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NBA Live 16 has a mode which isn't being revealed just yet -- but it's been teased a few times. There's a lot of speculation about what it is, from a Park type of mode, to some type of online team play component, to basketball's version of EASHL. Given the inclusion of a simple to use gameface mechanic, it's very possible a custom character mode is where we're looking for sure.

Given everything you know about the game, what do you want the mode to be? Vote in our poll and if you vote other, leave it in the comments!

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# 1 RUFFNREADY @ 06/26/15 08:18 AM
'LIVE Run', with NBA Players and created players; nuff said. 'Drop the Mic'
# 2 sethisthegoat @ 06/26/15 08:51 AM
Honestly, my favorite non-GM mode in any sports game has been 2K11's Jordan history mode, wrapped up in the presentation, etc. I'd love something along those lines.

I also think it would be neat to have an Olympic/Dream Team mode. Something where you could take your created player (or any NBA player, I guess) and try out for the Olympic team in your home country, and ultimately run through the Olympics (with them coming up next year.)
# 3 Ermolli @ 06/26/15 09:41 AM
If it's what I want to be (basically what the poll is about), I'd love a revamped Dynasty mode since the current one is stale and barebones. However, it's been indicated by the tease during the trailer and comments online that it's going to be an online mode. Based on the trailer, most likely it'd be a MyPark type of mode which I wouldn't like; I would prefer the EASBA mode that Elite 11 was going to have, I remember being intrigued by that mode after reading an article about it back then.

I do hope EA has improved Dynasty mode, I remember Fernando (the previous roster guy) making a thread asking for feedback and suggestions for that mode so there's hope.
# 4 KennyJ1976 @ 06/26/15 09:49 AM
I want NBA Street mode.
# 5 Eyeman79 @ 06/26/15 12:00 PM
Euro-league (Not just the teams), Olympic games, I'm more of an off line fan.
# 6 NYJin2011tm @ 06/26/15 12:59 PM
How about injured players in played franchise games?
# 7 elgreazy1 @ 06/26/15 12:59 PM
I'm all for an EASHL-type mode. I was only a casual fan of hockey until I bought NHL 13, tried this mode out, and really learned about the sport in greater detail.

Playing with other players who can talk and coach you into how to play your position & general rules of the sport really helped me pick things up a lot quicker - all I had to do was learn one position at a time, while having fun along the way. I think many gamers forget the huge learning curve of playing one these AAA sports games; not only are you learning a complex control system, but you're also learning an entire sport (rules, gameplay, schemes & concepts, managing rosters, etc.).

I'm still kinda terrible at the game, but now when I watch the NHL on tv, I at least understand the game and what the teams are trying to do instead of as before where I gladly waited to gawk at the big collisions, goals, and fights.
# 8 asu666 @ 06/26/15 01:15 PM
I'm hoping for a revamped Franchise mode that can compete with 2K's Association mode.
# 9 Izzy Snow @ 06/26/15 02:34 PM
Sticking to the theme, I want it to be Adidas Live Run but with the ability to use either our Rising Star or an NBA player, past or present. But just like everyone has said, based on the teaser alone, it's pretty obvious that it'll be some type of MyPark mode. We will find out in August during Gamescom!
# 10 WishListGOD 1 OF 2 @ 06/27/15 05:14 AM
Clearly a park type mode they saw my park is popular and want to replicate that in their own way.
# 11 BaylorBearBryant @ 06/27/15 07:18 AM
I've said it before, if EA created a mode like NHL 09's EASHL in NBA Live, they may actually have a chance to leap NBA 2k in terms of popularity.
# 12 sticks323 @ 06/27/15 04:44 PM
Since the hashtag is RiseTogether I believe it will be a park type mode but with more structure. You can probably make a team with your friends, all created players.

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