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A new patch for The Crew is scheduled to arrive today, which includes the Mercedes-Benz 300 SLR for all Season Pass subscribers. For everyone else, the car will be available for purchase next week.

Check out the other details on the patch below.

  • PVP game mode: The Crown
    • The Crown is a new PVP mode where players need to capture and keep the “Crown” for as long as possible.
    • Each “Crown” race takes place in a restricted area.
    • At the beginning of each race, the crown is to be captured by the first player who reaches it.
    • Keeping the crown allows players to score points.
    • To capture the crown from the “King”, other racers need to hit him.
    • When a player captures the crown (for the first time or after hitting the king), he becomes invulnerable to losing it for a short time.
    • The crown cannot be kept indefinitely by the same player without getting timer bonuses that will appear all around the map.
    • The Crown mode brings 4 additional PVP missions specific for this mode.
  • New Roulette system in PVP lobby
    • All players will now be able to select the type of PvP event they want to race in.
    • A roulette system will then randomly select the next event among the player choices.
    • If no one chooses a type of event, the event will be selected randomly.
  • New Spoiler parts for the PERF cars
    • Added a new part in the Perf Car Tuner that offers the possibility to use Full Stock spoiler on Perf cars (removes the spoiler from the PERF cars).
  • New faction missions will be available
    • The Big D - PERF spec. A to B mission.
    • Canyonero - DIRT spec. Race mission.
  • New stickers will be added to the Ubisoft stickers category
    • 11 Assassin’s Creed stickers.
  • The Crew Trial on PC.
    • PC players will now be able to try The Crew during 2 hours through Uplay and Steam.
    • Progress made during free trial carries over to the full game.
    • Co-op available.
  • Fixed an issue with the Buggy’s cockpit rearview.
  • Fixed the bug on camera rotation while an opponent car drives nearby or collides into another in PvP with the collisions off.
  • Fixed the inconsistency between award spoils on Faction and Awards tabs.
  • Fixed the bug related to crew members presence: If a player is in a crew from a previous session, and joined the game with an empty crew (all crewmates are offline) the crew will be left.
  • Improvements on Daily Salary and reputation computing: fixed the issue where the salary didn’t take into account the Award spoil bonus.
  • Improvements on refreshing the crew roster after removing friends.
  • Improvements on PVP ranking points: sometimes players lost ranking points even if they won races.
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