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Jon Solomon, a prominent College Football writer, weighed in on the latest developments of the O'Bannon Case with a prediction that NCAA Football isn't gone forever.

"Many fans and players have clamored for the football video game to return. An EA executive testified at the Ed O'Bannon trial that the company would have paid players to use their image if NCAA rules allowed it. Prediction: The video game will return one day -- either by EA or another company -- once legal cases get sorted out and group licensing for players occurs. There's too much of a demand for the product. Meanwhile, the plaintiffs' lawyers in the EA/NCAA settlement have reopened the claims window for video game money. Claims can be made here. A new deadline has been set until July 15, although there is no guarantee people who make late submissions will be paid."

This is a commonly held view with people who know details of the case and the future of college athletics, including yours truly. The general line of thinking is pretty simple, when group licensing becomes available for college athletes (sooner rather than later) and all legal battles are fully settled -- there is no reason to think a college football video game(s) won't be making a comeback. The economics make too much sense, and the demand will certainly be there.

When it comes to popularity, college football is further along than many other sports which do have yearly video games. With a summit being held in early August to discuss the future of Division I, and with lawsuits slowly being worked through, it's more likely than not we'll see movement towards licensing becoming a thing fairly soon.

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# 1 Agatorfan @ 07/10/15 02:50 PM
Not really buying this but if true, I might crap my pants in excitement
# 2 jkra0512 @ 07/10/15 03:13 PM
The NCAA series definitely needed a break, so maybe this will all be a blessing in disguise. However, I find it hard to believe that all 120 schools will be a part of the new game and still make it economically feasible for EA (or another company) to profit. We'll see though!
# 3 bayers3 @ 07/10/15 03:16 PM
Just had to use a picture of the horrific Cal uniforms, didn't you?
# 4 real1 @ 07/10/15 04:26 PM
A new college sports game will be here soon
# 5 cepwin @ 07/10/15 04:45 PM
That's great to hear! The potential $$$$ for all involved leads me to agree that it will be the case...as is often said, if you want to understand something follow the money and in this case the $$$ points to the game coming back.
# 6 seasprite @ 07/10/15 05:03 PM
Oh god please be true

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# 7 iLLWiLL @ 07/10/15 06:27 PM
The Return of 2K football?????????
# 8 cowboy_kmoney @ 07/10/15 06:28 PM
Man we need this so Madden can be great as well. They need to work together to make them both great.Draft classes go deep in importing by making it performance based. Thst will give u true bust and gems.
# 9 cowboy_kmoney @ 07/10/15 06:30 PM
Yeah it will b open for all to make games.
# 10 turbineseaplane @ 07/10/15 08:37 PM
Just stick with the Big 5 conferences - Let's be real here.
# 11 speedy43 @ 07/10/15 08:40 PM
Originally Posted by turbineseaplane
Just stick with the Big 5 conferences - Let's be real here.
Why? Do you think nobody plays with the other schools?
# 12 Mazarati 2012 @ 07/10/15 09:21 PM
I wouldn't mind seeing FCS schools included as well. They did it before.
# 13 dickey1331 @ 07/11/15 01:30 AM
I think I would cry if we got a NCAA game again!
# 14 Cabish @ 07/11/15 04:32 AM
I hope 2k is keeping tracks and ready to jump on the bull as soon as a tiny hole is drawn to squeez in...damn this ea's style of videogame football..I will never join..death before dishonor !! (Lol)..
# 15 BleedGreen710 @ 07/11/15 09:05 AM
i would pay 60$ just for ncaa14 with ps4 graphics
# 16 videlsports @ 07/11/15 11:36 AM
I can only hope. I want the college sports to return to making games by multiple companies. as long as they won't be apart of the exclusive BS again. AT this point I want any college football and basketball game.
# 17 MichaelAngeloTMNT @ 07/11/15 03:54 PM
I wouldn't doubt that EA has some people working on a NCAA Football game as we speak. Once the legal process is done, they could put it out within a year or so. Hopeful for NCAA Football 17 or 18.
# 18 barsoffury @ 07/11/15 04:34 PM
I think most of us have been saying this before. We don't doubt that NCAA football will come back... It's always been a question of when. I seriously doubt it's soon. Maybe 3-6 years from now. There are a lot of legal issues still to be worked out.
# 19 NC12 @ 07/11/15 09:27 PM
2K I hope you're listening...
# 20 dickey1331 @ 07/12/15 01:02 AM
Originally Posted by NC12
2K I hope you're listening...

They won't be making a game either until everything settles down.

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