by retail time.
# 33 JODYE @ 06/15/15 05:52 PM
Seeing warm ups were in pregame last year, I'd say that is probably a safe assumption.
# 34 Jano @ 06/15/15 05:52 PM
I hope all this live motion stuff applies on ball as well.

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# 35 23 @ 06/15/15 06:00 PM
Originally Posted by DIRK41NOWITZKI
Nobody talking about the lebron pre game self alley oop?!? That was sick!!

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I would because I liked how it looked but it seems like a cutscene.

Now nobody gonna talk about how they announced shooting with the button at your own timing is a feature?

That's just smh
# 36 sroz39 @ 06/15/15 07:22 PM
Looks good, last year was a good step forward, and this looks like it'll be another big step forward.

More than anything, after playing Clubs online in the NHL series for years and FIFA the last two, if what they're teasing is anything like that, I'm in. 2K, as great as it is offline, is so far behind the curve when it comes to the online side of things.

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# 37 ccoaxum @ 06/15/15 07:49 PM
Originally Posted by Tonyattia
My take away

- Love the dribble handoffs and off ball contact
- hope the off ball contact from live motion applies to a full court press
-The last Westbrook dunk definitely had rim interaction.
-Drose pushing the ball looked new and quality

Cons/ questions
-A lot of jump shots are the same as last years(bron, cp3) and they not all players have scanned shoes on. Also not sure why cp3 had the full arm sleeve, it's been off all year. Guessing they used the original player model
-Morrow still has headband(hope it's easily removable this year)
- who is #30 for the clippers lol
-Neck area for those clippers jerseys was not good.
- on Conley's layup, the swish sound sounded like a three point swish( hope this is fixed, legacy issue)
- all the jumpers were swish, could be just a trailer, but hope there is a lot more variety for makes
-Looks like they are keeping all the scanned models from last year, scanning the rest of the in scanned guys, and changed the lighting as a lot of player look exactly the same but better of course with the new lighting
-no warmups?
- hope the baseline reverse dunk Lavine did isn't still unstoppable like last year
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JR smith is face was different from Live 15, so not all of them are same. I can list some others but you got my point i think.
# 38 DonWuan @ 06/15/15 07:51 PM
Looks like improvement to me. Still see elements of live 15.

Good overall

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# 39 Peninc @ 06/15/15 08:03 PM
People want physics based basketball games as opposed to canned animations and that's what Live is trying to give us. I respect that. 2K has given us canned animations for years, and it looks great but it takes the control away and ruins that "anything can happen" feeling.

Personally I liked the trailer. I dont mind a little lack of fluidity if everything is based on actual physics. Looking forward to seeing more.
# 40 Ermolli @ 06/15/15 08:13 PM
After watching the presentation and trailer, it seems like Live has improved its animations. I know EA cherry-picked the clips shown and I still saw some awkward transitions like Ibaka after the block attempt and some off-ball defenders movement but it's definitely better than last year. Now I need to watch any gameplay videos from E3 to verify those thoughts.

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