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We are now just over two weeks away from the release of Rory McIlroy PGA Tour from EA Sports. As we have outlined previously, the game will feature 12 licensed golfers and 8 licensed courses (9 if you pre-order) along with some new modes.

Are you planning on buying Rory McIlroy PGA Tour? Sound off with what your plan is in the comments!

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# 1 jb12780 @ 06/29/15 01:28 PM
Not with only 8 real courses.

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# 2 misterkrabz @ 06/29/15 01:34 PM
Yes, no load times and better ball physics and the ability to play without the arcadey mid flight ball controls/spins have me excited. I'm not a fan of "The Golf Club" although it provides much of what I'm asking for but it feels to generic to me and the putting is beyond annoying IMO. I've always liked EA's golf games and consider they've had a couple years to make this one I have high expectations for it.
# 3 spidertour02 @ 06/29/15 02:34 PM
No. They had a chance to sell me on a purchase and failed miserably with their showing at E3.
# 4 JKSportsGamer1984 @ 06/29/15 02:51 PM
I hate to be that guy but I have no interest in this series anymore without Tiger Woods (even though he has fallen off).
# 5 Braker1319 @ 06/29/15 03:00 PM
I'll keep an eye on reviews and hopefully catch some streaming, but am definitely not getting it at launch. I'm not even thinking about a purchase until it's available somewhere for under $40.
# 6 xNobleEaglex @ 06/29/15 03:21 PM
I'll hold off until I hear more about courses made available via DLC (preferably a lot more free). If this is it, or if all DLC courses cost extra, I'll skip it and cross my fingers for the next iteration. The current state of the game does not warrant a full priced purchase, imo.
# 7 N51_rob @ 06/29/15 03:34 PM
Nope, not with only 8 courses and one course being a pre-order reward after two years of development. We all know that the EA model for their golf game is to get you to spend real money for additional courses. It's been mentioned here on OS, that the developers now have a better grip on the frostbite engine as it relates to course creation so I fully expect to see a few more courses released this year.

So I will wait and see what next year offers.
# 8 bcruise @ 06/29/15 03:39 PM

Since this is a front page article and not an RM thread I'll say it - The Golf Club is more than enough for me right now, and probably will be until the next Hot Shots comes out (whenever that may be, it's still as of yet unnanounced for the US). I'm not the type to need official licensing to enjoy a sports game.
# 9 misterkrabz @ 06/29/15 04:13 PM
Dang, tough crowd.
# 10 jpmales88 @ 06/29/15 04:31 PM

game looks great! more courses will be added in the future. Since when was 60$ a TON of money and killing ppl??? Dont get that....? My buddies and I love playing each other online and wagering just like on the real course... for me that makes it worth it.
# 11 spidertour02 @ 06/29/15 05:15 PM
Originally Posted by jpmales88

game looks great! more courses will be added in the future. Since when was 60$ a TON of money and killing ppl??? Dont get that....? My buddies and I love playing each other online and wagering just like on the real course... for me that makes it worth it.
It's not about $60 being a lot of money, it's about the value of the game against that $60 investment. 8 licensed courses and 12 licensed players -- if that is indeed the final total -- indicates an abysmal value.
# 12 jaredsmith83 @ 06/29/15 05:28 PM
I have to wonder if it will follow the same route as the UFC game as far as free updates or not. If it does, then the price might not be bad. EA actually impressed me with that one.
# 13 CurlyMurph @ 06/29/15 06:02 PM
In my mind, where EA should have an advantage over competitors (read: The Golf Club) is in licensing. However, with only 12 golfers and 9 courses, they are providing woefully little in that area. I don't get the licensed golfers and courses in a game like The Golf Club, but I do get a nearly infinite number of user created courses.

I can't imagine how EA is going to have a successful return on investment for this game. I wouldn't be interested in this game even if it were $25.
# 14 supermanemblem @ 06/30/15 01:33 AM
Eight courses? What is this Nintendo Golf? Passing.
# 15 Millennium @ 06/30/15 06:48 AM
The courses to me is more damning than the golfer count. As told to me by @CoreySA (thanks dude!) you still get all the PGA golfers on the tournament scorecards, and how many of us actually uses licensed golfers in a golf game?

But only 9 courses really hurts the replay value and I can't imagine any type of career mode with that few locations.

It's a wait and see with a lean towards no purchase.
# 16 Cubfan @ 06/30/15 07:11 AM
Wait till next year. 9 total courses isn't enough to justify the $60.
# 17 brandon27 @ 06/30/15 09:25 AM
Right now, for me, it's wait and see. Once I get into that EA Access trial and spend some time with it, that's when I'll make my decision.

The lack of courses is really the main thing holding me back, that and the lack of any real game play and solid information out there right now. It feels eerily similar to NHL 15 last year. We all know how that turned out.
# 18 misterkrabz @ 06/30/15 12:57 PM
The "lack of courses" reasoning to not buy has me perplexed. What if the quality of the game play, ball interaction/physics with the environment and overall quality of play is what they say it is? Is it worth it then? Personally, if they addressed and fixed many of the things they say they did (granted this is EA and I'm full aware that they say a lot of things that are not true) for me it's worth it, even with only 9 courses. Considering it's the first game on this gen hardware, they addressed many of the concerns I had (load times, ball interaction, ect.) I'm pretty stoked for it and will buy on day one. One of my other biggest concerns that is yet to be determined is the stupid scoring in online games, hHaving to birdie and or eagle every hole to complete online is really annoying. Hopefully they integrate the "Pro" control settings into online tourny's.
# 19 saucerset @ 06/30/15 05:50 PM
Originally Posted by jpmales88
My buddies and I love playing each other online and wagering just like on the real course... for me that makes it worth it.
This is the reason for me. I play more online with my friends than I do any kind of career. We have a blast and it is entertaining, and that is what a video game is supposed to do.
# 20 raneman85 @ 06/30/15 06:29 PM
Put all the courses on the disc, I'll buy it. 60 bucks and you want us to pay for more courses. I'll spend my 60 + elsewhere EA.

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