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EA Sports has just released the NBA Live 16 gameplay trailer from the EA E3 2015 press event, as well as a new blog with more details.

The trailer blog mentions the team has taken two years to build the physics-based player movement system called LIVEMotion, with a focus giving players unparalleled control and best-in-class animation. Speaking of animations, the Live team also mentioned that thousands of new ones have been added to the game, which results in contextual free-flowing movement, with no more scripted animation. The team completely rebuilt the passing and catching systems to improve that area of the game and also created a new shot system that provides full control to release the ball when you want.

The Live team has a new mode up its sleeve which they will reveal later this summer. In their words... "Let’s just say it will be the most reliable and stable place to play basketball online with friends." It sounds like some sort of OTP mode, maybe something similar to 2K's MyPARK modes.

They also posted some NBA Live 16 gameplay details, specifically on passing, dribbling, shooting, Live-Motion and more, which you can also read below.


This was a sticking point in year’s past. Running a fast-break used to be a chore, but not anymore. For real though, they added a TON of new pass and catch animations. More variety means players move the ball with more intent -- and it looks more natural.

They’ve also upped the responsiveness. In past years, you couldn’t really whip the ball around the perimeter – now – you can pull off various touch passes to put the ball where you want it. They’ve even gone as far to add dribble handoffs.

With all of these new tools on the offensive side of the ball – you’ll be a floor general like a BOSS. There’s not a possession that goes by where you won’t feel and see a notable difference.


NBA LIVE has always been about dribble control – so we are all pumped for the return of Freestyle Controls! NBA LIVE 16 really feels like you’re the one pulling off the moves – and not an animation sequence.

There are new controls for pulling off hesitation dribbles and crossovers, making attacking the basket buttery smooth now. Gone are the days of losing all your player’s momentum as you drive the hoop. That’s that physics engine putting in work!


You aren’t winning if you aren’t scoring. NBA LIVE 16 has brought in a totally new shot system. The release timing is no longer tied to the animation, and is now tied one-to-one with the button press. If you release too early or late you’ll actually see and feel the difference.

Not everyone plays like Chef Curry jacking up 3’s from all over the court – so they’ve also improved a bunch of new signature animations when attacking the hoop or scoring around the basket.


This feature will have the most notable impact. Remember when dudes would just stand around the court and not move or try to get open, unless you called a play? Those days are over.

Thanks to some revamped AI and what they are calling LIVEmotion – players move around the court with purpose and intensity. You’ll see your CPU buddies fight through screens, make intelligent cuts and more in attempt to get open – all on their own.

Animation quality has also taken a step up in a major way. Dudes won’t be skating all over the court now

And if that ain’t enough, check out some of the moves you can pull off now that you could never do before:
  • Touch passing
  • Dribble handoffs
  • Pick and Roll screen re-screen
  • Attack Ball Screens w/ New Dribble Mechanics
  • Deny NBA superstars away from the ball
  • Bump cutters
  • Push off and get open away from the ball

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Member Comments
# 61 Jay Jay @ 06/16/15 12:15 PM
Depending on how the physics is used in game this could be a big game changer if used correctly. Wow
# 62 23 @ 06/16/15 12:37 PM
Originally Posted by thedream2k16
We had it in 2k8 remember? Live never adopted it
Yes... there is a ton of copy cat stuff going on here that is literally too funny to see everyone gushing like its all brand new but knowing it was already done before.

I don't think its bad stuff, just seems like most of the announcements were straight rips.

Will wait and see how things go upon release
# 63 El_Poopador @ 06/16/15 12:57 PM
I liked what I saw. Like others have said, some of the animations are still a little stiff, but if the control is there, it doesn't bother me at all. I love the addition of dribble hand-offs (FINALLY!! ) and the fight to get away from defenders off the ball looks good. Hopefully that will lead to some space coming off screens and things.

Can't wait to see some real-time gameplay. Hoping that the CPU is more reactive on defense vs psychic this year, or at least is more humanlike in response time. And my biggest hope is that you can control your movement speed completely independent of dribble moves. One of my biggest gripes last year was trying to change speed/direction with a crossover, and being forced to kinda lunge toward the rim.

