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IGN has just posted the first gameplay action from NBA Live 16, featuring Producer, Connor Dougan and Designer, Ryan Santos.

The guys talk about the off-ball motion system, awareness and physicality. The video also shows the new free throw mechanic, dribble hand-off mechanic and quite a few various replays of gameplay action.

Check it out and post your thoughts.

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# 1 23 @ 06/17/15 02:25 PM
The movement is goofy looking IMO in many areas

Im sure there are some nice things there but this is something they're going to have to absolutely address

BTW I love the switch hands bring the ball up the court type dribbling
# 2 nick_sr @ 06/17/15 02:27 PM
Still see some of the herky jerkyy stuff from previous years while trying to move around .

That dribble hand off was a thing of beauty

When bogus grabbed that rebound it reminded of previous games Smh.

Loved that curry floater
# 3 pdawg17 @ 06/17/15 02:28 PM
Originally Posted by Steve_OS

IGN has just posted the first gameplay action from NBA Live 16, featuring Producer, Connor Dougan and Designer, Ryan Santos.

Check it out and post your thoughts.
Right off the bat I had a "downer" moment: Jump ball floats in the air straight the PG just like every jump ball in 15...ugh...
# 4 ratedmoney @ 06/17/15 02:29 PM
Looks better, just need to keep working on animation quality.
# 5 23 @ 06/17/15 02:32 PM
as nick said liked the curry layup, the hand off but there is a ton of floaty movement and i see it on the jumpers...some of that stuff looks like last year.

I also wonder why that animation while they stand still and dribble with their booty sticking out is still there. Nobody does that

And lastly the graphics look worse when in gameplay mode and the colors are faded again
# 6 Tonyattia @ 06/17/15 02:33 PM
Waiting on the finished product but the movement is great.

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# 7 mlp111 @ 06/17/15 02:35 PM
you got to be kidding me....... looks good in areas, but a total letdown for me. Got to get my hands on this game, to test. But disappointed with legacy issues still present!
# 8 Greene_Flash03 @ 06/17/15 02:38 PM
Nice, but they still need to work on passing animations. Passing still looks "floaty". Size up animation looks unnatural for some reason.
# 9 The 24th Letter @ 06/17/15 02:40 PM
Love the pass by LeBron on the P&R, but they HAVE to fix that transitional animation from Mosgov....I was hoping all that was cleaned up...

Everything else looked good....but that stuck out like a sore thumb....
# 10 Dantecamp21 @ 06/17/15 02:40 PM
This is not a 1080p 60FPS feed, so the fluidity of the animations are obviously suffering. That's why when the game is stopped, for instance during replays, the quality of the visuals flourish.

Having said that, I'm with some of you guys: some legacy issues still present. But I'm seeing way more positive than negative and the fact that the game is being shown this early (and already playable) only means they'll have more time to iron things out before release.
# 11 sethisthegoat @ 06/17/15 02:53 PM
This game immediately looks better than last year's, and the year before. But (at an initial pop, playing something like 6 possessions) it still doesn't look like it's in the same arena as 2K. I'm listening. I'm interested. I want to know more about their modes and how the game is actually going to be played. But, day one? I'm leaning 2K until I see a reason to do something different.

Even releasing at a lower price point might be enough, like NFL 2K5.
# 12 Earl1963 @ 06/17/15 02:55 PM
I just played a game of Live 15 and I see zero difference between that and this.
# 13 23 @ 06/17/15 02:58 PM
Originally Posted by Earl1963
I just played a game of Live 15 and I see zero difference between that and this.
Would love to see a side by side because besides the couple of things mentioned in this thread.... i dont see the big jump people keep saying
# 14 worstsportsgamer1977 @ 06/17/15 03:10 PM
live is one of those games i have to get my hands on. this build looked less robotic then the current build. that dribble hand off was a nice addition. being able to bring someone to the ball. if they can get the contols feeling nice and smooth and not clunky like it can be now. sometimes it works sometimes it does not then i feel they can be successful this year.
# 15 Goffs @ 06/17/15 03:11 PM
YouTube version? Can't play any vids that ign posts...
# 16 Gotmadskillzson @ 06/17/15 03:16 PM
Graphically it looks exactly like Live 15. They just added more contrast. Off ball movement I like. What I don't like is how the AI still allow the ball carrier to drive to the hole UNCHALLENGED. Nobody ever rotates over and challenges.

I hope they improve the presentation when it comes to commentary. Because when you are in the playoffs, they don't talk about it or even talk about the series score at all. Then when I won the title yesterday, they made no mention of it. No end of the game celebration or anything. They treated it like it was just a regular game.
# 17 Gotmadskillzson @ 06/17/15 03:18 PM
Originally Posted by Goffs
YouTube version? Can't play any vids that ign posts...
here you go

# 18 JKSportsGamer1984 @ 06/17/15 03:19 PM
Definitely looks much improved but let's be honest, Live had nowhere to go but up considering that last two games they put out. There's a lot to like about what their doing with the game but until they get the animation quality at the level of their competition it will still fall short. I like that Live gives you more freedom to break out of animations better than 2K but if the animations aren't as smooth it's kind of a wash in that area.

+ Player models look better

+ Off ball movement is improved

+ Signature shots / dribbling looks good

+ Like the hand off passes

+ Physics & "Live movement" look good

- Net/rim physics are still stiff & not dynamic enough (need to see more variations in how the ball goes through the net ala 2K)

- Still no assistant coaches on the bench which looks awkward

- Animations (although improved) still have that "Live stiffness" look to them

Overall the game is much improved but still not at the level it needs to be. Keep working on the animation quality & Live could on it's way. Hopefully they can still improve between now & release. I will definitely give it a try.
# 19 DJ @ 06/17/15 03:21 PM
The Curry floater was nice, but man that Mozgov dunk off the PNR was not good. Those transitional animations need to be 1.1, instead we get this awkward pause, foot-shuffle thing before he attacks the rim.

Still work to do.
# 20 Gotmadskillzson @ 06/17/15 03:23 PM
Originally Posted by ThaLiveKing
Nah, they changed the lighting or tweaked it, it looks a lot different, and Steph looks much better this year. They got his hair colour down now
Only tweak was contrast was added. I can though the same thing in Adobe Premiere to Live 15.

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