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EA Sports has just released another Rory McIlroy PGA TOUR trailer. This one shows off the Night Club Challenge mode, which breaks you free from the norm, to experience a totally new way to play golf in the dark, all while helping players tune their game. While the mode certainly won't be for everyone, it offers a rather unique way to play the game.

The mode features more than 170 quick and fun challenges, which include hitting targets, landing in buckets, exploding objects, rolling through gates, knocking down barrels, and steering through rings. It also includes over the top gameplay boosts, and various ways to unlock unique fantasy characters and courses.

A blog should be available shortly and we will update this post with a link.

UPDATE: Blog is available now.

Here are some of the boosts available.
  • Rocket Provides a lift to the ball to hit unreachable targets.
  • Sticky Use this to stop the ball from rolling, or stick to the ground like glue when it makes contact with the terrain.
  • Remote Control - Take control and steer the ball left and right to avoid obstacles, fly through rings, and roll through croquet gates.
  • Nitro - Gain extra distance on your shot.
  • Nudge - Obstacle in the way? Use the Nudge to adjust the shot in mid-air or while rolling along the ground.
  • Super Spin - Double the amount of spin on the ball, or backspin onto targets that are normally unreachable.
  • Pause Stop the ball in mid-air to time shots and hit moving targets or avoid pesky obstacles.
  • Below Zero Avoid bad lies by bouncing the ball off any type of terrain, including sand or even water.
  • Anchor - Stop on a dime and drop straight down to the ground. Rotate your camera view in air to spot the target, then drop from the sky and slam down to the ground.

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Member Comments
# 1 watergoy @ 06/16/15 02:54 PM
Cool. I will be all over this mahvv when I get bored with the tour mode.
# 2 fsufan4423 @ 06/16/15 03:27 PM
Wow! I'll leave it at that.
# 3 dpc134 @ 06/16/15 03:42 PM
I couldn't stop laughing while I was watching this video. Thank god for TGC.
# 4 MDgolf @ 06/16/15 03:46 PM
wow that's horrible!!
# 5 Rasco11 @ 06/16/15 04:02 PM
Originally Posted by dpc134
I couldn't stop laughing while I was watching this video. Thank god for TGC.
Yeah, that was Arcade Fire! Kind of felt like a phone App companion. "parlicious!"

Kind of a letdown they revealed this as opposed to core PGA substance. Could be telling I suppose...hope not.
# 6 Ronoko @ 06/16/15 04:09 PM
No...........just no.
# 7 mickythumbs @ 06/16/15 04:16 PM
this is pish ......... get out of here , a load of nonsense ......... Night time CRAP
# 8 Ronoko @ 06/16/15 04:25 PM
Might as well wait for hot shots golf. for the ps4..............Im sure it will be a better game
# 9 rmaccari @ 06/16/15 04:29 PM
Very bad sign.
I want real golf with real players competing on the PGA TOUR.
# 10 speedtrucker @ 06/16/15 04:31 PM
TGC: $35 but you don't have real golfers, real equipment. although here is our course designer, here are 3+ updates for new course themes. you can't level up your golfer so it is everyone on the same level with just their ability to shape and hit a shot against your course. or one of the thousands of courses that have been created across the PC, PS4 and XB1. here are the tools to create a tour or tourny for you and your mates if you'd like.

EA PGA: $60, you get real golfers, real courses(well some of them), real equipment. oh and you can wear a space suit and hit a fanstasy golf ball with a supercharged "nitro" driver so don't worry about that water hazard 290 yards out, you'll clear it by 100 yards. the next 3 DLC will cost you $15 each. BUT you can also play at night in a warzone with fantasy abilities, if that doesn't make you think GOLF then you don't understand "if its in the game, its in the game!"
# 11 HenryClay1844 @ 06/16/15 04:36 PM
I'd be infuriated with EA if I was the PGA. EA are clearly telling them their game is so boring won't do it in a respectful way. No wonder the Masters passed on this disgraceful.
# 12 MillardMavs @ 06/16/15 04:56 PM
If I was the PGA, I would personally drop EA from producing any more games for golf
# 13 DivotMaker @ 06/16/15 05:12 PM
I just threw up in my mouth......looking for a 360 and Tiger 14......utterly and completely disgusted. TGC is looking really good in light of this crap. What this has to do with the PGA TOUR is beyond me.
# 14 Capfan11 @ 06/16/15 05:23 PM
Perhaps. And I say perhaps... This vid was thrown out to show off the graphics update with the new engine... Cuz ya gotta admit it looks pretty awesome. (Even though this concept seems utterly ridiculous)

Here's hoping the next vid shows off Rory in some gameplay action on a real course!
# 15 GrandMaster B @ 06/16/15 05:25 PM
It's an arcade mode that you don't have to touch, but I would of preferred if they would of worked on a multi-player career mode instead of this.
# 16 spidertour02 @ 06/16/15 05:31 PM
I'll be right back, I need to cancel the hell out of my pre-order.
# 17 DivotMaker @ 06/16/15 05:33 PM
Originally Posted by GrandMaster B
It's an arcade mode that you don't have to touch, but I would of preferred if they would of worked on a multi-player career mode instead of this.
My sentiments EXACTLY.
# 18 Jet Sufferer @ 06/16/15 05:35 PM
Anyone notice the 60 dollars off tee times? The game can be practically free.
# 19 jbd345 @ 06/16/15 06:22 PM
Newsflash you don't have to play this mode. It's not like there holding a knife to your throat and forcing you to play it.
# 20 bcjones @ 06/16/15 06:22 PM
Wow...I have no words.

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