Hoping some people are able to record from the booth at E3.
# 64 JODYE @ 06/16/15 02:45 PM

Guess we are going to find out sooner rather than later. This is a good sign.
# 65 Losethenbalicense @ 06/16/15 03:41 PM
Originally Posted by thedream2k16
We had it in 2k8 remember? Live never adopted it
I actually don't remember it in 2k8. It looks smoother in this years live imo from the early to the late release they each look fluid and like the real life sig shot. In 2k however if you release too early it looks clunky and it's pretty much an automatic miss and the same goes for a late release.

That's why guys like Eric Gordon and al horford are harder to use than they should be because you have to shoot their shots perfectly, their isn't a system like live is implementing where you can release it faster or later or it'll be a for sure brick or block.

Same goes for pull up jumpers, they're too slow on 2k. Some players have quick pull up jumper releases in real life (ex.westbrook)
# 66 23 @ 06/16/15 03:45 PM
Originally Posted by Live2K
The copy cat goes both ways. Thankfully live isn't adopting their animation structure for the sake of perfect animations.

They need to do something about that stiff movement thats been there since 2006
# 67 Mintsa @ 06/16/15 03:48 PM
Isn't Live 16 playable on the E3 floor ?

I thought I read that somewhere ??
# 68 JODYE @ 06/16/15 03:50 PM
Yes. EA confirmed we will be getting game play video today.
# 69 Mintsa @ 06/16/15 04:36 PM
Originally Posted by JODYE
Yes. EA confirmed we will be getting game play video today.
Great news.......great news......

I'm having flashbacks of the good ole PS2 days......
# 70 23 @ 06/16/15 04:51 PM
I hear from E3 that live is pretty dope
# 71 Rockie_Fresh88 @ 06/16/15 04:59 PM
Originally Posted by 23
I hear from E3 that live is pretty dope
Didn't they say that last year lol ?
# 72 23 @ 06/16/15 05:02 PM
Originally Posted by Rockie_Fresh88
Didn't they say that last year lol ?


I'm talking about someone who is there that played a couple hours. I'm sure he didn't nitpick or anything and could be because it's new but he was with me during the elite event and he's no hype man.

Still wait and see Rockie
# 73 bran9413 @ 06/16/15 05:11 PM

I also saw someone had posted a video of Curry doing his shaking gesture on twitter and it looked pretty good.
# 74 23 @ 06/16/15 05:21 PM
He still looked like a zombie in the face during that but I like the screen interactions
# 75 bran9413 @ 06/16/15 05:26 PM
Originally Posted by 23
He still looked like a zombie in the face during that but I like the screen interactions
Yeah hopefully they fix that before the game comes out.
# 76 King_B_Mack @ 06/16/15 05:40 PM
The screenshots have really been beautiful. What a difference from that cartoon mess that was in Live 14.
# 77 KingTocco @ 06/16/15 06:21 PM
I hope for all the NBA lovers and the people that live and breathe basketball such as myself, that NBA Live 16 is the real deal.

I can't tell you how happy it would make me to play 2 awesome basketball games every year.

Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
# 78 El_Poopador @ 06/16/15 06:23 PM
Originally Posted by nick_sr
Don't care for live run because I won't be playing that cheese fest .I've been a dynasty guy all my life n will go back if I can create myself n run point for the raps .
Live Run depends a lot on who you play with. I would like to try and find a good group of people to play with to have a realistic game.
# 79 lakers24 @ 06/16/15 06:30 PM
I gotta say man, Live has individual body types damn near down to a science this year from what I've seen. Westbrook, Kyrie, and Curry all look like completely different players size wise despite all playing pg. But not only do they differ in size, it actually looks like they're accurately proportioned to their real life counterparts which is something that is often overlooked, but for a detail nut like me is huge. I appreciate the hell out of that.

If what people are saying about Live is true, I'm excited. I want something not only that's competitive, I want to once again play a basketball game that truly replicates the sport in the way it plays and looks.
# 80 lakers24 @ 06/16/15 06:43 PM
Originally Posted by bran9413

I also saw someone had posted a video of Curry doing his shaking gesture on twitter and it looked pretty good.
Do you have the link?

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